Germany to Lift Travel Bans for Europe on June 15

Germany to Lift Travel Warning for Europe on June 15

Germany to lift travel bans for other European countries. Foreign Minister Heiko Maas stated that the continent will ease restrictions that were made to reduce coronavirus spread. They prepared a cabinet on June 3, which included voting within the government.

The travel warning was introduced in March all across the globe. The primary idea was to stop the spread of COVID-19. But the new changes will help German residents plan holidays around the continent and also know the places to avoid.

Last week, the government stated that Germany to lift travel bans for tourists from June 15. The government will decide about travel to nations beyond Europe later. In addition to 26 partner countries under the European Union, German residents can also travel to places like the UK and four states of the border-free Schengen region. These include Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland, which are not members of the EU.

Germany had issued a worldwide travel ban on March 17, which was later extended on April 29 and now lasts till June 15. Since the infection rate has sharply gone down, the government aims to lift the warning but offers guidance to maintain safety.

Europe’s largest economy brought back 240,000 stranded tourists within the first weeks of the coronavirus pandemic. Other countries were also imposing travel restrictions and slammed the borders to shut during that time.

EU set plans in May to restart travel in phases for summers. The EU border controls lifted the measures to reduce risks of infection like wearing face masks on shared transports. Many other places might follow Germany depending on the rate of infection spread.

What to expect?

Although travel bans are slowly being lifted, people should maintain protocols in order to stay safe and keep people around safe. We hope that the decisions work out for the best for Germany and things restore back to normalcy.


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