World of the Internet: The New-Age Lifestyle


If we think of today’s world as a Human Body, then the Internet is the blood that runs through the veins. Almost everything today is somehow related to the Internet. People do talk about it being a curse or being a blessing. Well, no one can really have a result-oriented conversation on the Internet being a curse or blessing, but one thing is for sure that it’s the new-age lifestyle that almost everyone is following.

I mean, from the start of the day till our eyes shout loud to get some sleep, we all keep ourselves surrounded by the internet world. 

People today have many types of voice-controlled systems fitted in their homes. Someone listen to music by commanding Amazon Alexa, and some do that over applications such as Gaana, Spotify, and many more. There was a time when people tend to collect CDs and cassette tapes to watch movies, but today, we have Netflix and Hotstar. 

The most significant impact that the Internet has made to our lifestyle is online shopping. From groceries to clothes and from furniture to luxury items, everything is being sold online today. Just for clarification, the Flipkart’s mobile application for online shopping has more than 100 million downloads on Google Play Store, and the number is increasing every minute.

This new lifestyle has done many wonders and made things easy. With the use of the Internet, the barriers of distance have been eliminated. We can converse with someone sitting thousands of miles away in a matter of seconds. It is helping families to stay closer and in touch even if there are geographical distances which is a great thing catering to the emotions. Today, a sister can easily send her love on Raksha Bandhan to her brother residing in a foreign countries like USA using services such as Rakhi Delivery in USA

And, not to forget how the Internet becomes our lifestyle while the world is fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. Many governments around the globe imposed a lockdown which means bringing everything to a stop. But, the Internet keeps us all going in this current phase of Quarantine. Many corporates like me are working from home, and that’s because we have the Internet. And those who are not working are learning new things from the Internet to cut down the boredom of staying at home. 

Things like news, coaching classes, searching a home for rent, buying flowers and cakes, Mr Internet has it all sorted. You can call for a technician or repairman with few clicks and taps using the power of the web world. 

There was a time when people used to know about the routes by looking at the signboards or by asking the people on the way, but today, we have virtual maps powered by the Internet. And the virtual maps are better as they tell about the traffic conditions as well.

All said, there is no doubt that our lifestyle today is incomplete if there is no internet.  


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