Symptoms that you should stop playing slots


Slots are without a shadow of a doubt the biggest gambling success story from the last 100 or so years, as they have almost single-handedly revolutionised the modern gambling industry, resulting in an exponentially rising amount of revenue being created. Of course, slots were getting outrageously popular by the mid 20th century, however it wasn’t until the establishment of the modern online slot industry that they really began hitting the heights that they do today. 

Suddenly gamblers could spin the reels of slot games from the comfort of their own home, with absolutely no need to visit a land-based casino at all. Naturally this resulted in far more gamblers turning to online slots including Mermaids Millions Slot, and so the industry prospered. But as good as modern online slots are these days, there is also a dark underbelly to their success, and that is wrapped up with gambling addiction and problem gambling. Read on for some symptoms that you should stop playing slots. 

Losing contact of friends and family 

Do you find yourself losing contacts with friends and family due to your passion for online slot gambling? This is typically one of the earlier symptoms of slot gambling addiction, and it can also be quite a tricky one to pin down. It is massively important that you are constantly on the look out for this tendency in your self, because it can make it a lot easier to mitigate the affect of an addiction. 

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So, if you are failing to see your friends and family enough due to too much time playing online slots, it is definitely time to take a break. 

Encountering gambling related money troubles 

One of the most obvious symptoms that you should stop playing slots is getting into financial troubles, something that the majority of hard-core slot gamblers will get into at least once in their lives. Budgeting is key to stopping this from happening, however unfortunately once you get past a point of slots addiction it can be very hard to adhere to strict budgeting rules. 

So, make sure you are always keeping an eye on your financial situation, because it can be very hard to claw finances back once you are in the red. 

Have no other hobbies like slots

One of the hallmarks of a slot gambling addiction is the absence of any other hobbies, and it is incredibly important that you always have other hobbies on which to fall back on. The main reason is because if you do not have any other hobbies but playing slots, you will naturally find yourself playing slots all of the time, and this can quickly become a negative thing. 

Make sure you are engaging in things like sporting activities or musical instruments, as these are much better for your prolonged mental health than marathon slots sessions. 

Unable to stop a slots session

Do you find yourself physically unable to stop gambling once you start an online slots session? If this is the case it really is time to take a long hard look in the mirror.