Why have building and pest inspection when buying a house?

pest inspection when buying a house

Buying a new house comes with all sorts of responsibilities, starting with the electrical system, plumbing, parts of the house that needs renovation, yard maintenance etc. Although, something that tends to be left behind and delayed is building and pest inspection. A new house may be filled with creepy crawlies like bugs, ants, cockroaches, wasp nests and more unimaginable creatures like rats and mice which spread around deadly diseases and pathogens. The first step should always be to hire a building and pest inspection team like Paragon Pest Management, which makes sure that the house is fit to live in for people of all ages and is not infested with dangerous bugs. 

Why should pest and building inspections be necessary?

Pest inspections and building inspections are increasingly getting recognised as an important step before the final purchase of a house. There could be any type of problems in the house such as building defects, structural damage and pest infections that have been dwelling in the building for a long period of time. These issues can turn out to be problematic if they are ignored in the long run and may cost the house owners a lot of bucks to get it repaired, relatively to the intensity of the damage. 

This is why pest control management team, like Paragon management and their highly skilled group of workers, make sure that they can help you throughout the process of building inspection and keeps your home safe from bugs and pests. 

Building inspectors work together and look closely for any time of deformity that could be present in the building, which real estate agents sell out to people who do not have any idea about the concept of how building inspection works. 

How does building inspection work? 

After the potential house owners have applied for a building inspection, they can expect the building inspectors to reach the house as soon as they can. The building inspectors then assess the building thoroughly from the nooks to the crannies. The building inspectors will then draft out a report of the pre-purchased house. As expected, the report will give the potential buyers all the information that they need before making a final offer for the house. The report will include defects such as, but not limited to: rising damp walls, cracked walls,  faulty roof, splintered stairs, broken floors etc. If these checks are delayed and not performed before the final purchase papers are signed, the buyer could see him/herself spending huge amounts of money on the house in the future. 

What are the benefits of pest inspection? 

Although building inspections cover most of the part of the house, for example, the interior and the exterior, but it does not cover the full details that go on in the house. This is why pest inspection comes in handy while going for a building inspection. Purchasing a home that has perfect walls and strong floors and ending up with a pest infestation in the house is alarming. Here are a few benefits of pest control

  • Knowing about the pests dwelling in the house 

Unimaginable types of rodents and bugs can be swarming around the house, and you should know everything before making a move to purchase the property. The pest inspectors will tell you all about what type of pests are in the house and the estimate of the money you will have to spend to treat the infestation in the house. The pest report will also give you an idea if the pest problem might return later. 

  • No more future expenses 

Buying a beautiful house and later realising that it is full of pesky pests could be the biggest regret of your life. This is why you should have a pre-purchase pest inspection done so that you do not have to worry about spending thousands of dollars in the near future on the house, again. The reports which are drawn by the inspectors will also give you a chance to negotiate with your dealer and give you a lead on the quality of work and money that the agent requires. 

  • Healthy life 

As it is known to all, pests can house thousands of diseases and pathogens on and in their body which they spread around while moving around the house, crawling over the kitchen table, glasses, plates etc. If the pests are not gotten rid of, they can turn out to be a real problem. Pest inspections make sure to tackle all the problems that are affected by the pests in the house, and you can use this report to get rid of them out of the house to live without potential diseases in the future. 

It is usual for people to panic when they buy a house from a real estate agent, and the house is full of damaged stuff and growing pests. This panic is valid. Taking smart and bold steps before purchasing a house is important, and this includes getting a building and pest inspection done by a professional management company.  


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