Best Places to Travel in December to End the Year Right

Best Places to Travel in December

December is an ideal time in a year to go on a vacation. It is time for you to say a grand goodbye to the whole year by immersing in joy. Everyone will spend the entire year working hard and grappling with the professional and personal life. It is time for them to rejuvenate from their monotonous life. The best way to enjoy the time with a family filled with fun is by going on a vacation by visiting the best places to travel in December. You might have been listing out your dream locations. Pick one of your favorite spots and pack your backpack to say goodbye to your regular hustle and bustle life for a few days.

Especially, December is always a cheerful time for people. The winter months and festive mode would lift the spirits of people. In this month, you can see local and global tourists everywhere in the sight-seeing places. Many show interest in flying the serene areas surrounding greenery, and few love architecture and want to immerse in the architectural places’ beauty while a few love beaches.

What are the best places to travel in December?

Here is a compact list of some of the most beautiful places that are perfect to bid farewell to the current year, and welcome the next one.


The winter in Berlin is harsh, but it is also fun at the same time. Walking on the streets wearing cozy jackets and enjoying the street life gives a kick in life. The city is known for celebrating Christmas on a grand scale. You can see the Christmas aura everywhere in the city when you step out of the hotel. There is a particular Christmas market at Bröhan Museum, where you can buy handmade products and gifts for Christmas.

There is another market where you can go on a shopping spree is at Spandau’s market. Above all, this place is where you can enjoy the old European vibes. The botanical garden with different species of flowers and plants is a treat to the eyes. After that, the whole park is illuminated with colorful lights and glowing sculptures every year. In particular, there is an ice rink to wake up the kid sleeping in you to take the joy of sliding on it. You can bask in the warmth of the fire pit while having a drink. The combo of the fire pit with your favorite beverage is deadly.


Another location that tops the bucket list of travelers is Kerala, India. The place is known as God’s own country. You can see lush greenery everywhere surrounded by coconut trees, boathouses, beaches, cascading waterfalls, the marvelous architecture of ancient temples, and paddy fields. You can also spot the endangered species that you would have seen only in the textbooks in Kerala. The tea plantations are a unique attraction of the place. When you step into this place, it will take you into the world of serenity. The heritage cultures and galleries are must-visit places.


The breathtaking views of Finland made it a must-visit destination for the people who love wildlife. Finland is known for is conservative parks. There are around 39 national parks that cover three-quarters of the land. In the first place, you can witness the creatures that love to live in the cold climatic conditions from a closer distance in Finland. You can have a good time with the family seeing the wildlife and Husky & Reindeer Sled Rides.

The best wild species that you can watch are – foxes, lynxes, snow hares, and many more. When you visit in December, you should not miss watching Rudolph. Finland is the place where Christmas is celebrated to the hilt. The festive mood fills the city and makes everyone immerse in the joy of celebration. In the first place, you will find Santa distributing gifts everywhere. Of all, it is the place where Christmas is born.


Namely, the best places to travel in December are Miami. It also tops the list of places you want to visit in December.

If there is a big event or party in Miami, then it should be in Art Basel. The Swiss art fair would get into the Miami city, and the art lovers from across the globe would throng at this place to sell their artworks. You do not have to be rich to attend the events. Apart from this, many other events happen in this city in December at Miami Beach.


When you think of vacation, the first place that comes in the mind of travel, especially the avid one, would be Krabi that is known as a tropical paradise. The destination is Thailand. You do not have to burn holes in the pocket to fly to this location to enjoy the diverse and rich culture, cuisine, and sand beaches. The life will be high from the time you land at this destination. You can gather some best moments in life by being here.

The place is known for its scenic beauty located towards the south-west coast with beautiful limestone’s, aqua blue waters, and sandy beaches. If you are newly married and planning a vacation this December, then you should not miss spending your beautiful moments walking together on the sand beaches of Krabi.

You can visit these exciting places in Krabi – Phi Phi Islands, Ko Phi Phi Don, and Ko Lanta. The places you can go and splurge your money for buying souvenirs for you and your family members are Thai tribal handicrafts, soap cravings, and elephant pants. The temperature at this place is chilling in December months.


If you are starting your dream life together as a couple, travel to the Maldives. It is a romantic location to have a vacation. May be after marriage, you both have got busy with your careers and do not get time to know each other, then you can strengthen the bonding by flying to the Maldives, the place known for its serenity and tranquility.

The cottages surrounding by the beach view would give ample privacy for you to spend the best moments in life. You can shop for various things such as mini-version of the boats, bathing products, mats, and saps at this place. There are many water sports that you can try out, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and so on. December months have rains in the Maldives.


If you want a budget vacation in the December month that resembles Las Vegas and Macau, then book the flight tickets to Malaysia and pack your bags. In Malaysia, the best places to travel in December are Langkawi. There are around breathtaking 104 islands. Thousands of tourists throng to this place irrespective of age, gender to have adventures.

You can enjoy viewing the city from the aerial view by sitting in the cable car and enjoy the blue sea water visiting the Pantai Cenang beach. If you are an art lover, our eyes would always be searching for Art Paradise in Langkawi. Shopping is loved equally by men and women. When you in this city, with all the savings that you had throughout the year, you can go and attack the shopping markets to buy cosmetics, handbags, and electronic gadgets. The city’s temperature is pleasant and lovely to have a vacation.


People who want to have a lot of pleasure on their trip and within their budget would love to have their vacation in Goa. It is the most happening place in India, especially in the December month. The temperature of the area is also pleasant. The biggest festival to which the travelers from across the globe would visit Goa is also in December.

It is the queen of beaches where you can enjoy yourself with your friends or family to the core. The nightlife of the place is rich. You can go shopping, enjoy seafood, beverages, and rent bikes to go around the city. Never miss these beaches during your vacation in Goa are – Colomb Beach, Aguada fort, churches, and many more. The takeaways from the place are dry fruits, spices, clothes, Sarongs, etc.


One of the heavenly yet best places to travel in December on a budget is Bali. It is an island in Indonesia, which is visited by thousands of travelers every year. If you do not know which place to see this December, then consider Bali. It will never fail to please you with its beauty. It is beautiful with never-ending beaches, lush greenery, and resorts.

These places make it ideal for honeymoon couples. The island is the best place to bask under the sun, watching the waves, aqua life, and beaches’ beauty. The area is also known for adventure. Undeniably, winter is the ideal time to visit Bali. The things you can shop at this destination are handicrafts, bags, chocolates, and many more.

Other best places to travel in December


For the most part, one of the best places to visit in December to enjoy pristine beaches is Mauritius. Who does not like to spend their tiresome year at beaches to relieve stress and acquire magical moments? Almost everyone! The island is famous for its beauty. After playing the water for a long time, you can sit at the beach to relax.

You can have little talks, drinks, consume your favorite food, and spend time with your loved ones. The luxurious hotels and the resorts at the beach view would never let you go from the place. It is a perfect place to travel in December. You can visit Black River Gorges National Park, Seven colored earth, and many others based on your time.


The skyscrapers, colorful lights, rich life, plush malls, busy lives, and excellent shopping locations made Dubai a must-visit destination in December. You can see people visiting this place in December months to spend time with family. It is a kind of oasis in the desert with an area over thousands of miles.

Dubai is a futuristic city. It takes your life to fast-forward to the next few years. The city also has good financial power. They have the world’s tallest buildings, amusement parks, rich hotels, and many sight-seeing places that amaze the travelers. Dubai is the best location to visit by the people who love to see life and enjoy the adventure. The temperature of Dubai would be moderate in December.


Australia is one of the best places to travel in December. You can feel the festive mood everywhere in Sydney and other places. However, you cannot visit every state in Australia, and if you are particular to enjoy your vacation, then Sydney would be the ideal destination in Australia. During this time, you can enjoy the beautiful summer weather.

There is a tinge of cosmopolitan culture you can find in the city. The sight-seeing places would never let you blink the eyes. The places, such as iconic monuments, scenic areas, plush restaurants, and beaches, would make your vacation complete. The site offers fun of all age people.


When you think of having a tropical beach holiday, then look no further than visiting one of the best places to travel in December on a budget is Jamaica. Sipping the cocktails sitting on the beach benches gives an incredible joy. Adding country music to this enjoyment takes your happiness to the next level. The place has rich flora and fauna and is best for people who want to do adventure and witness different wildlife species.

In December, the city’s weather is warm and lets you escape the biting cold in other parts of the world. When you are in Jamaica for vacation, never forget to visit Negril beach. It is one of the jewels of Jamaica. The lush greenery around and bamboo rift gives a different yet wonderful feeling altogether.

Wondering what you can shop in Jamaica for your loved ones, then think no further and buy white rum, wooden bowls, and coffee seeds. The recipients would love your souvenirs.


If you are looking to visit the happening place this time in December month, why don’t you think of Mexico? It is also light on your pocket and gives great fun. The city mesmerizes with its beauty. The heritage sites and pristine beaches grab the eyes of the travelers to this make.

The desire to stay in the city will never be complete despite you visiting every year. One can capture the beautiful locations in the place than through the camera lens. So, December is the best time to visit this place as the climate is mild. There are parks, palaces, and cathedrals to visit. The nightlife is also rich. The chocolate lovers would not like to leave this city.

These are the best places to travel in December, during which the climate is also cold in many areas. The attractions are not conventional, but let you discover something new you are yearning to do for a long time.


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