Popular Kitchen Renovation Projects

Popular Kitchen Renovation Projects

Since you spend much of your time in the kitchen, consider giving it a makeover to improve its functionality and appearance. This space deserves it with all of the utility it provides. You deserve it as well. You should be able to cook, clean, and eat in an area looks inviting. You should feel great the moment you walk in seeing how well everything comes together. Now you might think that this kind of endeavor costs a fortune, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Some modifications are expensive while others are quite affordable. Below are a few of the most popular kitchen renovation projects:

  1. Cabinet Refacing

Cabinets take up a lot of space in the kitchen. After all, they need to hold all of our cookware and dinnerware. They also hide cleaning materials and organize our stocks of food. Good quality cabinets can last for a long time, but they can begin to look worn and outdated after a while. If you are not prepared for a full replacement, then consider cabinet refacing instead. This changes the appearance of the exterior with minimal effort. You could replace only the sliding doors or keep them after applying a veneer on the surfaces. For example, you can transform them from a wooden exterior to a minimalist all-white finish. Change the handles to more modern designs as well.

  1. Undercabinet Lighting

After that, you can supercharge the modern appeal of your kitchen while improving functionality with undercabinet lighting. You have probably seen this in interior design blogs and magazine. It looks amazing and advanced but it’s actually quite easy to do. You can purchase various lighting options online including small LED lights that you can stick to the bottom of the cabinet. Just push the center button to turn them on. Others have motion sensors that instantly turn on when they detect your presence. You may also opt for a long LED strip that can change colors and intensity, just like what many gamers use for their desks. 

  1. Countertop Improvement

You probably do most of your kitchen work on the countertop. Now that there is undercabinet lighting, you will be able to see the workspace better. This should lessen accidents such as spills and cuts. It may be a good idea to improve this counter as well since it will get so much more attention now. If there are cracks, dents, chips, discoloration, and other blemishes, then it may be time to get a new one. A long slab of marble will look spectacular. If that is too costly, then consider granite or other natural stones. You could also use composite material, concrete, or even hardwood as long as they are treated to repel moisture.

  1. Backsplash Enhancement

The area directly behind the sink will get wet a lot of the time from splashes. This is simply unavoidable. That’s why it is common to provide this spot with a suitable backsplash material that will prevent damage to the wall since paint just won’t be enough. If you want a uniform look, then consider using the countertop material for the backsplash as well. Other options include glass, tile, and metal panels. You could keep the backsplash low to catch the water flowing from the counter to the wall. You could also cover the full height between the counter and the overhead cabinets. 

  1. New Sink and Faucet

Perhaps you live in an old house where the sink has seen better days. It may already have a lot of dents and cracks. You could see stains and other forms of discoloration. Since this is one part of the kitchen that you need to use frequently, you will see these blemishes every day. It could eventually leak if you don’t change it now so get ahead of the curve. Find a new sink that could fit the counter. You could buy one with the same size or opt for a bigger and deeper sink to hold more dishes. While you’re at it, get a new faucet as well, particularly if you are seeking leaks in the old one.

  1. New Floor Tiling

Getting new floor tiles can be disruptive and expensive but sometimes this is necessary given the current state of the finishing. It covers such a large surface, so the visual impact is massive. Consider matching the color of the tiles with the new countertop or cabinets.

  1. Window Glass Replacement

Finally, give your kitchen the gift of natural light by replacing the old window glass with new panels. The existing ones might have already gotten hopelessly scratched, stained, or cracked due to aging. It might even look frosted even if it’s supposed to be clear. This limits the light passing through the windows during the day. Glass Express can do window replacements, which will allow you to have a clearer view of the outside and a brighter space in which to prepare meals.


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