Kristy Althaus: A Controversial Beauty Pageant


Who is Kristy Althaus?

An American controversial Beauty Pageant Kristy Althaus was born on May 2, 1994, in (Aurora). She is widely known for gettimerican controversial Beauty Pageant Kristy Althaus was born on May 2, 1994, in (Aurora). ng trapped in a grown-up video and losing her place in the Miss Colorado Teen USA. However, neither Kristy or Miss Colorado Teen USA pageant’s organizers have made any statement about the scandal.  

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Name: Kristy Althaus

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: May 2, 1994

Father’s Name: Unknown

Mother’s Name: Unknown

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Age: 27 years old (2022)

Height: 5 feet 3 inches/159 cm

Birthplace: Aurora, Colorado, USA

Profession: Model

Nationality: American

Popular for: Participating in the Miss Colorado Teen USA

Net Worth: $500,000 Thousand

Kristy Althaus Trivia

  • Kristy was born in Aurora, United States.
  • Kristy’s Zodiac sign is Taurus.
  • Additionally, She was runner-up in the 2012 Miss Colorado Teen USA pageant
  • Kristy was expose to her pageant after Gawker report her appearing in a grown video. 
  • Also, She dated a trained football player name is “Derek Wolfe.”

What is Kristy Althaus Zodiac Sign?

Kristy’s zodiac sign is Taurus, born on May 2. The sun signs is the zodiac that the sun’s time of birth is occupied. On the other hand, Zodiac signs are the twelve constellations of stars that the Moon, the Sun, and the planet traverse through.  

About Kristy Althaus’s life

Kristy was a promising full-time student majoring in general studies before participating in the 2012 Miss Colorado Teen USA pageant. Also, She emerge a runner-up behind that year’s winner Jacqueline Zuccherino. However, after the porn scandal became public, the judges stripped off the beauty queen of its name. 

Kristy Althaus Porn Career

According to the alleged controversial video, Kristy confirmed that she was 18 years old when asked by the man behind the camera. This shows that she began her porn career because it was her first video. It raise the question of whether the adult clip was made after or before entering the contest. 

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Yet, the clip was release nearly a year after the competition, implying that it was made afterward.

But it is unconfirm as the time stamp was not reveal in the video, and Kristy could be lying about her age. After the emergence of the first video, she became a controversial figure, and then another video was made public, which Girls produced Do Porn, where she said,

“I just wanted to come back.”    

This confirms her commitment to developing a career in the adult entertainment business. And her porn clips were prove to be highly popular, which provided Kristy success and grounding in her porn career.

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Dating and personal life

Kristy Althaus was dating Derek Wolfe, a well-known football star. Derek remained by her after the porn scandal and supported her on social media by proclaiming his love for her. However, the pair parted once Derek realized she had begunegun her pornography career, and he removed the social media posts. At present, Derek is happily married to Abigail Wolfe and the father of two daughters.

Does Kristy Althaus have the coronavirus?

Moreover, Kristy does not have the coronavirus. Moreover, she is alive and kicking well.

Net Worth and cars

It is estimat that Kristy’s net Worth in 2022 will be about $500,000 thousand. Additionally, This is earn from porn movies and beauty pageants. There is no information about cars owned by her.

Kristy Althaus Family 

Moreover, Althaus was born and grow by her parents in the United States of America. We tried to discover more info about her family and relatives there is no provided public information. Therefore, the personality of Kristy’s parents is now unavailable. It is also not recognized whether she has any brother or sister.

Kristy Althaus Body Measurements

Kristy is 5 feet 5 inches tall, and her body measurement is 34-28-49 inches. She has dark brown eyes along with blond hair, and her breast size is 34 C. Kristy weighed 55 KG or 121 lbs.

What is mostly searched about Kristy Althaus on the internet?

Kristy is searched for her marriage details, age, Kristy Althaus wiki, her photos as well as her love and family, ID on her Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok, Kristy Althaus height, Kristy Althaus salary, her biography, Kristy’s source, newest report, Kristy Althaus house and many more.

Who is Kristy Now?

She gained fame following the pornographic controversy. Moreover,  She has appeared in several pornographic films ever since. Furthermore, she started a premium Snapchat for her fans in October 2019 and promoted it on her Twitter account.

Kristy Althaus FAQS

Who is Kristy?

 Kristy Althaus is an American controversial Beauty pageant queen who allegedly lost her place in the miss colorado teen (USA) display after being trap in an adult clip scandal. On May 2, 1994, she was born in (Aurora) and was a promising college student. Furthermore, When she partakes in the 2012 edition of the Miss USA play Kristy was a runner-up after that year’s champ Jacqueline Zuccherino.

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How old is Kristy?

Born on May 2, 1994, she is 27 years of age as of 2022.

How tall is Kristy?

She stands at the heights of 5 feet 3 inches / 159 cm.

Is Kristy Married?

She has date expert nationwide football league NFL player “Derek Wolfe.” Kristy has maintained her personal life somewhat discreet as of early 2020. And now, there is not much known about her and her romantic affairs.

How much does Kristy make?

A beauty pageant’s estimate Worth of salary is expect to be $500,000.

How much is Kristy Worth?

She has a predictable net worth of body or more, judging from her short peach pageant career.

Is Kristy Alive?

Kristy is now alive, and in good health, further information will be update when available.

Does Kristy Althaus know cooking?


Does Kristy Althaus smoke?


Does Kristy Althaus drink alcohol?


What gym does Kristy Althaus go to?


What are your hobbies of, Kristy Althaus?

 Kristy is very interest in traveling, reading, learning, photography, internet surfing, and a few.

How can we contact Kristy Althaus?

Typically, emailing the celebrity representative is the best way to contact the celebrity. Celebrities receive many direct message on their social media accounts, mainly from fans which means that your message could easily get lost among them. Also, Instagram is very efficient in filtering messages, implying your messages will frequently not be receive by the targetet celebrity. Some celebrities may even disable private messaging. It is unknown when a celebrity will reply to your messages.

What caused Kristy to lose her Title?

Additionally, The judges change their mind after an adult clip of her come out online a year later and she was expose of her title although, this was not confirm officially.

The explicit video shows Kristy sits on a bed in a compromising position with her back to the camera.

Furthermore, And a male voice behind the camera inquires how the model’s age and she answers that she’s 18 years old.

As well as, She also confirmed when the man asked if it was her first adult video by saying it was.

Chinese Zodiac Signs

Furthermore, Kristy Althaus’s was born in the year of the dog. Those who are born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Dog are honest, faithful, loyal, distrustful, temperamental, often guilty of telling white lies, inclined to mood swings, sensitive and dogmatic. As well as, Dogs have trouble in finding mates but, they excel in business. They are compatible with Horse or Tiger.


It’s apparent that pageants competitions organise don’t expect participants to pursue careers in adult entertainment. Whilst the competitions are immensely beauty based, they still retain the notion that the queens as well as runners-up are the kind of women that young girls should aim to be. Although, not a lot of individuals would have remembered the name of the young good looks queen Kristy Althaus as a runner up, and it is unlikely she would be making much capital from her pageantry. Rather, she is a successful pornographic actress who is probably living a comfortable life irrespective of all the scandal she has been include in. Additionally, Must read our other Tunisha Sharma Biography trending blogs.