How To Buy Burnet County Ranches The Right Way

Burnet County

Ranches in Burnet County are highly desired for various reasons. The area is perfect for those who want to experience the rustic, country lifestyle without being too far away from the city.

However, buying a ranch for the first time can be challenging- as it has its own unique processes. 

To help you in your quest to buy Burnet County ranches for sale, this blog will discuss the essential things you should know before making a purchase.

Property Exemptions

Before you buy a ranch, it’s essential to research the exemptions that the property might have. Exemptions refer to land uses like agriculture, wildlife, and timber. These exemptions affect the taxes a property owner must pay. When looking for Burnet County ranches for sale, you’ll want to assess if the exemptions’ criteria align with your intended land use.

Property Use

Burnet County ranches can be used for cattle grazing, hunting, fishing, or simply as homesteads. It would be best to consider what you plan to use the ranch for before purchasing it. Some properties may have restrictions regarding their use, so checking if your intended purpose is allowed is vital.

Restricted or Unrestricted

Restricted properties have regulations that dictate what an owner can do with them. For instance, these properties may not allow city water, sewer services, or livestock. Others may have a particular footprint, limiting the size of the structures you can build on. Available properties have no restrictions, so you have complete freedom when building or developing them.


Another significant aspect to consider when buying Burnet County ranches for sale is the availability of utilities. Utilities are essential because you’ll need them for water supply, waste management, and electricity. In rural areas, there might not be access to public utility services. Thus, you may need to drill a water-healthy and septic system or install solar energy generation.


A lease agreement can give you an income from existing pastures or structures already on site. Additionally, hunting and fishing leases can provide you with added revenue streams. In some cases, purchasing Burnet County ranches for sale with a lease agreement may be advantageous.

Survey and Floodplain

You should request a land survey before buying any Burnet County ranches. A survey can give you boundary lines, any improvements made to the property, and any zoning restrictions. It’s also crucial to check if the property lies within the floodplain. If so, it’s vital to see which part of the land would be affected, and it may also have flood insurance available.

How To Buy Burnet County Ranches For Sale Properly – In Conclusion

Buying Burnet County ranches for sale requires meticulous research and preparation. Before you purchase, understanding the potential property exemptions, use, and utilities available is essential.

It’s also wise to consider leases and property restrictions, conduct a survey, and assess if the property is in a floodplain. Remember these things when looking for ranches for sale, and you’ll be well on your way to owning the ideal farm in Burnet County.


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