Biggest City in the World and More Amazing Facts!

biggest city in the world

Biggest City in the World and Other Facts 

Want to know which is the biggest city in the world? The world’s largest urban region, Tokyo (37.4 million), has almost a comparable population as Canada’s entire country (37.6 million).

Let us check out some more amazing facts about various cities in the world! From the lowest lying city in the world to the coldest place on the planet, we have covered it all!

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


With its broadly stunning and crowded beaches, you may anticipate Rio to be an incredibly hot spot. It is a massive city that holds the world’s biggest carnival! Thousands of people flock to Rio to participate in the glamour carnival.

Shanghai, China

In the 1930s, Shanghai was viewed as a beautiful spot for a dip. Nonetheless, the YMCA’s supported swimming days must be switched back and forth between the two sexual orientations since male swimmers would not swim with clothes on. 

Seoul, South Korea

In Seoul, clients can charge their mobile phones using outlets in many stores. The modules are open to the general society in a liberal and right motion. It is also a hub for a lot of businesses and companies because of the huge workforce.

Cairo, Egypt


Cairo is home to Africa’s just tram. Yes, that’s true! It is the only city that has a subway in Egypt! Cairo is a very popular city! It has a constant flow of tourism coming on a daily basis!

Stockholm, Sweden

In case you’re traveling with a kid in a carriage, transports in Stockholm are complimentary.

Bangkok, Thailand

The famous caffeinated drink, Red Bull, was made in Bangkok. The glass was changed marginally to coordinate the flavors of westerners. However, the original formula is as yet accessible there.

Montreal, Canada

Montreal is renowned for its crazy hockey fans. Moreover, there have been five major city-wide uproars over the game in the previous 60 years!

Dubai, UAE


Outsiders make up the vast majority of Dubai’s population! Also, the local people, called Emiratis, are only 15% of the total! 

Moscow, Russia

Moscow’s public transportation is one of the quickest in the entire world. By beating out pretty much every other country’s other than China and Japan.

Istanbul, Turkey

The main tulips that showed up in Europe were actually sent from the Ottoman Empire. So, even though they are currently connected with bavarian countries, they originated in the east.

Madrid, Spain

Recall hearing about those Spanish siestas? Yet, the Spanish custom has faded as the country has modernized. Presently barely anybody in the city takes a break.

Munich, Germany

The renowned German fall celebration, Oktoberfest, actually begins the prior month. It’s a little while longer and forms part of the way through September.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

There are 880,000 bicycles compared to a population of 800,000 city inhabitants. However, this implies that Amsterdam has a greater number of bicycles than people. This is a weird fact about the city that a lot of people don’t know.

Venice, Italy

Every year, Venice gets more than 18 million tourists–near 60,000 every day. The number of tourists currently overshadow local residents every day, which threatens to devastate the city’s local population by driving up costs. A few analysts predict Venice will be a ghost town or an “amusement park” by 2030.

Buenos Aires, Argentina


The ballpoint pen, an office device that is presently utilized worldwide in pretty much every sport imaginable, was invented there. Buenos Aires is the capital city of Argentina. It is also the biggest city in the country.

Atlanta, USA

With a passenger terminal proportional to the size of more than 45 football handle, Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport holds the title of ‘the world’s busiest airport.’ Atlanta is famous for various things, which makes it a popular city in the USA.

Vienna, Austria

The Tiergarten Schonbrunn or Vienna Zoo goes back to 1752, making it the oldest zoo in the world. It’s excellent animal care reliably puts it among the top zoos in the world.

Mexico City, Mexico

Since Mexico City was based on a delicate lake bed, the city is sinking at a pace of 10cm every year – that is multiple times quicker than Venice.

Los Angeles, USA

LA is significantly more crowded per square mile than New York City, packing in around 7,000 people, contrasted with New York’s as of now noteworthy 5,319.

Mumbai, India


Mumbai’s trains heft around 6,000,000 people for every day — that is more than the whole population of Finland. It has a large population, but it is not the biggest city in the world. Mumbai is a wonderful city that also acts a the hub of a lot of business.

Athens, Greece

Athens has one of the lowest crime percentages in the entirety of Europe’s major cities, making it perhaps the safest choice for travel. It has a heavy influence on philosophy and many other things that we know! You can also plan a visit to Athens if you want to witness where the world started its journey of philosophy.

Sydney, Australia

The original gauge to assemble the Sydney Opera House was AUD7 million. Also, Sydney is one of the most visited cities in Australia because of its various tourist attractions.

Rome, Italy

Rome has a museum committed to pasta. Moreover, The National Museum of Pasta reaches out across two stories and eleven rooms. It is a city filled with beauty. A lot of people travel to Rome every month because of its cultural and historical richness.

Tokyo, Japan

In Tokyo, there are shrewd toilets. So, in the city, the toilets can be balanced for comfort in numerous manners. Tokyo is one of the fastest developing city because of it’s fast-paced work culture. It has a huge impact on the world of technology.

London, England

biggest city in the world

The popular indoor London commercial center, Harrod’s sold cocaine and cocaine-related items to customers until 1916, when people started guessing that the medication may actually have some contrary impacts. London is a popular tourist attraction as well. That is because of its rich culture and amazing beauty.

New York City, USA

Manhattanhenge — now and again alluded to as the Manhattan Solstice — is an occasion during which the setting sun is lined up with the east-west roads of the main road matrix of Manhattan, New York City. So, this happens two times every year, on dates equally divided around the summer solstice. 

Some Random Facts About Various Cities

Check out some more amazing and random facts about the various cities that you never knew before!

The Number of Cities On this Planet of March 2016

The total number of cities in the world are 457: Cities with a population of 1,000,000+ 1,063: Cities with a community of 500,000+ 2,896: Cities with a community of 150,000+.

Tokyo, Japan, is the most crowded city in the world.

biggest city in the world

When a little fishing town named Edo, Tokyo, Japan’s capital, is the most congested city in the world today (by the metropolitan region). Starting in July 2016, the population of Tokyo’s metro zone is 37,800,000. Due to the dense crowd, it is also a very prospering city in terms of business. However, they have managed the city very well, despite the high density and the traffic.

Shanghai, China, is the most crowded city legitimate in the world.

With 24 million in 2014, Shanghai, China, is the most crowded city honest in the world. This makes China the most populated country in the world. Even though it has the highest population, it is not the biggest city in the world. Shanghai is also one of the busiest cities in the world because of the dense population and the vast market it has.

Which is the Lowest Lying City in the world? Jericho (Palestine)

Lying at 258 meters (846 feet) below sea level, Jericho (Palestine) is the world’s lowest city. It is, additionally, perhaps the oldest city. Furthermore, in 2007, the population of the low lying city was 18,346. This is the lowest-lying in the world.

Bonus Facts 

Here are some bonus fun facts about the cities of the world that you might want to know!

Ürümqi City (China) is the farthest city away from the sea.

Well, Ürümqi of Northwest China is the most far off city from any sea globally. Moreover, it is around 2,500 kilometers (1,600 mi) from the closest coastline. This means this city is very far from the shoreline and lies in the middle, surrounded by land all around it.

More Facts

Check out some more facts about the different cities in the world!

Norilsk (Russia)- Northmost City in the World.

Located in Siberia, It is the world’s northernmost city with a population of more than 100,000. It is likewise not only probably the coldest city in the world. It’s additionally one of the filthiest as well. It has a perpetual population of 175,000. This makes this city very unique.

Ushuaia (Argentina)- The Southernmost City in the World

Situated at 54°48′ South, it has a population of 56,956 (starting in 2010). Hence, the southernmost for all time inhabited spot is Puerto Williams (Chile), a population of 2,874 (starting at 2002). Also, this city is located at 54°56′ in the South.

Yakutsk (Russia) – The Worlds Coldest City

The coldest city is the capital of Sakha Republic, which is in Russia, located around 450 kilometers (280 mi), lying in the South of the Arctic Circle. That has a population of 269,601 (2010 Census). Hence, It is the coldest city in the world.

In Yakutsk, typical month to month temperatures run from +19.5 °C (67.1 °F) in July to – 38.6 °C (- 37.5 °F) in January. And the lowest temperature recorded in Yakutsk was – 64.4 °C (- 83.9 °F). And the highest temperature recorded was +38.4 °C (101.1 °F).

Details About the Hottest Cities on this Planet

Most of the sources pick Ahvaz (Iran) and the Kuwait city as the hottest cities on Earth. Ahvaz is reliably perhaps the hottest city on the planet during the summer. However, that was with summer temperatures consistently in any event 45 degrees Celsius. Despite the hot weather, still, a lot of people visit this place every year.

Moreover, in Kuwait City, Summer temperatures consistently surpass 45 °C (113 °F), and temperatures more than 50 °C (122 °F) are standard. Moreover, in the summer of 2014, Kuwait City hit 52 °C (125.6 °F).


We hope you liked the facts that we collected for you. Now you know which city is the biggest city in the world and more amazing facts about this planet! You can plan a trip to any of these cities as well! Make sure to check the season before making the final call!


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