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TikTok is one of the hottest apps right now and it allows everyone to show their talents. Whether you’re funny, smart, athletic or have a talent that no one else has, you can show it off and have the whole world watch. If you’re just starting TikTok or not sure what type of videos to make, then here are some creative ideas to get you started. They’re all easy to do and soon you’ll amass your own following.

Hair Tutorials

Anyone can pay a hair stylist to make their hair look amazing, but there’s nothing more satisfying than saying you did everything on your own. Hair tutorials are huge on TikTok and many amateur and professional stylists are getting recognition with these videos.

Whether you’re new or advanced, you can make some tutorials and get lots of views. You can start with a simple yet useful tutorial like how to choose the best wigs and what are the differences between ready to wear and  360 frontals. You can then transition to harder videos like making at-home styles or appropriate festival hairstyles.

The choices are endless and all based on your ability. Show off everything you know and make yourself a hair authority. Expect to see others following your steps and sending pictures of how well their hair turned out all because of your helpful videos.

Makeup Tutorials

Hair and makeup tutorials are equally popular on TikTok. Just like with hair, you can take makeup in many different directions depending on your talent and ability. People are coming to TikTok constantly searching for a new look. You can give them that. You can also show off new products or give them a tutorial on how to use makeup they never considered before.

You can create tutorials for a hot date night look, the perfect neutral look for the office or even a Halloween makeup when you want to look scary. There’s plenty of room for creativity here.

As for the willing subject, you can be creative here as well. You can put the makeup on yourself, a mannequin head, a friend or relative or anyone else who is willing to go on camera. Give this a try and see how many views you can get for making people look amazing.

Lip Sync Videos

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These are probably the most popular videos on TikTok. You will see thousands of lip sync videos on a wide variety of subjects. While music is common, you can also see people lip syncing movies, shows, video games and much more. Sometimes people even combine lyrics and lines from various forms of media to make a funny scene.

You can do almost anything here, but the rule is to be creative. Don’t stand there and look stiff. The most popular lip sync videos are creative and funny. Commit to overacting with big expressions and you’ll get people laughing. You can lip sync to popular media or a movie, show or song that really speaks to you. There’s a big audience and you should have no problem finding others who like the same things as you.

Custom Songs

Many people think that TikTok is only for lip syncing, but that’s not true. If you can sing, then why not show your talent off? You can sing other songs or even your own song that you wrote and composed. This can help you build an audience for your own music, which can be tough for newer artists. Give it a shot and see how many views you can get.

TikTok is a great way to get views as long as you have creative videos. People like hair and makeup tutorials, lip syncing and real singing. Try your hand at it and see how many views you can amass.


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