The Rise of Linda Thompson Net Worth

linda thompson net worth

Linda Thompson was born as Linda Diane Thompson on the 23rd of may, 1950, in Memphis, Tennessee. She is a very talented American actress, songwriter, and pageant queen. All through her career, Linda Thompson has gained numerous success in multiple fields, starting from pageants to singing and acting. Linda Thompson not only has gathered popularity and critical compliments, but she has also gathered a fairly good amount of net worth. In this website, you will find about Linda Thompson’s captivating way and discover Linda Thompson net worth, taking into consideration her multiple involvements and achievements.

Born 23 May 1950
Source of Wealth: Singer, Actress
Children 2,  Brody Jenner, Brandon Jenner
Height 5.7
Age 73 years
Net Worth:  $25 Million


Linda Thompson Net Worth

Taking under consideration Linda Thompson’s expanded career in multiple media sections, it is usual to think about how she achieved her net worth. Even though intact numbers are not available for public information, multiple resources counted her total net worth to be almost $25 million.

Her eventful songwriting profession, added with the benefits from her song compositions, has made a certain impact on Linda Thompson net worth. Her presence in television soaps and movies, as well as her engagement in reality shows, impacted Linda Thompson net worth. More than that, Thompson’s Brand deals and alternate business endeavours have most likely acted a part in enhancing her net worth.

Music Career 

Linda Thompson’s love for music took her to the path of songwriting. She jammed with famous musicians, involving Kenny Rogers, Diana Ross, and LeAnn Rimes, to compose the hit lists every week. Worth noting, Linda Thompson wrote the Grammy conquering song “I Have Nothing” for Whitney Houston, which made a significant impact on her achievements.

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Songwriting Profession 

The honourable efforts in songwriting has without any doubt helped to build up Linda Thompson net worth. As a songwriter, she has gained a lot of money from the famous advertisement performances of Thompson’s songs, ensuring a stable stream of earnings through the years.

Television Presence and Acting Career 

In addition to her achievements as a singer and songwriter, Linda Thompson has also gained a position for herself in the world of acting. She made an appearance in multiple television soaps and films, adding “Hee Haw,” “Fantasy Island,” and “Starsky & Hutch.” Her career as an actress let her to portray her talent and moreover lengthen her follower base.

Television Production and Reality TV

In current years, Linda Thompson has made observable roles on reality television shows. She appeared in the famous reality series “The Princes of Malibu,” which portrayed her life with her 2 children, Brandon and Brody, and their stepfather back in the days, David Foster. The show offered a close up look into their influential livelihood and later increased Thompson’s time to the public.

Philanthropy and Charitable Work

Linda Thompson’s success has not only helped her gain personal finances but has also helped her to get involved in charity and NGO work. She has been very actively engaged in assisting charitable reasons, specifically those involved in health, education, and children’s betterment. Thompson’s charitable efforts explains her dedication to putting back and forming a positive effect on people.

Linda Thompson’s pathway into the Hollywood industry has been not anything short of memorable. Starting from her early days as a pageant queen to her journey as a successful songwriter, actress, and television persona, she has left a stubborn impact on the world of Media. Using her talent, hard efforts, and dedication, Thompson has gained both critical space and monetary achievements, collating a potential net worth of nearly $25 million.

Above her career achievements, Thompson’s philanthropic involvements portraying her dedication to make a difference in the lives of people, especially children. Her kind heart and determination to philanthropic causes dazzling her amazing character and wish to put back in the society.

Early Life

Linda Thompson’s walk towards fame started in her birth town of Memphis. After conquering the title of Miss Tennessee Universe, she presented her state in the Miss USA pageant in the year of 1972. Even though she did not get to achieve the national title, her participation got her exposed to multiple doors to the world of entertainment media.

Quick Look 

As Linda Thompson still continues to steer her profession and personal life, it is transparent that the Thatcher effect will go far above her previous achievements. Her talent, flexibility, and business spirit comes as an inspiration to any upcoming artists and people trying to make their place in the entertainment media. Linda Thompson net worth is a statement to her talent, hard efforts, and capability to take up chances, and it is a portrayal of her major donation to the world of media.


Q. How old is Linda Thompson?

A. She is 73 years old.

Q. When was Linda Thompson born?

A. Linda Thompson was born on 23 May 1950.

Q: How tall is Linda Thompson?

A: Linda Thompson is about 5 feet 9 inches.

Q. How much is Linda Thompson’s Net Worth?

A. Linda Thompson has a net worth of 25 million dollars.

Q. How many followers does Linda Thompson Have?

A. She has over 250K followers.


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