6 things you need to consider when organizing your wedding

organizing your wedding

When it comes to one of the most important days of your life, it can be overwhelming to plan everything and make sure that your wedding is perfect. Here are things you need to consider when organizing your wedding.

There are wedding planners available to help you with organizing your wedding, but depending on your financial situation you may need to organizing your wedding everything yourself. 

That is why we have come up with six useful things to consider when you’re planning your wedding. 

The location 

The first and most important thing to consider is where you want your wedding event to take place. Are you looking to do it abroad or in a city that you find romantic? Or are you looking to stay close to home and get married in a cute registry or church nearby? 

You should always book the wedding location in advance, so that you do not face any disappointment. There are many wedding ceremonies happening at the same time and in order to make your dream, wedding come true, you should choose your location and set a date right away. 

The entertainment 

You need to find the right entertainment for your wedding. That can either be a live band, a wedding singer or a DJ. Zaffet Joseph Entertainment is one example that  is fully equipped to handle all of your entertainment needs. 

They stated, “We do not start at the reception. We will meet at the bride’s house to get everyone hyped up. After the two say, “I do,” then we have a zaffa celebration at the church as the bride and groom come out. We also have the zaffa at the reception to present the bride and groom as one for a grand entrance, and continue the zaffa throughout the night to keep the party fun!”

They can also continue the zaffa all the way to the exit to close out the party. They  are fully equipped with their sound system, and additional musicians including keyboard, percussionists and saxophones. They have performed with world-famous music artists at many weddings.

The guests

It’s important to have a clear plan of how many guests you would want at your wedding. If it’s a small, intimate wedding, then you should search for a location that’s suitable. However, if you are planning on going for a big wedding, you have to maintain the costs and finance for the wedding all together and adjust to the amount of guests that will be attending. 

You also have to decide if you want to let your guests bring plus ones or if it will be invitation only. That way you can get your guests to respond back to your invitations and you can organise a head count for the caterers that you’d be hiring. It can also help plan other parts of your wedding out accordingly, such as the seating area for your reception. 

The theme

What is exciting about planning your wedding or having a wedding planner is that you can brainstorm your own ideas for the theme of the wedding. 

The classic, traditional wedding is becoming less common, now that people are getting more creative and choosing wedding things on something that both the bride and groom love. The theme can be played out from the decorations to the choice of food and wedding cake. It can be a rustic theme or even a fantasy based theme such as Harry Potter. 


The flexibility 

Even though your wedding day is your special day, you also have to consider the flexibility of the location that you have chosen for your guests. It has to be accessible and not too expensive for your guests to travel to. 

If it’s going to be in another city or country, you have to make sure that there is accommodation available for your guests and transport that is reliable and at a fair price. 

The season

While setting the date is important, you have to consider which season you want to set it in. By choosing the season for your wedding, you can play with the theme such as it being a summer or spring themed wedding. 

Another point to add is that each season ranges in prices for accommodation, transportation, catering and venues. This can be useful for your budget planning. 

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