9kmovies- 9 Best Alternatives To Download Movies

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About 9kmovies 

If you are a movie buff and love to download various movies on your PC or laptop, you would surely know about 9kmovies. 9k is one of the most sorted movies downloading online portal that one can find. 9kmovies is a simple platform where one can easily surf and download the various genres of movies.

Why Cinephiles Love 9kmovies?

  • 9kmovies offers a super easy and quick way to get your hands on your favourite movies.
  • The simple interface of 9kmovies makes the entire process of downloading a movie extra smooth. You don’t need to dig into piles of files to get to your favourite movie.
  • Moreover, the vast collection of 9kmovies is something that we all about it. There is hardly any mainstream movie that is not available on the website. The vault of 9kmoives is not only limited to Hollywood but has international films as well.
  • The quality of film that one can find on 9kmovies is hard to find on any other website.

The Problem

Now, if 9kmovies has so many amazing things about it, then why do we need the alternatives in the first place? Well, 9kmovies, as we know, has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. This has caused some legal and server issues with the site, so the 9kmovies platform is not always available to use. You can often find 9k down with some of the other issues. Now, one can also wait for a while so that 9k gets the problems resolved, or they can also try these alternatives. Let’s check them out!


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MovieWatcher is a sorted and straightforward movie downloading site. On moviewatcher one can easily find and download any movie that they were looking for. Also, you can choose the various qualities that they have to offer.

Moviewatcher Plus Points- 

  • A great collection of movies can be found on moviewatcher. There are various flicks from the international world of cinema as well. So if you are trying to find any hidden gems from the world cinema, then do give your shot here.
  • Extremely easy to find the flicks. Movie watchers make it remarkably easy to find and download movies with the help of their refined search system.
  • Moreover, along with the vast, incredible choice of downloads, you can upload a file too! On moviewatchers, the movies buffs and upload a movie if they want as well!

Yes Hollywood!

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When it comes to downloading free flicks from the internet, Yes, Hollywood has been around for quite some time now. Yes Hollywood has gone through many changes in its name and styles, but it continues to give out incredible movies!

Yes Hollywood Plus Points-

  • If you want to dwell on some crazy movies from across the globe then, you must visit Yes Hollywood. Contradictory to the name, Yes Hollywood has not only Hollywood but an of film from various parts of the world.
  • Along with the diverse world, YesHollywood also has a great collection of dubbed movies that you can watch. A lot of movie fans do not watch foreign flicks because of the language barrier now. They can watch them too, with the help of dubbing.
  • Moreover, you can skim through tons of movies and shows by checking out their reviews as well. So if you had the bad experience of downloading one pic and it turned out to be bad. Then, don’t worry! that won’t happen here.
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Popcorn Time 

Source- www.itsfoss.com

Another popular name in the list of 9kmovies. Every big movie or TV series fan has heard or visited popcorn time at least once. This is also a free movie providing a website that can help you see various movies and shows on the screen of your computers.

Popcorn Time Plus Points-

  • Popcorn Time will instantly appeal to you at the very homepage with their hot pics of the day. Here you can find some of the best random movies that you can watch. So, if you can’t decide what to watch, then do visit this website!
  • Another fantastic thing about this website is that you will not have to waste your time filling up any form. You don’t need to log into anything.
  • You can also keep a check on the quality of the movie by selecting it beforehand. It can range to 4k so that you can get the maximum enjoyment out of your movie.
  • However, the on and off ad banners popping in may annoy you. So, try to keep the ad blocker on while you visit this 9kmovies alternative.

Hoxx VPN

Now Hoxx takes the online movies downloading to the next level. This is not just some simple website where you can find piles and piles of movie files. On Hoxx VPN, they do way more than this. Here, you can extend the limit of your Netflix or any other streaming service that you are logged into. That means that your content won’t be location restricted now. You can watch various series and movies from around the globe on Hoxx VPN. Also, if you already have a legit account on any streaming app, then Hoxx can extend it too!

Hoxx VPN Plus Point- 

  • It is a simple way to unlock the global version of almost all the streaming platforms that you need to have an account.
  • Uses a safe VPN method to get you exclusive content that too with high-speed!
  • Once you already have an account on any of the streaming platforms, then you can easily extend their validity with the help of Hoxx VPV.
  • A large number of shows and flicks can be streamed online with the help of Hoxx. Moreover, you can download the content that you like and save it for later as well.


Source- www.centralviral.com

FMovies is a very old member of this movie downloading family. However, as a 9kmovies, Fmovies is perfect for various reasons. However, keep in mind that this site sometimes has its own server issues every now and then. Even with the server issues, it is a wonderful choice.

  • Almost the same type of content that can be found of 9kMovies
  • Moreover, you can refine your search results of the movies just like in 9k.
  • The low ads number is like a blessing as many movie downloading sites have numerous issues with the ads. Most of the sites has an ad popping up on almost every click.

Los Movies

Source- www.freemovietricks.com

When it comes to Los movies, then it is not one of the best alternatives to 9k, but it can still be on the list. Los movies have their own sets of drawbacks that put them on the low-grade list of alternative.

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Los Movies Details- 

  • It does not have a sizeable international movie database when it comes to Los Movies, but it can still be of great help for Hollywood flicks.
  • There is again the issue of ads, just like any other movie downloading site, so using the blocker for this one is advised.
  • Moreover, you can find a decent collection of movies on the Lox movies database that is definitely worth a try.
  • However, don’t try to count on the search system of Lox movies much as the other sites.


Pycker is a beautiful alternative to 9k. However, don’t go expecting it to be too different from any generic movie download website. This has a basic search filter system for the movies, just like any other website.

Points About Pycker To Keep in Mind-  

  • Pycker has an extensive database of regional and international films.
  • Has the same amount of inappropriate ads as any other movie downloading website.
  • It can offer some great movies, but at times, the server may cause an issue while downloading.
  • Moreover, you can download your fav flicks in different sets of quality easily.


Source- www.techsupportall.com

123movies is another old yet reliable website when it comes to free downloading movie site. Here you can find various movies of all sorts and quality that you may want. This serves as an excellent way to replace 9kmovies whenever it is down, or you cannot find a particular movie there.

Point About 123Movies 

  • 123movies is an old and reliable movie downloading site where you can download various sorts of movie in a couple of qualities.
  • The choice of film is not only limited to Hollywood or Bollywood. 
  • However, there are some issues with the services and the ads there too.

HD Euro Pix

Source- www.xranks.com

Just as the name suggests, HD euro pix is a vast collection of HD movies. Here you can find some of the best works of world cinema like James Bond, the Harry Potter series and various other movies that you can download in just a few clicks.

Points to Remember About Euro Pix

  • A direct and straightforward search engine to get the best results and get the appropriate suggestions.
  • A great number of popular cult movies can be downloaded from HD Euro Pix without any long sing-up.
  • Moreover, you can even get some movies with closed captions that can be downloaded on your Windows or Mac systems.


1. What is 9kmovies? 

A. 9kmovies is a free website for watching movies and TV shows. 

2. How do I search for movies on 9kmovies? 

A. You can search for movies on 9kmovies by going to the search bar on the homepage and typing in the movie name. 

3. What movie qualities are available? 

A. 9kmovies provides movies in different qualities like 480p, 720p, and 1080p, depending on the movie. Newer movies usually have higher qualities available.

4. Is 9kmovies legal? 

A. No, 9kmovies is not a legal website as it allows copyrighted content to be streamed without permission from the copyright holders. 

5. Are 9kmovies links safe? 

A. While 9kmovies itself may be safe, some file hosting links to stream or download content can potentially contain malware or viruses. It’s best to use an adblocker and antivirus when using such sites.


We hope that you liked the list of our nine best alternatives to 9kmovies that one can find. Make sure to visit these sites when 9kmovies is down, or you want to see a flick that isn’t available on the 9k platform!