How Pair Sterling Silver with Formal Wear

Pair Sterling Silver with Formal Wear

Sterling silver is easily one of the hottest materials around. Not only does it fall right into the hot trend of the year, but it has lends effortlessly to the kind of classic design that will remain in style as trends change. A simple piece of jewelry can take your outfit to the next level and help you stand out in a crowd. Sterling silver works especially well when paired with formal wear, including clothing that you wear to a special occasion such as a wedding. You just need to get an idea of what clothing pairs best with these pieces and how to wear them.

Make a Statement

Coco Chanel famously said that women should look in the mirror before they leave the house and remove one piece of jewelry. She was a big believer in the less is more mentality. While you might think that you need loads of accessories to make a statement, you can stand out with just one simple piece. Instead of pairing a silver necklace with matching earrings and bracelets, choose just one piece. A simple necklace with a pendant charm looks amazing with a dress that has a low neckline. Wearing a chunky silver necklace with a bold charm looks just as great.

Trendy Looks

If you want to look as though you stepped out of a magazine, opt for trendy sterling silver jewelry. Oversize earrings are a hot trend for 2020, especially chandelier earrings that hang down. Stacked rings are also popular. While you can wear multiple rings on one hand, many models wear delicate rings in matching designs on multiple fingers. Think about layers too and how those layers fit with formal wear. Depending on the dress or shirt that you choose, you might add two or more simple chains and skip the other accessories.

Pick the Right Colors

The key to pairing sterling silver with formal wear is finding the right colors. As much as you love that little black dress in your closet, you don’t need to stick with black. The same dress in a deep red color will help you stand out, especially when you add a silver necklace or bracelet. Champagne is another fun color that is perfect for weddings and other special occasions. You’ll want to avoid silver or gray clothing though. While those shades match your jewelry, they can dull your skin and cause your jewelry to blend into the background.

Not Just for Women

Sterling silver pieces aren’t just for women. Men will find dozens of ways to wear sterling silver cufflinks and other accessories. Try pairing unique cufflinks in a fun pattern with a suit in a bold shade of blue to stand out from the crowd. Aviator sunglasses are hot and come with frames made from sterling silver. You’ll also find eyeglasses made from the same material. An oversize watch paired with a suit that fits you perfectly will go a long way towards making you the focus of the event. Once you know what to wear, you won’t have any problem rocking sterling silver with your formal wear.


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