How Many 3s in The Image- Correct Answer and More Amazing Puzzles

how many 3s in the image

About How Many 3s In The Image and the Correct Answer 

While surfing on the net or in your messages, you might have got this crazy picture puzzle that asks you how many 3s in the Image? Here, we will decode that puzzle and talk about a few more that made several rounds on the internet.

The internet is a crazy place, and things like this How many 3s in the Image spreads like wildfire. All of this is due to the high curiosity during the quarantine that humans thrive on. We always try to answer every unanswered question and compare our answers with everyone to see where we stand.

Details About the Image

how many 3s in the imge

The Image that asks us to count the number of 3s has been around for a while now. The Image is somewhat a screenshot of the dial screen of an iPhone. However, it is a bit edited as well that one can see clearly in the Image. A lot 3’s and other things have been added to the Image to make the puzzle more interesting.

 The confusion

There are several similar images that have made rounds on the internet that provokes you to seek the total number of ‘X’ in a particular picture. Here, the significant confusion with this pic of the puzzle is that people have taken out two meanings of 3. A lot of people only count the number of times numerical 3 is shown in the pic, and the rest of them also measure the 3 bars of battery and signals in the photo.

However, if you choose to keep only the numerically written three, the 19 should be your answer, and if you want to conclude the 3 bars or three battery, then it should add up to 21 for you. We cannot pinpoint the actual correct answer to the number of three’s in the pic because it becomes somewhat subjective.

Check out Some Similar Puzzles and Their Details

Count the Tiger


This is another crazy artistic puzzle that forces one to put one brain to the test and examine the mystery closely. However, this can also have a similar confusion as to the how many 3s puzzles because what people count and see as a tiger is also a bit different.

It is a colourful and dense image of some tigers sitting in a green plush area. However, there are various hidden tigers all around the pictures, and the puzzle is to count the exact number of tigers that are in the picture. So, this tiger counting image also gained a lot of popularity.

However, the slight confusion or debate with this jungle-tiger illusion is that a lot of people refused to count some of the lines as tiger’s face because they wanted a full and detailed look of the tiger. However, despite the debates on the count of the tiger, this became a massive hit in all the messages, Facebook just like the how many 3s in the image puzzle! The answer to this is 16, just in case if you are wondering, and this is only when you choose to count all the tiger resembling designs in the crazy pic!

The Camping Count Puzzle



Now, like how many 3s in the image puzzle, we have another famous puzzle that has bamboozled a lot of people. This is a vintage puzzle. As you can see, the no-colour Image also keeps it very simple and straightforward. Moreover, this is not like a one-question or a one-answer puzzle.

Here, one has to follow this puzzle picture with an in-depth study as there are many questions that they need to answer. However, the no colour scheme makes it a bit easier for one to understand and examine the puzzle easily. Here are the camping puzzle questions and the answers to them. Make sure to read the puzzle questions first and the answers later if want to give a shot at this crazy puzzle pic yourself.

The Question and Answers 

How many People are Camping in the Puzzle Pic? 

Well, this one is a simple and easy question to start off with. The answer to this is 4, which you can calculate with the name list pinned on the tree.

Did they just Arrived, or They have been there for some time? 

This is a tricky question for which you need to go through the puzzle thoroughly. However, the answer which it holds is very simple. The answer lies in the cobweb that can be seen in the puzzle as we know that the spiders take time to make their cobwebs. Hence, there it cannot build it on the same day as they have arrived around their stuff.

Did the Land there By Air? 

You might think that this is a perfect puzzle that depicts the crash landing site of a plane, but that is not true at all! In fact, it is just the opposite of planes! They arrived in this dense jungle camping area by a boat! For the clue, you have to observe that there are some boating flaps lying around the corner of the picture, which means they used these things to row their boats.

Are they Secluded Far Away? 

At first, it may seem like they all are lost and far from any civilization in sight, but that is not true. That is the tricky part of this camping puzzle. But, if upon some close inspection of the camping puzzle, you can see some hens roaming around. Now, the thing with hens is that they don’t go around roaming around in dense jungle without humans around as they are an easy target for any hunting animal. So, only humans breed them for various reason. So, it is clear that more humans are around!

More Questions 

The Wind Direction 

You can’t tell the exact north, the south direction of the wind as the company is not available in the puzzle. However, you can see which side the current is flowing with the help of the flying flag that is placed.

What Time of the Day?

No one can tell the exact time of the day that they are in. But, you can easily differentiate between the night and daytime. The night and day dilemma of this camping puzzle can be solved with the help of shadows.

Where is Alex? 

You can spot all the names on the pinned board. So, one might wonder where this Alex when everyone else is doing their job. Well, it is safe to say that Alex is in the picture only, but we can’t see him as he is behind the hut and catching the butterflies!

Extra Question 

What About Yesterday’s Work? 

As we know that Alex is busy with his work, and peter has got his hands complete with this puzzle, this means that Collin was the one who took care of the job yesterday. Collin is digging in his bag. We know that it is collin because of the C marked there.

What’s the Date? 

In this puzzle, we already have some clue about the day of the month. The note with the name and dates helps here. The letter mentions the tasks and the dates. So, if collin was working yesterday, then today is the 8th. Now, for the month, we have to let common sense kick in. While finding the clues, you will see a watermelon on the mat. Now, majorly the watermelon is ready to eat in August. So, by this method of detection, we can say that it is August 8th.


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