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O'Toole's Irish Pub

The street outside O'Toole's, Marin St., was made to appear snowy and cold. The name of the pub was preserved on what appears to be a prop sign for 2x19.

See also the links section for O'Toole's photo gallery of more images from the filming of Lost.


Marin St., which has a view of the ocean (and any cruise ships berthed at Aloha Tower), runs between Smith and Nuuanu streets in the downtown-Chinatown district of Honolulu. One of downtown's other Irish Pubs, is visible at the end of the street. The windows at the end of the street belong to none other than Murphy's, another Irish pub that has served as a Lost filming location. The O'Tooles name was preserved on the prop sign (not used in real life) visible in the screencap, but of course the streetsign for Nuuanu was changed to something less Hawai'i. Obsessive Lost number counters will be interested to note that the numbers on the overhangs are there in real life.

O'Toole's Irish Pub official site
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Cigar aficionado

902 Nuuanu Ave
Honolulu, HI 96817 USA

Phone: (808) 536-4138


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Bernard helps Rose out of the snow. Note the added lamps over the O'Tooles sign prop are similar to the lamps used in scenes at Murphy's Alley, the One North King Gate, and Macky's Shrimp Truck.

Real snow was brought in by the truckloads for this shoot-- it was not fake snow as it was visibly melting and running off into the storm drains.

The overhead numbers are really here.
Episode 3x08 Flashes Before Your Eyes

This table is on the left immediately upon your first step through the front door. Note that some, but not all, of the decorations match the scene from Lost.

A different view of the same table facing the street.

This is the other side of the partition seen in the first two photographs. The front windows to the right face Nu'uanu Ave. Two of the framed decorations match the scene from Lost.

A wider view

The front entrance.

Walking backwards (uphill away from the ocean), you'd soon be at the One North King gate, which served as the military recruitment office for the same episode.

Passing the sign and turning right, you'd be on the snowy street from Episode 2x19 S.O.S.
Episode 6x17 The End
Same side where Bernard helped Rose out of the snow

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