Festival hair, don’t care – ravishing hairstyles even the Seelie Queen would wear


Festival hair, don’t care – ravishing hairstyles even the Seelie Queen would wear.

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Do you also find the music part of your life? Welcome to the group of people addicted to tunes!

Every day you discover a new song and hit the repeat button because you feel your life is a playlist. 

For you, music lovers, the festival season is the time of the year when you enter the lands of the fair people. You start the trip with a week at the Fay Court of Coachella, and each tune sings into your years like a sylph voice enchanting you with positive vibes. 

And you cannot step into the world of music festivals in your day-to-day attire. You get rid of the corporate clothing and beach waves and embrace the boho look with crop tops, flower-patterns and coloured hair

Here are the best hairstyles saw on people at the fairgrounds, and don’t roll your eyes because they’re not only flower crowns. Don’t get us wrong, we love flower crowns, but not everyone wants to look like the Seelie Queen when at the festival. Or does? 

Let the glitter pour! 

Double Dutch braids with a twist

We’ll start with an easy updo everyone can pull. Double Dutch braids are a hot trend for festival hairstyles for some time now, and they don’t seem to slow down. The twists are perfect for the ones who plan to hit the dancefloor (or the ground because these events are open-air) at the festivals because they’re functional and stay put while you move your body on your favourite tunes. Braids look dazzling no matter if it rains, the sun is shining brighter than ever or the dust is set on your skin. If you feel daring, try a combination of three or four Dutch braids. 

For that careless boho look, sleep with the braids in, you’ll look like cropped from the Pinterest wall. Do you think some simple Dutch braids are not fancy enough for you? Use ribbons to add a pop of colour to your locks of hair. Get your phone, buy ribbons online in the colours of the rainbow and various textures to have a different pattern for each day of the festival.           

Pro tip: mix the ribbons with coloured hair extensions for a thicker look. Camila Coelho sported some to-die-for braids at Coachella last year. Check her Insta page to have a glimpse at her look. 

Pink hair

We don’t say you should dye your hair…but we do. If you’re not a blonde, you should at least add some highlights to your locks to colour them with a pink shampoo. You may think that sporting pink hair won’t bring something new to the festival grounds, but if you dye it in a reverse ombre, everyone will admire your hairstyle

With festival hairstyles, it’s always about the twist you bring. Play with coloured shampoos during the festival season and switch the shade every two or three days. You can even combine them if you have blonde locks because all hues adhere to your fair hair. And if you watched plenty of movies with fairies you already know that not all fair folks have light coloured hair. The Seelie Queen from TMI has red locks, and she looks festival ready with the strands of leaves in her hair. So, a darker shade of pink may also work. 

Viking braids

Since the Viking series hit the screen, everyone talks about the hairstyle both men and women sport. Their looks are more than elaborate braids; they use metallic clips, cuffs, beads, strips of fabric, and even rings to adorn their looks. The simplest Viking hairstyle is braids, on braids, on braids. Dutch braids, mixed with Fishtail braids, with a stripe of cornrow braid, a middle part braid, and a French braid on the other side. Did you lose the count on how many times we said braids? We also did. Because the cool thing with Viking hairstyles is that if you master the art of braiding, you’ll embrace that gritty look everyone pins on Pinterest and shares on Instagram after the festival season. 

Glitter hair

For this hairstyle, you need some fairy dust. And if you cannot contact the local Seelie court for some fresh supplies, it will work with glitter or cosmetic pigments. Curl your locks in some boho waves, and add a little sparkle to your roots for a festive look. Holographic glitter works the best because it sparkles in the sun and each pigment shines in a different colour. Holographic glitter and pigments are perfect for outdoor events because they reveal their hundreds of hues only in natural light. 

Pro tip: pair glitter with braids or hair rings for an impressive look

Hair rings

Do you love hair accessories? Then the festival season is the time of the year when to go nuts with them. For the ones who don’t love flower crowns (we get it, you’re a rebel pixie) you can play with many other items from the accessory store. When you braid your locks, add some hair rings for an edgy look, and sprinkle some silver or gold glitter on your roots. If you feel creative, you can even weave a stripe of coloured leather or yarn through your locks. 

Flower braids and (yes) flower crowns

Please don’t say you didn’t expect us to insert flower crowns in a blog about festival hairstyles even the Seelie Queen would wear. Of all the hairstyles we presented, flower braids and crows are the most popular ones because they’re easy to pull through. When you arrive at the festival, you feel like you stepped in a land of fairies because of the lively colours and happiness that surround you. Flowers are the pure reflection of life, and they’ve always been associated with the fay folk. And who doesn’t love a graceful pixie with a glimpse of nature in her hair? People have always been fascinated by fairies, so throwing a flower crown in their hair was the easiest way to resemble the fair ones. And we should all admit it, the flower crown and blossoms weaved through long locks of hair are the perfect hairstyles for a festival. 




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