Top 5 Prank Apps to Fool your Friends

Fool your Friends

Ownage Pranks

Aside from its hilarious youtube channel delivering the most daring and original prank calls online, they also have a fantastic prankster app that doesn’t fail to impress. In this article, You will Know about the Top 5 Prank Apps to Fool your Friends.

If you want to prank call your friends effortlessly, then look no further!

The Ownage Pranks app has over 100 automated prerecordings readily available to send once you make the call, with new pranks added regularly.

Rest assured your buddies will have no idea it’s a prerecording as prank calls are very realistic. The apps ‘Speech Recognition Technology’ AI can analyse dialogue and respond to your friend’s actions accordingly, giving the impression a real person is on the line. 

So what kind of pranks are available? Let’s take a look at some prerecording prank examples:

Please Buy Our Beer: Sam is a liquor store owner who insists your victim buys his Corona beer, he claims due to the negative name association to the coronavirus nobody is buying and offers 50% off. 

Creepy Instagram Stalker: A creepy caller claims to have seen your victims Instagram picture and insists on meeting up at his place. At the end of the prank call, he will say there is no need as he will go there instead. 

Additional Features

  • Tune in live to phone calls and listen to your friend’s funny reaction
  • Phone calls are recorded so you can listen again afterwards
  • Share recorded prank calls with friends and family
  • Submit your best prank calls to the ‘Pranks Hall of Fame’ where yours could be featured. 

DoorBell Prank

DoorBell Prank is a great prank to play on friends and family members who live with you, and no doubt a sure-fire way to make them think somebody’s at the door . 

Similar to the prank game ‘Knock, Knock, Ginger’ where a prankster will knock on a person’s door and run this app replicates that by ringing the doorbell, except you’re inside the house. 

DoorBell Prank has various doorbell chimes available to play. To appear authentic, you can use a doorbell chime that sounds the same or similar to the doorbell you currently have. 

A fantastic way to wind up your buddies would be to take a subtle approach and press the app’s doorbell sparsely; this minimises suspicion and keeps friends consistently going to the door to find out nobody’s there. Overtime, if they haven’t caught onto you by then it’s enough to make anyone lose their sanity!

Call Voice Changer- IntCall

If you’re in the mood to play a prank call on your buddies but can’t change your voice to save your life then Call Voice Changer- IntCall is a must-download. 

This app lets you change your voice to a multitude of sound options in real-time, while most voice changers require a prerecording to make sound alterations; this lets you change your voice during phone calls. 

So what are the sound modifications available? Unfortunately, there aren’t many voice options offered in this app compared to others, but it’s still good enough to fool your friends. The options are lowest, low, high and highest respectively. 

Aside from voice effects, there are also different background sound effects to be included, some of these include sirens, a horse and an elephant. 

Additional Features

  • New users using the app for two weeks are given free credits, a free trial of sorts
  • PhoneCalls are done over the internet using VOIP, a strong internet connection is required

Laser Cut Fingers Prank

Although the Laser Cut Fingers app sounds terrifying at first, this harmless prank is great for light-hearted laughs. This app simulates a laser designed to cut your friends fingers or your own!

Upon launch, it will automatically connect your camera. Simply place your fingers in the photo, and a fake laser will appear to cut your fingers. Once the animated laser goes through them, snap the picture.

Air Horn Phone: Prank App

If you want a prank to really aggravate your friends and possibly give them a reason to try your phone out the window, then this app is most certainly it!

The Air Horn Phone prank app produces an airhorn sound intended to play right next to your unsuspected friend’s ear, for the prank to work you will need to lend your phone to a friend and ask them to take a call for you. 

How does it work?

Once you launch the app begins by pressing the “GO” icon. 

Afterwards, you will have the option to adjust the air horn volume, although this is entirely up to you we strongly recommend changing sound levels to a safe setting to prevent harm. 

Once you have adjusted the volume press the “GO” icon, a fake dialling screen will then appear on your phone attempting to make a call. 

During this dialling process, lend your phone to a friend and ask them to answer the phone quickly, pretending someone is on the line.

Once your friend answers the call, an air horn noise will play, most likely causing some jump-scare reactions. 


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