Ski Mask Girl Face Reveal: Gossip Behind Her Face

Ski Mask Girl Face Reveal

As an assistant of TooTurntTony she started promoting the merchandise. There are also other women with their face hidden as a model, posing for this particular brand. But, the Ski mask girl got the most of the attention. Recently, we came across the famous incident of the Ski Mask Girl Face Reveal. Briana Armbruster is the face behind the incident of Ski mask girl face reveal.

One year ago she appeared in a youtube channel called the whats wildchat. She claimed that she was dating TooTurntTony.

Role of TooTurntTony

Coming to the point of TooTurntTony, he is also very famous. He rose to fame through tiktoks and instagram reels. He rose to fame creating viral  comedy skits, social experiments and other videos involving his family and apparently some domestic ducks. He claims to be a model and wildlife conversation advocate. He started selling his merch from 2023, right before breaking up with the ski mask girl and some might say the incident of Ski Mask Girl Face Reveal has helped in his promotion.


Her statement on their relationship

As per her interview she said she had met him at an event then went to his cruise for an after party. He was out on a date and he asked her to join in. He assured her that she is not going to be interfering and it is absolutely not a bother. They both ended up partying together on the cruise. As she entered, she saw that there was a set up for tiktok shoots. She even made a tiktok with him where she was wearing a ski mask and champagne was shot at her face. That is when she also gained her popularity. 

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Ski mask girl has jumped around in a lot of controversies related to this one particular strain. Ski mask girl face reveal incident was probably the last of it. She hasn’t been much on the news after it. 

Issues to stay on top

There was a video she released on March 15th 2022, where she called her hater out. She stated “ To y’all trying to expose me. Try me, you can’t.” She appeared in a bikini and her famous ski mask to make a rhetorical point in the video that was a northway opposite to Ski mask girl face reveal. 

Ski Mask Girl name reveal

28 years old Briana was born in 1995 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States. Her zodiac sign is Aquarius and her height is 5’4. She is currently single and heavily active in multiple social media platforms.

Ski mask girl social media Bios

Instagram :

Her instagram is the most active social media profile she has. She has 318K followers, along with 154 posts. Her user ID is Theskimaskgirl. Instagram is where she did the Ski mask girl face reveal video.


She got her bachelor’s degree in social media marketing, from Eastern Michigan University. She is the founder of marketing solution. She started the company in january 2019 and it is still running. But she has not been much active on Linkedin.


Her pinterest is also not very famous as she is mostly about the aesthetic of her room or women’s clothing.

Youtube: @brianaarmbruster3630

Her youtube has 13 subscribers and her entire channel has 1 video. 

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But her real fame game social media profile is her tiktok profile theskimaskgirl. She has gained 4 million followers there, and 76.4 million likes in her videos. 

Ski Mask Girl Marketing Gimmick 

Some reddit threads also claim that her entire dating life with TooTurntTony was a marketing gimmick. She has cleared it in her interviews how she was mesmerised by TooTurntTony and how she definitely was astonished by him and his lifestyle and how the entire journey was hyped. But to the viewers it might have come off as some adrenaline rush between two young social media personalities.

Ski Mask Girl Face Reveal
Image Credit: Frendy Bite

Ski Mask Girl Face Reveal Video Statement

In her Ski mask girl face reveal video she said that she is now “riding solo”. As in, she has ended her relationship with TooTurntToony. She also said how she lost her way in that relationship and how overwhelmed she was but unfortunately, the ski mask girl is not a part of her anymore. But, that does not change the fact that it has been a large part of her life but she chooses to go in the other direction.

In the end of the video she also mentioned how she is trying to figure out her way and hopes to get all the support of the followers in this journey of hers. 

Summarised Review

Even after the heartwarming revelation she did lose some of the followers as they took the side of TooTurnTony but she wasn’t really ever found badmouthing TooTurntTony.

Theskimaskgirl became a famous topic in reddit as well. Reddit chat threads were lighting up due to her. The ski mask girl face reveal has had a real impact in social media and it all started as a marketing strategy. Guess the Social media marketing students can be very innovative and know well measured marketing steps to gain sudden media attention. But the downfall to this entire strategy would be that it is a temporary marketing tactic that dies out as a gossip.