Best Time to Visit Greece to Experience a Suitable Weather for Vacay

best time to visit Greece

Who doesn’t dream of visiting the largest coastline in Europe? A place that homes beaches, mountains, lush green forests, and a cluster of islands. Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about Greece, one of the most beautiful places the world holds. But do you know what the ideal time to be there is? Well, this blog is going to tell you exactly that. Here we will talk about the best time to visit Greece and some interesting events you might want to plan your trip around. Please scroll down and know it all before you book your flight to the land of white sand and blue waters!

Best Time to Visit Greece

Here we have made a list of all the best places to visit in Greece for you to choose from. Go through all the places before you plan your next itinerary. The list below will also tell you what the best time to visit these places. So, let us check what the best time to visit Greece and its places are:

Best time to Visit Greek Islands

If you wish to see the Greek islands on your next vacation, plan your trip any time around the last week of May to the first week of October. This is because that’ll be the ideal time to suntan, swim, or sleep along the shore. If you want to experience the perfect beach weather, this is ideal for you to visit.

But if you’re an explorer, then the weather to visit Greece is from April to November. This long period is the ideal time for hiking, exploring, and sightseeing. To make a trip perfect, you need to plan the perfect itinerary!

best time to visit Greece

Best Time to be in Athens

You can visit Athens at any time of the year. It has very few tourists during winters, and it’s one of the best times to see the real side of Athens. If you plan to visit Athens during the summers, then you’re sure to see the contrasts of blues – one side the turquoise blue waters and on the other is the bright blue skies.

It doesn’t rain during the summers and you can find all the street-side restaurants and bars with their chairs on the outside. During the Fall and Spring, you can get the best features of two different things – a less crowded with explicit weather!

Best Weather to visit Greek Beaches

The weather in Greece from May till the first week of October is considered the warmest. You’ll get bright sunshine, and the water is ideal for swimming. If you love swimming, then Greece’s weather in May is best for you to visit because the waters are pleasant for a dive. However, the water does turn warm during August and September. So, get your swimming trunks if your vacay is around May!

Best Time for Sightseeing in Greece

If you love going out sightseeing, then the weather in Greece from April to May is perfect. But are you someone who doesn’t like too many tourists? Well, then the perfect time for you should be October to the first week of November. That’s because that is the time Greece has almost no tourists around.

You will not find anyone disrupting your sightseeing views. Plus, you can stroll around the stone streets peacefully. But the beaches can be cold during October and November. So, remember to carry some light winter clothes for the occasional chills at night!

Best Time to Go Sailing

The best time to visit Greece for sailing is during the first week of April right through November’s mid-week. When you go sailing during June, May, or April, you tend to pay way lesser than the other months. And you can see the islands with a lovely green all over. The flowers bloom, and the greenery keeps you mesmerized. As the tourist season ends in September, October sees much less sailing.

Best Time to go Mountain Trekking

Do you love mountain trekking? Well, the best month you must visit Greece is during April and May. You can witness the colorful flowers that grow wild, and the entire landscape is perfect for a lush green view. But if your choice is to witness all the fall colors, the perfect timing is during October. The temperature begins to fall during October, and the changing mountain colors are the perfect things for you to watch.

greece moutains

Cheapest Time to Visit Greece

Whenever there is any offseason, usually the hotels are cheaper. So, the offseason in Greece is during December and March. And the best time to visit Greece for a cheap stay is during this time. You can get hotels, food, and transportation all at a very low cost. If you want a bit of both great weather with a budgeted hotel, the last weeks of May, June, September, and the first week of October should be your choices. You cannot depend on what the weather in Greece can eventually turn out to be in the first weeks of October. So, you might as well give a try and enjoy a surprising weather in Greece.

Best Time for Parties and Nightlife

Santorini, Paros, Mykonos, and Ios have some of the best parties and nightlife. And if you love DJs, parties, and lots of dancing, the months of August and July are ideal for visiting. When in Mykonos, the last week of June till the early week of September is the best. And when in Santorini, the last week of May till the first week of October is the best for the party season.

Best Time to visit Greece for Honeymoon

If you want to really make the best of all the time you are in Greece with your partner, your holiday must be from June to September. But if you and your partner both like a very quiet and romantic outing, you must visit Greece in the months from mid-April to the first week of November.

Best Seasons to Visit Greece

Now that you know what the best time to visit Greece is. We have gone ahead and made a clearer picture for you to select the perfect month. Here is a list of the best seasons to visit Greece:

Peak Season

The peak season to visit Greece is usually the summer months. You can experience the great blue waters, bright skies, and over the beautiful cool beaches. The weather in Greece from June to September is exactly like that. But the expenses of hotels, transportation, and food are extremely high. That is because most of the vacating European tourists are with you in Greece at this time. All the sightseeing spots are open, and you can be in the middle of the bustling sound during this season. So, if you love crowds and lots of life in a city, the best time to visit Greece for you is during the high season.

The Middle Season

If you wish to visit Greece during the shoulder season, then going to this place from April to the middle of June or the middle of September to October is best. The late portion of the spring and early part of autumn is Greece’s shoulder season. You can bargain well at the hotels and get transport all at a very low cost. Moreover, the streets aren’t very crowded, or the roads hoard too much traffic. All the sightseeing areas are open, and you can go on a sailing trip. But the flights might not be as frequently available. But if you plan your trip to Greece way before time, it shouldn’t be of a problem.

The Low Season

The weather in November right through to March is fairly very mild. Though Greece doesn’t have too many extreme temperatures, rain is quite common during this time. Some places in Greece also have snowfall, so you can go skiing too. Moreover, if you want to enjoy a cold romantic snowy place with your partner, plan your honeymoon around this time. Also, there are hardly any chances of you bumping into anyone. That is because the place will hardly have any tourists available.

All your airfares, hotels, and transportation are going to be at the cheapest rates. But it would help if you kept in mind that some restaurants, sightseeing, and hotels might be closed. Also, the ferry might not be available too. So, keep in mind these factors before planning your trip during the low season.

Famous Events in Greece

As we have told you the best time to visit Greece, you know that you can plan your trip to this place that suits you best. And that can be any month that suits you.

So, we have made a list of famous events that happen in Greece. This might also be a point you want to consider while setting up your itinerary. Here are the following:

Patras Carnival

If you plan to visit Greece during January, try and book your tickets around the Patras Carnival. It is one of the biggest festivals the people of Greece celebrate. The festival has numerous parades, balls, dancing shows, music shows, treasure hunts, food carnival, and so much more. Though it is an Italian festival, the people of Greece love to celebrate this festival. You’ll notice the festival to start in the mid of January right through February.

Patras Carnival

Clean Monday

Clean Monday marks the end of the Patras carnival that takes place right from January. Usually, this day is celebrated with a huge fest and closes right before the first Monday that comes just before Easter Sunday. It ends the famous carnival that takes place and is considered as a national holiday. Everyone goes outdoors, flying kites, building sandcastles, and of course, lots of fish-eating! All the people plan out an excursion with their families on this day.

The Feast of the Annunciation and Independence Day

Both of these days are holidays and celebrated on March 25. You’ll find the streets filled with lots of parades, festivals, and food carnivals. Although if you think about going to watch some sightseeing, it is not the best day to visit as it would be mostly closed.

Athens International Film and Video Festival

In Athens, this film and video festival is considered very famous. It is usually planned around in April and done over a span of 7 days. The boards bring together more than 250 videos, films, and documentaries. Some of the short-film, narrative, experimental, and feature-length films as well. They also bring forward films from all over the world. If you happen to plan your trip in April, don’t forget to visit the Athens Film and Video Festival.

Salsa Spring Festival

The Salsa Festival is one of the top dancing events that happen in Europe. Many performers and instructors come from the whole world to perform at this festival. It usually happens in the last week of May. And if you love dancing, then you should definitely be in Greece during this time.

Athens Jazz Festival, Athens

Do you love Jazz music? Then you must visit this one of a kind festival that is touted one among the best in the whole of Europe. The entire festival takes place at a span of five days in the last week of May. It represents many European and international artists too. But you know what the best thing is? The entry fee is absolutely free!

best time to visit Greece

Athens and Epidaurus

This festival happens in June right through September. It has operas, music, dance, and theatres beneath the Acropolis at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus. But if you want to see the drama and music, you need to visit the Theater of Epidavros. If you really want to see Greece’s cultural side, you must visit Athens during these festivals.

Final Thoughts

You can visit the land of white sands, turquoise blue waters, and bright navy-blue skies at any time of the year. But the weather in Greece is picturesque from April right up till November. But those are the times that have the most tourists, and every hotel, ride, food is all hiked up. So, you need to choose the best time to visit Greece according to your requirement. If you want to go through the streets without bumping into many people, you should choose the low seasons. We have given you a clear idea about all the seasons and some important events in Greece. So, go through them well and plan your itinerary to this beautiful place soon!


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