How to make Moon Water and Sun Water- Uses and Benefits

how to make moon water

About Moon Water and Sun Water

How to make moon water and sun water is a simple process to energize the water element to get immense benefits! When we talk about energies and elements, they are related to every aspect of our lives and everything around us. From our very bodies to the thoughts that we generate, everything is majorly made up of energies and elements.

Energy and Elements

how to make moon water

Not many people who are into psychics are aware of this, but the energies and the various elements around us can heavily affect our lives. That is why it is essential to acknowledge and harness the various sorts of energies and elements around us. There are various ways to energize our thoughts and elements around us.

Here, we are going to talk about the energy that water holds and how one can energize water with the help of the two power sources. The elements we are talking about here are the Moon and the Sun. By using the moon water and sun water regularly in life, you can see tremendous change and bring in the much-needed positivity.

Why water?

The reason that we are choosing particularly water element here is that it can easily absorb energy. Moreover, water is also highly versatile when it comes to its uses. Once can spray it and also consume the energy-filled water. Water easily and quickly soaks up energy from the Moon or sun. That is why as compared to the other elements, water is used.

Moon and Sun 

The two elements, Moon and the sun, are one of the most potent sources of energies known to humankind. That is why we use both elements separately to gain immense benefits from them. Moonlight sends down the transcendental rays towards us that help to calm us down or remove distress and balance our emotions. Moon water is used in various ways to bring in peace of mind and property. Moreover, using the moon water can also help to elevate your spirituality as well.

As far as the solar water is concerned, it is more intense and helps you to stabilize your ego and build up motivation. Since both Moon and sun have different benefits and uses, you have to use them separately. Let us check out how can one make the amazing moon water and sun water. Also, we will discuss the various ways to use moon and sun water.

 How to Make Moon Water

how to make moon water

Well, to make a moon water full of energy, you can simply follow these simple steps that are mentioned below.

Choose the Right Night 

The best night that you can pick to get the best results is a full moon night. Moreover, it is important to check on the weather as well. If the weather is cloudy or there is rainfall, then the water won’t get any energy from the moonlight. Hence, make sure that the Moon is visible, and the weather is clear.

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The Location

Since we want to charge up the water from the Moon, make sure to keep it in an open space. Also, keep a check that no one disturbs the water that is kept out the whole night. If you have a balcony or an open terrace, then you can place it there on a small table.


A lot of people making the moon water make the mistake of using plastic bowls or bottles. However, the right way to make moon water is to use glass utensils only! The glass helps to store the moon energy that you want to use. If you use any other material other than glass, then you might not get the best moon water results.

Using Other Elements 

Just like water, there are other elements too that can soak up the Moon’s energy. However, the user might not be as diverse as the moon water, but still, they can do wonders. If you want to menagerie more elements along with water, you can use stones here as well. As you already know, there are several precious stones that you can get to get various benefits. However, as far as the moon water is concerned, what you can do is use pearl as well. Pearl is also known as the stone for the moon signs, so it can defiantly help.

The Process

What you need to do for moon water is take a clean glass bottle or container and fill it up with fresh water. Now, wait for the sunlight to fade away.

Now, once the Moon is out and shining, you need to take it out there and place it on a clear mat. Along with this, you will need the help of an expert psychic who can lead you with the right affirmations and mantras once the affirmations and mantras are over. You can let it sit out for the night. Now, wake up early the very next morning and take it in as soon as the sun rises and the moonlight starts to fade away.

How to Use?


Yes, not many people know this, but you can consume moon water to see miraculous results. However, if you want to drink moon water, then please consult a professional psychic who can guide you with the proper instructions. Not every time you need to consume moon water. There are other usages as well.

Clean the Stones

As the water is now pure and has stored the energy from the moonlight, you can clean your stones with it too. What this cleaning will do is that it will replenish the energy in your precious stones.

Clean Up! 

If you are feeling a negative vibe or environment around you, then you can clean up with moon water as well. Please put it in a spray botter and see the magical difference.

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Other uses

Another use of moon water is that you can make it to your indoor plants as they can consume it and radiate the same energy for a more extended period. You can also add a few drops of moon water in your bath water to cleanse your body and mind as well!

What about sun water?


Well, in a nutshell, the process of how to make sun water is pretty much the same as moon water. Check out the details about sun water and its making below.

How to Make it? 

  • Just as mentioned in the moon water, you have to again choose a glass utensil for this. It can be a glass jar or a glass water bottle.
  • Again, as we want the rays and energy to reach the water directly, we have to look out for a bright and clear day.
  • If possible, try to keep the water in a place where it hardly gets any shadows on it. If you choose to keep it in a shadowed area, then it will have no effects at all.
  • As soon as the sun is up and shining, come out and keep the clean jar filled with fresh water outside.
  • Sit down and do the affirmations and mantras that are given by your psychic to get the best results.
  • Now, let the water sit out and get the energy from the bright sun. Once the sun starts to set, you can take back the glass container.

What about Sun Water uses? 

Well, as we mentioned above, the uses a for moon water and sun water are a bit different. The methods to use both of these energy waters is the same, but the benefits are various.

The sun water has a more intense energy. So it is better to use it frequently only if your psychic has told you to do so.

  • Spray Around 

As this helps to fuel the motivation and dedication in you, try to spray it around the work area or office to get the best result.

  • Bath

Yes, you can take a bath with sun water as well. However, it may increase the anger in you, so do it once a week only to see the best result.

  • Drink

Drinking the sun water can also show brilliant results. However, drinking the sun water is a reliable way to get the sun’s energy. Hence, to curb and mellow down the fiery energy, you can dilute the sun water and then drink it. Also, make sure that you consume sun water once a week only. However, if a professional psychic recommends that you do otherwise, then you can do it. 

Other things to keep in Mind

The Colours

As per the studies, the colours of the utensils that you use to make sun and moon water also makes a difference. So, consult a psychic before you start practising the use of sun and moon water regularly. 

Individual Needs

As both the sun water and moon water have different benefits and effects on our lives, so we must know which one is for us. For this, one has to know what kind of aura and energy is based in them. 


This is how you can make moon and sun water. Make sure to try the miraculous Moon and sun water at least once! Using the sun and moon waters regularly can really change your life and the environment around you! 


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