When Will The Lighthouse Be Available To Buy On DVD?

Lighthouse 2019

Robert Eggers writes and directs this gripping, haunting tale through 35mm black and white film. They add features to the suspense and make a psychological horror view of the entire film. Nothing more unsettling to watch in the dark than a black and white film set in the 1890s.

The movie was released on 18th October 2019. And it has received a lot from both the critics and the viewers. But those who missed the movie on a big screen can watch it after buying a DVD. And if you want to buy a Blu Ray, DVD of the film then you don’t have to wait for more. As almost all movies are available on DVD with two to three months after the release.

It means that the film was released in October then you can buy a DVD of that film in December approximately.

Lighthouse is an alarming tale of two men isolated on an island, whose only visitor ends up being insanity. Here we are introduced to the irritable elderly seafarer Thomas (Willem Dafoe) and his young new Wickie, Winslow (Robert Pattinson). Who is to assist in the up-keeping of a lighthouse off the shore of Maine?

When you mix isolation with hard work, a great deal of drinking and a storm that just won’t end. You can receive the means of what it is to survive both mentally and physically. It takes a great deal of skill to make the audience experience the loneliness. Whereas, the gradual building tension between the two characters from the beginning of the movie.

It is a great story for those are in search of a fresh new story to make the mind ponder with its disturbing visuals.


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