Kids Bible Stories- Amazing Tales From the Bible with Morals

kids bible stories

About Kids Bible Stories 

Kids Bible Stories are some segments from the bible to share the wisdom it tries to convey. We can learn a lot from the bible; hence stories like these will help the children learn the morals of life quickly. 

Here is a portion of the significant short Bible stories for kids that every Christian kid should know:

1. The Story of Creation

Think back in time at how God created the world in six days.

Origin:The Old Testament; Book of Genesis, Chapter One


There was nothing; everything was indistinct, and darkness secured the surface of everything. Just God existed. One day, God commanded that there is light, and the light had created. On the principal day of creation, God made night and day. On a subsequent day, God created the sky to separate the waters.

At that point on the third day, the creation of land and ocean occurred. He also commanded that the earth produces vegetation and seed-bearing plants, and all duplicate them as per their kind. At that point, On the fourth day, God created the sun, the moon, and the stars, to fill in as markers for the afternoon, the night, the years, and the sacred occasions. On the fifth day, God created all the living creatures in the ocean and the air and commanded that they ought to duplicate as indicated by their kinds.

On the sixth day, the creation of all the land animals had done, and he commanded them all to go forward and increase over the earth, as per their kind. He framed man out of the dust of the land and breathed life into him. From the man’s rib, he created the woman, and he gave man and woman authority over all the earth.
God felt satisfied by all that He created, and on the seventh day, God rested.


God is almighty and created such exists.

2. Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve were the initial two humans that ever existed. They were the ones who submitted the primary sin, and are the father and mother of all humankind.

Origins:The Old Testament; Book of Genesis, Chapter Two.


At the point when God created Adam from the dust of the earth and gave him life by breathing into his nostrils, He brought all the animals that He had made and showed them to Adam. Adam had given the respect of naming the animals. Yet, after ultimately had been named, God felt that there was no appropriate assistant for Adam. Hence, he decided to send Adam into a deep sleep. Then, from his rib, created Eve, whom Adam called “woman” since she originated from man.

God created the Garden of Eden as their home, and in it were a wide range of trees that God told Adam and Eve they were permitted to eat from, all aside from one, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. One day, as Adam and Eve were in the garden, the serpent, which was the craftiest of the considerable number of creatures that God had made, tempted Eve into eating the fruit from this tree, and she imparted it to her husband, who was with her.

Although they were forbidden to eat fruit from that tree, Adam and Eve ate, disobeying God and submitting the primary sin. Yet, as God is, He had no real option except to oust them from the garden. He told them that since they sinned, they would need to suffer the consequences. They would need to endeavor to make the ground produce food, feel pain, and eventually die after a tough life.

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Never disobey God’s commands, as they exist to shield you from sins.

3. The Tower of Babel

Here, the bible teaches us in what way many various languages appeared.


The Old Testament; Book Of Genesis, Chapter 11


Years after the flood, when Noah and his family settled down and had more kids, they started to move all around. When they reached Babylon’s land, they decided to settle there and build a tower so high that it would reach the sky. The hearts of the individuals had pleased, and they felt that they could get a similar level as God, the Highest.

This pride was their downfall. At the point when God came down to the city and saw what the individuals were doing, He turned out to be irate. He decided to end their development by ensuring that no one could comprehend the other. God provided that all the individuals there started to communicate in an alternate language, so neighbors could no longer see one another.

At the point when individuals attempted to communicate, it transformed into a whole babble of confused voices. Before long, everyone who communicated in a similar language left the city together, and along these lines, they spread out over the world, taking their various languages with them. This is the reason the tower is known as the tower of “babel.” Perhaps the origin of “babble”.


The pride of the individuals of Babylon prompted their downfall. Much the same as Satan, they needed to resemble God. We should humble ourselves before the Lord.

4. Abraham’s Covenant

Abraham is referred to over the world as the Father of Nations, yet in the past Abraham figured he could never have any youngsters.

Origin of the Kids Bible Stories 

The Old Testament; Book Of Genesis, Chapters 17 – 21


There was before a faithful man of God who tried sincerely and was blessed by God. Unfortunately, the one thing he didn’t have was a youngster. He yearned for a child, and when the Lord promised to make him the father of many nations, Abram was glad and hung tight for his promised youngster. However, years passed by and his better half Sarai still didn’t give him a child.

While trying to assume control over things, Sarai persuaded Abram to wed her maidservant Hagar, who was from Egypt. Abram did as such, and Hagar got pregnant with a child. At the point when the kid was conceived, he was called Ishmael.

This was not the offspring of promise, for the Lord promised that a child would be destined to Sarai, and that He would favor Abram through him. One day, three men visited Abram, who showed them great hospitality. These men were really God and His holy messengers who came in camouflage. They told Abram that by a similar time one year from now, Sarai would have a child. However, Sarai laughed, as she suspected she was excessively old to have a youngster. The Lord likewise gave Abram and Sarai new names, and from that point they were known as Abraham and Sarah, for Sarah signifies “Princess”, and she would be the mother of many nations.

The Lord stayed faithful to His obligation, and simultaneously one year from now, a child was destined to Sarai. They named him Isaac, which implies giggling in light of the fact that Sarah had laughed when she was told she would have a child.

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God is faithful, and He generally keeps His promises.

5. The Fall of Jericho

Despite the fact that the Israelites liberated from Egyptian rule, they needed to still reach the promised land.


The Old Testament; Book Of Numbers, Chapter 27; Deuteronomy 34; Joshua Chapters 1 to 6


Moses had delegated Joshua to be his replacement, as he was a man who cherished God. God told Joshua to set up the individuals to cross the stream Jordan, with the goal that they could proceed to take Jericho. Joshua sent two spies to scout the city, and they had given asylum by a woman named Rahab. Also, She asked that when they took the city, they would save her and her family. They concurred, and as she lived on the divider, she brought them out her window down to the opposite side.

God told the individuals that the bend that held the Ten Commandments ought to be conveyed by twelve priests, and that they and all the individuals should walk around the city of Jericho, sounding their trumpets once every day for six days, and on the seventh day, they were to walk around it multiple times. At the sound of the trumpet after the seventh round on the seventh day, the dividers of Jericho would come crashing down.

Joshua caused the individuals to comply, and everything happened similarly as God said. Joshua recollected Rahab, and took her and her family securely out of the city, after which, they set the city of Jericho ablaze.


This is one of the best Kids Bible Stories. God goes before His kin and gives them victory in the fight.

6. David and Goliath

Lord David was viewed as a man after Gods own heart and is generally famous for defeating the giant Goliath when he was just a shepherd boy.

Origin of the Kids Bible Stories 

The Old Testament; Book Of 1 Samuel, Chapters 16 and 17.


When King Saul sinned according to God, God felt displeased with him. Thus, he commanded Samuel, His prophet, to bless another man to be lord after Saul. Samuel followed the bearings of God and had directed to the home of a man named Jesse, who originated from the tribe of Benjamin.

Jesse had eight children, seven of whom appeared to Samuel. Samuel felt that without a doubt the Lord would pick one of them, as they were solid and fine in appearance. The Lord, however, told Samuel that He doesn’t think about a person’s outward appearance, yet rather takes a gander at their heart. Samuel told to bless the most youthful child, who was a shepherd boy; named David.

What Happened Next? 

At the point when the war between the Israelites and Philistines occurred, a giant named Goliath would yell out a challenge, every day, to any Israeli who might defeat him in fight. No one was brave enough to face him.

At the point when David heard him challenge the armies of God, he told King Saul that he would fight the giant. Lord Saul was concerned, as David was not a warrior. However, he put his own imperial shield on David and gave him his blessing. Moreover, David asked that the defensive layer has evacuated, as he has not accustomed to it. He picked, rather, to face the giant, dressed as a straightforward shepherd boy; his slingshot his solitary weapon.

As the giant came towards him, David threw a stone in his slingshot and shot the giant. The little stone sunk into Goliath’s head and the giant died in a flash. The Philistines attempted to escape when their hero died, yet the Israeli armed force cut them off and defeated them.


God doesn’t take a gander at the appearance of a person, yet rather takes a gander at a person’s heart. He needn’t bother with His kin dressed in extravagant protection to assist them with defeating their foes.