Creators of Apple TV+ Asked Not to Show China Negatively

Apple TV+

Apple is not having a good time in China, earlier it was facing criticism due to the protest tracking app in their App Store and now they have urged the creators of Apple TV+ to not show China negatively in their content.

On Saturday, CNET reported that US businesses are trying to find a way to get along with the China Communist Government which is the biggest market for the companies.

A report quoting BuzzFeed which has hidden source said, Morgan Wandell, the head of Apple International Content Development said and Eddy Cue, SVP of Internet Software & Services were given guidance to the content related to China.

It means that the creators are facing pressure from the company which prevents them from showing China in a negative way. This might mean that the creators will lose their freedom for the portrayal of their content.

Apple is not having a good time in China as earlier it was in the news for providing a police tracking app in the App store which was used by criminals to ambush police. It was criticized in the newspaper from the Chinese communist part where they criticize Apple for their support to the rioters.

After the criticism, Apple has to remove the App which was named from its App Store.  By finding the exact location of the police using this app, some rioters ambush police while others use to protest in the location where they are no police.

The location of the police in the mapping app was searched by using Telegram, Facebook and some live news channels. It shows you the location of the tear gas, protestors and even police in Hong Kong.

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This might be the reason why Apple is trying to avoid any further clash with the Chinese government.