Cheapest Places to live for Students who are Planning to Study Overseas

cheapest places to live for students study abroad

The world has become much more competitive now. Students now plan for high studies in high-end academic institutions and universities to meet their goals for high paying careers. Thus, the concept of foreign studies has become very common. Yet, when it comes to affordability, a countable percentage of students struggle to meet the month’s end financially. What’s the solution? Well! To begin with, students search for the cheapest places to live to adjust. Meanwhile, they complete their studies on scholarship. If that’s the case you are here for, we have done inexplicable research on your behalf. Today, we present the top 6 cheapest places to live for students planning to study overseas. 


Before we go ahead, it is noteworthy to mention that our following list of cheapest places to live in 2020 is primarily based on external expenses. Thus, academic fees and scholarship payout do not count as the factors of the force. So, let’s get started: 

SAN DIEGO: Cheapest Neighborhoods to live at

San Diego is one of the most affordable cities in California, U.S.A. For those who are planning for an admission to the San Diego State University or the San Diego Mesa College. However, these are public universities with perks like scholarships. Unfortunately, in unexpected cases, international students require to live and accommodate at their own expense. In this case, San Diego is the hub of affordable neighborhoods with acceptable privacy, safety, and security. National City, El Cajon, Chula Vista, and North Corridor West. On the contrary, if you look out for posh neighborhoods. You may experience San Diego as one of the most expensive cities in California. 

cheapest places to live 2020
Source: The San Diego Union Tribune

Additionally, street food, lunch service, traveling, and other things can be done at less expense in this city than in other high-end cities in the United States. At last, San Diego universities also offer housing and dining facilities for $15K approximately per year. It is considerably less than any other independent apartment renting plan for students. 

NORWAY: Cheapest country to study abroad

The subject of foreign studies mostly revolves around the United States. However, have you ever thought of the cheapest places to live for students country-wise? Well! On this list, Norway ranks first. According to recent reports, in Norway: The public academic institutions offer programs with discountable fee plans. Apart from this, if you come from an English background. You can entertain a part-time job to adjust or expand your living budget. According to reports, it costs a student 12, 500 NOK approximately per month. It is equivalent to 1400 USD dollars, which is quite affordable. 

Source: Study.EU

Additionally, you can also shortlist the cheapest cities in Norway to live for students. Such as Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Kristiansand, and Tromsø. For example, the average cost of living in Oslo for students is 1200 USD only. 

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PHILADELPHIA: Cheapest Place to live in Pennsylvania

Presuming that you want an affordable city and known as the hub for international students who want to attain higher studies, Philadelphia is an unquestionable choice. Apart from this, the University of Pennsylvania is one of the top 10 universities globally for science. To the reader’s surprise, the respective institution has also opened up career-oriented programs for students who have HIV to embrace the world of humanity and equality. So, there’s no better place to choose affordable accommodation in Philadelphia.

Source: Wall Street Journal

To begin with, the cost of living in Philadelphia for students is USD 1200 on average. A student can also decline the living expenses to 1k USD if they live on a tight budget. You can also look out for affordable hostels in Philadelphia or off-campus apartments for students. It may cost between 500 USD to 2500 USD per month.

INDIA: Low-cost country to live for foreign students

India is one of the low-cost places to live, whether you want to study there or spend a vacation. Not only this, but the country allows exploring multiple cultures and diversity of people. Prominent universities like the University of Delhi, Indian Institute of Science, University of Calcutta, and Jawaharlal Nehru University offer on-campus accommodation and dining facilities. Above all, the country is very cheap when it comes to food, clothing, rental apartments, etc. Therefore, it is one of the best picks. 

2020 cheapest countries to live
Source: DNA India

Although the universities in India rarely offer scholarships. However, the academic or tuition fees for 3 to 4 years courses are very affordable. For example, DU charges only $300 per year as a tuition fee. Apart from this, DU charges a total of $700 approximately at the time of admission from students who apply for accommodation and dining facilities. Thus, you can live a quality student life in India on a budget of $1K. 

SOUTH AFRICA: Best places to live for nature lovers

Do you love to spend your time exploring new places? Well! South Africa is a gamer-changer for you. While studying in South Africa, you can maintain to study, travel, accommodate, and dine for just $9500 USD on an annual basis. 

Source: Quartz

Apart from this, as a student, you will get a chance to know the history of South Africans from a keen perspective. In the context of creativity and cultural embracement, you will love this country for all of the diversities. Do you know? One of the best ranking institutions in South Africa’s fee structure is only $6K per year. Hence, if this isn’t your first pick, you will regret it!

GERMANY: Cheapest Places to live for Master(s) degree

In the past few years, Germany has developed itself as one of the top countries to attain master(s) in science-based programs. Hence, if you take a high-end interest in technology, data, and how the universe works? Germany is the right place for you. Here, you can maintain a healthy student-living lifestyle on a budget of $12000 only. Although, this calculation is based on the average level lifestyle and no bad habits. Talking of bad habits, you can also accommodate in anti-smoking apartments and PG(s) to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

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cheapest country for students
Source: Hochschuleompass

Additionally, the cost of studying in Germany can be a little out of budget. On average, the best universities in Germany charge $23, 500/annual worth of tuition fees. You can also opt for student loans, apply for scholarships, and entertain sports quota (if there!) to get some relaxation. 


Taiwan can be one of your choices as an international student. According to the statistics, the cost of living in Taiwan for international students is $6,000. Here’s a fact: it comprises all the possible expenses from the institution’s end, such as monthly tuition fees, accommodation, travel costs, and food.

Source: Travel.Tapie

Based on academic performance and good character, international students can also acquire scholarships. Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung, and Chiayi are some low-cost cities in Taiwan. For the most part, Taipei is the hub for high-end international educational institutions. Such as National Taiwan University, National Chengchi University, and Fu Jen Catholic University.


Yes! The history of Vietnam when it comes to historical wars is epic and saddening at the same time. However, since the wars, Vietnam has grown into a hub for education. This country is cheaper than India. According to the current currency rate, 1 USD is equivalent to over 23 000 VND. It means that it only costs $200 per year to acquire studies in Vietnam Universities.

Source: News VietNamNet

Additionally, the living cost for students in Vietnam lies between $700 to $1500 per month. It primarily depends on your lifestyle. Hanoi University of Industry, Can Tho University, Vietnam National University, and Foreign Trade University are some of the top educational institutions in the mentioned country.

Costa Rica

Situated in Central America, Costa Rica is one of the cheapest places where you can study while you have fun as well. Of course when students go to a new place, they want to explore everything. But, if it is expensive, it is no longer fun.

cheapest places to live in India
Source: Study in the USA

Apart from this, if you know the English language very well, you can also grasp job opportunities in schools and private institutions to teach English to the native students. Cost of living for students in Costa Rica may variate between $800 to $1200 including all potential expenses. If we calculate average travelling cost, it is only $1 per trip maximum. Apart from this, dining in high-end restaurants costs only $10 to $20. And, without a doubt, these figures are distressing. Check out The TEFL Academy’s World TEFL Factbook for more insight on the best destinations to teach English as a foreign language.


We know that living miles away from your family can be tricky and stressful. However, the mentioned cheapest places to live for students are very welcoming and comforting. These countries and cities are no less in the context of facilities such as banking, traveling, and accommodation. Indeed, countries follow up less when it comes to racism and accept students from all over the world. So, we wish you good luck!


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