What is the Risk Involved in road-Tripping of the Motorcycle

risk involved in road-tripping of the motorcycle

There are many reasons people love to travel on the motorcycle and that is due to the freedom to travel, you can experience more premises, you can go any route you want to and you can have a short coffee break and get relaxed, you can capture precious moments and enjoy a selfie.

Besides, those motorcyclists are more prone to road accidents because of their unique position on the road. They are more exposed to the danger of road accidents than cars or buses. So, they should be aware of the mishappening and should also be aware of things which they have to do if road accidents occur. So bike riders have a high risk of dying compared to car drivers. But first of all, they have to drive carefully. And more important, you must get riding gear before hitting yourself on the road. Because you should keep in mind both factors which are adventure and safety 

Motorcyclists are more prone to accidents.

Experience has shown that bikers die 26 times more than cars and get 5 times more likely to get injured. So the mortality rate or bikers have been increasing for many years. The other reason for the accident is that drivers of another vehicle violate the right of bikers as a result of which they collide.

Motorcycle vs bike

Motorbike is two-wheeled and the car is four and drivers of the car tend to balance the driving abilities involving reflexes. so there is more safety in the car as compared to the motorbike. But some people like to ride on the bike due to the freedom of traveling. Car companies also improve the structural dynamics of the car so that they can provide you more safety. On the other hand, motorcycle manufacturers can bring fewer changes in its dynamics to give safety. The bikers can sometimes have difficulty in focusing so they hit another vehicle. Most of the accidents on the bike occur at the intersection point.

Accidents due to speed

Mostly at high speed, you will notice that the bike begins to shake and it gets out of control and there is difficulty in its handling. This happens mostly due to misalignment of the front or rear tire and manufacturers should be responsible if an accident happens. 

Accidents due to road hazards

Puddles, oil slicks, uneven roads, debris can be a cause of little disturbance for car drivers but major hazards for bikers. Their riding abilities get irritated due to these hazards as a result of which accidents occur. 

Skills of riding

Bikers need more control, more alert, and riding skills than car drivers. And motorcyclists face more danger and they tend to lose control because they sometimes lose the balance of a two-wheeler. 

Safety tip to prevent yourself from motorcycle road accidents

There are certain safety measures you can adopt to prevent yourself from road accidents

  1. Always wear helmet
  2. Before getting a new motorcycle you must observe its condition. Observe that when you get seated both of your feet should rest on the floor. Seats should be comfortable and your hands should reach the handlebar easily.
  3. Must get training in riding motorcycles first. Join some training classes. 
  4. Before riding a bike, cover yourself with protective gear. Which includes a helmet, full sleeve jacket, full pants, riding gloves, over the ankle footwear. These protective gears help to give you protection if an accident or crash occurs. They also protect you from an insect bite.
  5. While riding, do not use a mobile phone. And avoid those people who are texting or calling being on the road, and stay away from those people who are constantly changing lanes. 
  6. Try to invest in a bike equipped with antilock brakes. Anti-Lock brakes surely help you from accidents. So buying an anti-lock bike is a wise approach.
  7.  Avoid traveling when the weather is harsh. During heavy rainfall roads get slippery and bikers are not able to maintain balance. Because tire friction is directly proportional to contact surface. Sometimes the bike slips on the road surface due to pebbles, wet leaves, and oily road surfaces. So because of this issue, bikers need to be more focused and have to be more alert. 


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