Thor Love and Thunder- What All We Know About The Upcoming Movie

Thor love and thunder
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About Thor Love and Thunder 

There is news that the Thor Love and Thunder cast is meeting up. Let us dig in deep and see what all we know about Thor Love and Thunder. Indeed, true to form, the Norse lord of thunder himself is coming back to the big screen for a fourth performance film. But this time, the mantle won’t be carried by Chris Hemsworth, yet instead by a natural face from the franchise.

The up and coming film is a section of Marvel’s Phase 4 and follows Thor’s occasions: Ragnarok. Which isn’t only the best movie that the character has needed to date. However, it is one of the top MCU films in general. Along these lines, here’s all that we think about Thor: Love and Thunder.

Thor 4 (Love and Thunder) release date: when is it coming out?
OK, fans, this is the hardest pill to swallow at present. We need to stand by over two years for Thor: Love and Thunder, which hits films on November 5, 2021.

Who’s in the cast of Thor 4: Love and Thunder?

According to regular, Chris Hemsworth, the first Thor himself, is coming back to lead the cast. Thus Natalie Portman and Tessa Thompson will go back to play Jane Foster and Valkyrie separately.
And while director Taika Waititi is back, we need affirmation concerning whether Love and Thunder will highlight his scene-taking character Korg. Goodness, and we additionally need Jeff Goldblum to return as The Grandmaster. He’s as of now started to tease the chance, as well.

Natalie Portman came back?

Truly, bits of gossip about Natalie Portman’s departure from the Marvel films have been misrepresented. MCU big enchilada Kevin Feige revealed that the opportunity to work with beloved director Taika Waititi was urgent to getting Natalie Portman to return for this movie.

What’s New about Thor?

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Indeed, as uncovered at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Jane Foster become the new Thor, at any rate for this film. In the comics, this has happened twice, in both 1978 and 2014, when she was regarded deserving of carrying Mjolnir after Thor was not, at this point ready to carry the mighty hammer.

What’s the plot of Thor 4: Love and Thunder?

All things considered, beside Jane as Thor? We likewise realize that Valykrie, who acquired the title of the ruler of Asgard in Avengers: Endgame, is searching for a sovereign. Indeed, you read that right, Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie will currently be canonically strange, coordinating her character in the comics.

With respect to whom that sovereign will be? No bits of knowledge to share here, however there’s extreme amounts of hope from fans online that Carol Danvers otherwise known as Captain Marvel, will get that title.


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