Cochin tips for first time travelers

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So, this is your first time in Cochin? Well, you sure are in for the most unforgettable experience of your life. Most first-time visitors to Cochin are not aware of the delightful tourist spots and what to do and explore the endless lush green nature in and around the city.

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When to go to Cochin

The best time to visit Cochin is winter, when the temperatures are more comfortable. However, if one is looking for the most economical season, summer is the offseason, but temperatures rise can be relatively high and can touch 37°C.

Monsoon in Cochin

If you love rain, then plan a Cochin trip during the monsoon as this is the ideal season for rain lovers. This season but is better than summer, and you will love the tropical monsoon climate. It is an incredible experience as Cochin truly comes alive during the rains as one finds lush and fresh greenery all around during the monsoon.

Where to stay in Cochin

Some of the top areas to stay in Cochin hotels in MG road and around the marine drive. There are plenty of lodging options available that will suit the preferences and budget of most tourists. Moreover, you will never be far away from the markets, shopping center, the travel hub and the historical & cultural spots of the city.

How to move around in Cochin

There are plenty of options for traveling within and to and from Cochin. Some of the most popular used transport modes include auto rikshaws and auto taxis. One can also hire cars or take the local buses, trains or ferries.

Cochin trip
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What to do and see in Cochin’s

Cochin is made of a collection of islands and peninsulas, and its culture has been shaped by the Dutch, British, Portuguese, and Chinese. Explore the city to learn about its rich history and take the public ferries to explore the seas. One of the most famous sights here is the Chinese fishing nets that Chinese explorer Zheng introduced. Other spots of interest include Mattancherry Palace, Paradesi Synagogue, Kodanad Elephant Training Centre, St Francis Church, and more. You can also enjoy colorful and fascinating Kathakali performances, one of India’s classical dances. Visit the Kerala Folklore Theatre and Museum to learn about the stunning architectural styles.

What to eat and shop for in Cochin’s

No trip is complete without food and shopping, and when in Cochin’s, do enjoy the most famous local food here, Katsuo-no-tataki, which is a grilled bonito fish. Enjoy British and European food in Kashi Art Café and drink some strong, dark, black coffee. Some of the best shopping spots here include Lulu Mall, Paris de Boutique, Centre Square Mall, Jew Town, Ernakulam Market, Cochin Spice Market, Princess Street, and Ernakulam Market. Enjoy spectacular experiences for shopping and look for local handicrafts to higher-end boutiques, whatever you fancy.


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