Egypt Tourism Post COVID-19-Pyramids Day Tour, Cruise Ships, and More

Egypt's tourism
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Mustafa has been searching the deep waters of the Red Sea in Moradabad since 15 years as a freelance diving instructor. Egyptian authorities announced they would reopen their city. Along with it, they will open other major beach destinations as well. Including the Sharm el-Sheikh, Marsa Alam, and Pyramids Day tour, for international tours from July 1st.

Mustafa said When Coronavirus prevailed, it was terrible not only for us but for everyone. Now, the operators he works with have already started taking international reserves. He stated that he has seen an increment in his diving equipment business. He sanitizes his equipment and follows special safety measures.  As recommended by the Global Professional Association of Diving Instructors. Many sources in Egypt are sensitive to comment on the coronavirus epidemic. This because many people were arrested for criticizing the government’s response. DW used the first name or avoided identifying the people in this story to protect their identity.

Tourism sector re-opening is a Major Step

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the authority is gradually reopening Egypt’s important tourism sector. Despite the daily number of new infections in the country at around 1,400. Egypt has seen far fewer cases of the virus than countries with similar population sizes, such as Germany. But medical personnel in urban centers have complained about the shabby health system and inadequate testing.  While officials have spoken of “coexistence” with the virus.

When it comes to tourism, coexistence means the careful restoration of businesses even for the pyramids day tour. Post Covid-19, there is a need to reinvent an industry that accounts for about 15% of the economy, according to analysts quoted by Reuters. Along with soft-impact tourist cities, major archaeological sites will also gradually reopen. The plan is to reopen them with careful restrictions. Likewise, airports and many hotel operations will be monitoring the health of visiting visitors. Egypt is also trying to promote the tourist visa requirements for tourist areas, offering huge discounts to airlines and launching a new advertising campaign.

How Egypt Can Get back on track?

Egypt Can Get back on track
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At the beginning of the year, the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) reported that Egypt’s tourism sector flourished in 2019. As they registering a growth of 21% with more than 13.5 million tourists. A major chunk of this was because of the Pyramids Day tour. Egypt even topped the list of several “best tourist destinations” for 2020, including the American trade magazine Forbes. ” After the revolution, it took about seven years to slowly rebuild the business,” said a business owner who offers cruises on small traditional light-draft vessels called dahabiyas.

When the epidemic measures were announced in March, the Minister of Tourism and Tourism, Khalid al-Anani, said Egypt could shed up to $ 1 billion (€ 890 million) of lost tourism revenue each month.

In Luxor on the Nile River, where Egypt’s first major case was reported among tourists on a river cruise in March the expectations for a good year ahead were high. El-Batouti, an Egyptian economic adviser to UNWTO, said a news agency told the state that Egypt could expect more than 15 million visitors. The epidemic met those estimates and shattered the industry.

Other Major Details of Tourism sector re-opening in Egypt

Egypt’s gradual reopening is to prevent major damage. But, in Hargadha, some tour operators suspect that it will bring a quick recovery. Faisal, the owner of a dive company, and Faisal, who took the charter boat out of his fleet, said. “I still haven’t seen how it will happen”. “If you’re doing a business and you’re operating at 50% capacity, you’re losing money. Hence not opening and restarting the engine is a better option if they have capacity constraints.

Faisal is having a hard time recovering his crews and preparing his boats for a short and lackluster season before the cold winter months. And less demand from international tourists who have lost their livelihoods means that someone. The size does not matter and He will recover, “he said”. I think it is a very difficult climb.

Domestic tourism increase?

Tourists coming in small amounts from abroad will limit the speed of any recovery. Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said some European Union countries are gradually increasing the mandatory quarantine for national travelers. The Pyramids Day tour can add an immense boost as well. Returning to their countries to reopen the borders, but the German government’s warning against traveling outside the EU will remain until August 31.

Faisal said a similar situation has increased domestic tourism for those who cannot travel abroad in Egypt. In the long term, Egypt’s tourism sector will depend on the global recovery. A cruise operator in Luxor.Which has seen its 20-year business waver with various disruptions, said.


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