7 Amazing Finger Tattoos For Women

finger tattoos for women
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Finger tattoos are becoming very popular day by day, especially among women. They look extremely beautiful and are best for people who want tiny art on their bodies that express something about personalities. Currently, there are numerous tattoo designs available on the market, and we will help you pick the best one for you. So, if you are also looking for finger tattoos for women, read this article. 

Here, we will provide you with the top notch seven tattoo ideas that you will surely love. Besides that, we will also discuss some crucial things that you should be aware of before getting a finger tattoo.

What Are Some Best Finger Tattoos For Women

So, here are some of the best seven tattoos you can get on your finger. 

1. A Butterfly

butterfly finger tattoo
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As a woman, a butterfly tattoo will suit you best – thanks to the charming design that it brings along. A beautiful butterfly tattoo can be perfect for people who love minimalist art. A butterfly also symbolizes elegance, freedom, and joy. 

2. Ring

ring finger tattoo for women
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A ring tattoo on your finger can be an amazing present for your loved one. You can get the ring tattoo on one of your both hands. The design and size of the ring depends on you, choose the one that your heart likes the most. 

3. A Blue Levander

finger tattoos for women - blue levander
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Another one of the best finger tattoos for women is a blue levander. It is not only a tattoo but something that has deeper meanings –  emotional healing, love, and peace. It is the best tattoo if you are looking for something that stands out from the crowd.

4. A Dog

dog tattoo on finger
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This one is solely for the people who have a soft corner for dogs. There are many dog tattoo ideas that you can opt for to display the love that you have for your furry friends. A paw of the dog is considered to be one of the most popular dog tattoos. However, there are many other options available, and you can choose the one you like the most. 

5. Icon Of Your Favorite Sport

sport icon tattoo on finger
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If you are into sports, then a tattoo of your favorite sport on one of your fingers can be a great idea. It will display your style and give you a cool look. 

6. Crescent Moon

moon tattoo for women
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If you are into astrology or simply love the elegant look of the moon, then you should consider getting the crescent moon tattoo on your finger. It will look exceptionally nice and differ you from others. 

Not only that, but it also consists of deeper meaning, for instance, completeness and new beginnings.

7. A Wrapped Chain 

a wrapped chain tattoo on finger
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Last but not least on the list of finger tattoos for women is – a wrapped chain. This tattoo is the best option for people looking for something simple yet aesthetic. A chain wrapped around your index finger will make you look elegant and stylish. 

Things To Keep In Mind Before You Get a Tattoo On Your Finger

finger tattoos for women
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Getting a tattoo on your fingers is not a piece of cake. Before you go out to get it, there are a few things that you must keep in mind, which includes the following:

Choose a Good Tattoo Artist

Always opt for a licensed and highly experienced tattoo artist to get a tattoo on your finger. It is recommended to do proper research and also look for the past customer reviews to determine if a tattoo artist provides quality service or not. 

Getting Finger Tattoo Can Be Painful

It is a must for you to keep in mind that getting a tattoo on your finger can be painful. This part of the body is considered to be more sensitive, which causes high pain while getting the tattoo. However, please know that the pain can vary according to an individual’s tolerance level.

The Tattoo May Fade

If you are getting a tattoo, please know that there’s nothing that will stop it from fading away. Finger tattoos are likely to fade faster in comparison to other body parts’ tattoos. That is because we usually wash off our hands more frequently and use them for numerous activities, which eventually causes the tattoo to fade faster than other body parts. 

You Will Need Touch-Ups

So, as you now know, the fading of the tattoo is inevitable; hence, when it begins to happen, you will have to visit your tattoo artist again to renew your finger tattoo. Remember that touch-ups for your tattoo can be slightly expensive. Thus, ensure you are fine with it before getting a tattoo on your finger.

Always Keep Your Hands Clean

During the healing and aftercare process, always make sure that your hands stay as clean as possible.  Try to avoid your hands getting involved in debris, oil, and dirt, as it will leave a bad impact on your tattoo. 

It is advised to use fragrance-free soaps to wash your hands and keep them moisturized afterwards. 


So, these were some of the best finger tattoos for women. You can choose any of them that you like the most. By selecting the right design and opting for the right tattoo artist, you will surely be able to decorate your fingers in the best way possible.  However, please keep in mind that caring for the tattoo afterward is important to maintain its elegance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are Finger Tattoos Very Painful?

Yes, finger tattoos are generally considered more painful than tattoos on other body parts. As per the sources, it is primarily because of the proximity of nerves and bones. Also, please know that the pain can vary from person to person as everyone has different tolerance levels. Also, the part of the finger on which you get a tattoo plays a crucial role; for instance, the tattoo inside the finger and knuckleheads usually causes more pain. 

2. How Long Do Finger Tattoos Usually Last?

Finger tattoos last less when compared to other tattoos. Generally, you will notice your finger tattoo fading away within 6-8 months, and it takes at least one year to lose color. 

3. Which Finger Is Best For a Tattoo?

The ring or middle finger might be the best for getting a tattoo. 

4. Are Finger Tattoos Risky?

Yes, getting a finger tattoo can be slightly risky as the skin on this part is much thinner compared to other body parts, which causes an individual to experience more pain.


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