Apps to Add in 2020 : Everything you need to know about this

apps for mobiles

The high powered computers we have in our pockets help to make our lives better in numerous ways. Our smartphones allow us to enjoy our hobbies on the go, as well as utilize tools that make our day a little bit easier. Before 2020 closes out, here are some great apps to consider from a variety of categories. All of these apps are available on both Android and Apple devices. 

NFL Fantasy Football Apps

For NFL football fans, this is one app that you will find very useful throughout the ongoing season. All of the latest breaking news and injury reports are here, so it is a powerful tool for those who follow the stats and bet on American football or continuously adjust their fantasy team. There is a library of player statistics available for your team that ensure that you always start the best players for the upcoming week. 

You’re not limited to joining just a few different leagues either. Instead, you can use this platform to create your own fantasy league and invite all of your friends, meaning there is less reason to join a third party platform. With over 5,000,000 million downloads already, you’ll find that this app is hard to beat for football fans. 


The fitness community has grown by an astounding rate over the last two decades and technology like social media is helping to connect people with this interest. Many workout classes like CrossFit have become just as much focused on the social aspect as the fitness goals. With this in mind, FitGrid was created.

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This new platform combines the health and fitness lifestyle with a social media platform that allows people to connect over their mutual interests. Also, it allows virtual trainers to work with new clients for a completely new workout experience that enables people to skip the gym and get fit in their own homes. This app and platform are brand new and it is quickly gaining traction with the global fitness community. 

Ookla Speedtest 

This next app is great for the young professional on the go who constantly finds himself popping in and out of cafes to get some work done. We all know the struggle of trying to find a cafe with strong enough wi-fi.

The Ookla speedtest app gives us a efficient tool to use to determine the strength of the wi-fi network we are using, whether we are at the office, a friend’s house, or a local co-working place. With their sleek and attractive interface, you will get instant results that determine the download and upload speed of the network you are on. You can save the results to refer to later or compare to a nearby network to find the best spot.


It wasn’t so long ago that most people only had to worry about a few passwords, like an email address and social media platform. Now it feels like we have dozens upon dozens that we might have to use at any point in our daily lives. Though there are other ways to keep your passwords in order, a password manager is an incredibly helpful resource to keep everything organized. Of those available, LastPass might be the best option to consider.

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To access this app, you have many different methods to choose from, including a mobile app, browser extension, or desktop app for extra security. LastPass also boasts what they call “military grade encryption” to keep your passwords safe from hackers, as well as other features like a password generator, autofill, and a sharing center that shows who else has access to your accounts. Overall, this is a great option to consider for password management.   


For productivity, Todoist is a clean and simple app for all of our to-do lists. Too many similar apps are cluttered and over-designed. The strength of Todoist comes from the minimal interface. The app has just enough menus and features to be useful without being overwhelming. 

The app is very simple – you add tasks and tick them off as you complete them. But dig a little further into the features, and you’ll also find that you’re able to schedule weekly tasks, set reminders and convert other formats like emails into tasks.  

Wally Apps

For tracking your daily earnings and expenses, you will find that Wally will absolutely meet your needs. With it, you can create monthly budgets and compare outgoings and earnings.This free app will generate expense reports, as well as allow you to take pictures of your receipts instead of typing every dollar you spend.

The Wally app is very straightforward, clean and efficient. It makes tracking your budget a breeze, and presents the data in colorful graphs so you can see exactly what’s going on.