Most Important Supplies You Should Have With A Laminator

Most Important Supplies

A laminator is the perfect tool for almost every industry. The machines come in an array of sizes depending on your needs. They are capable of laminating pieces of paper, ID cards, official documents, pieces of plastic, and even sheets of glass. In short, if you need to preserve something for years to come there is a laminator that will do it. But, in order for your laminator to work properly, you need several important items. It is best to know what Most Important Supplies are and to get your laminating equipment sorted before you start laminating.

Dedicated Work Area

Your choice of workstation will depend on the size of your laminator and how often it is used, as well as what it is used for. 

In all cases, a dedicated workspace means that you have the laminator set up and positioned correctly with all the supplies you need next to it. This makes it efficient and can easily be used by multiple people. 

The best work areas are more than just a surface for the machine, there will be drawers or shelves for the laminate materials.

The Cleaning Kit

A laminator needs to be cleaned after every use. If it isn’t then adhesive can stick to the machine and, if left, this can cause several issues. You may simply smear your next project or you can bind the machine and stop it from working!

Your cleaning kit should have a spray cleaner, scouring pad, and a foam pad. 

Slot Punch

Slot punches allow you to create the hole for lanyards and are essential if you are creating ID cards. You can opt for a handheld or table-based slot punch. There are also automatic ones. Your choice regarding which is best will depend on how much you will be using this tool. 

The Pouch Carrier

The pouch carrier simply gives you somewhere to place the pouch before it is used in the machine. It may seem like a small item but, by using a pouch carrier, you will dramatically reduce the likelihood of the pouch getting caught in the rollers. That’s a time-consuming nuisance. 


Your machine may have a cutter fitted. If it doesn’t you’ll need to get one in your tool kit. This is used to separate items from the machine as soon as they are finished while leaving the machine laminating the next item or simply ready to use again. 

Trimmers that don’t come with the machine are generally handheld and very easy to use. 

Training Manual

Laminators are generally very easy machines to use. However, there are small details that differ between machines and the instruction manual can be useful for this. Alongside this, the training manual usually has a troubleshooting guide which can be useful if you encounter an issue.

Keeping it handy minimizes time lost looking for it. You’ll also find that the manual makes it easy to train someone who has never used a laminator before with these Most Important Supplies.


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