Frances de la Tour- Early Life, Marriage and More

Frances de la Tour

About Frances de la Tour 

A lot of people simply love the Actress Frances de la Tour. However, there is not much that people know about her. In this article, we will discuss and share everything that you need to know about Frances de la Tour. From her initial days as an actress to where and how she is living nowadays, we have tried to cover it all!

Frances has played various roles in diverse genres of movies. From a bit of action to a full-fledged drama, she has displayed her remarkable acting skills in various movies. She has even played various vital parts in theatre plays during her early days of acting.

Along with many hearts, Frances has won a lot of awards as well. Her tremendous acting in diverse genres of movies and plays has helped her to reach a global level of fame. There are a lot of Frances fans across the globe that are always waiting for her new work to come out. Here, we will discuss and share all the details regarding Frances de la Tour so that you know your favorite actress well!

How it all Began? 

Frances de la Tour

Fort Frances, it all began on July 30, 1944. This was the date when Frances was born in the small town of Bovingdon, England. Her paternal side had some strong roots related to France. That explains her name as well. Moreover, the family wanted to make her fall into the same French connection as they are. However, Frances wasn’t happy to do so. She did not feel like falling into the same loop as her paternal side by learning French and making her life all about it.

After a few years, France’s parents got divorced, and then she went on to live the rest of her life with her mother. She used to enjoy schooling and also sometimes indulge in poetry as well. Her mother could see her budding entering into poetry and other performing arts. Furthermore, she carried out to live and study like a regular student. After basic education, She chose to join a professional theater group in the 1960s.

Plays and Movies


After her enrollment in the Drama academy, Francis played various small roles and kept polishing her acting skills by playing diverse roles that she used to get. In the early days, Frances could not get any significant role to play, but remarkably, within the few years of her enrollment, she played some major roles in the plays that used to happen around her. Not only did she used to play significant roles, but Frances also used to bring out a whole new dimension, depth, and persona to the character that everyone loved and adored.

After years of plays and getting different kinds of roles, Frances de la Tour kept expanding her horizon. Eventually, she played the role of Ruth Jones in Rising Damp that marked her outstanding entry into the world of T.V. This helped her to catch the attention of many people that will eventually help her to use her action potential to the max. After this, she got various other roles that made Frances and her face quite friendly to the people of England.

More Details 

As she was into T.V. and was playing some fantastic roles in the theatre plays simultaneously, she got a lot of appreciation from the people. This is where she formed her fanbase. Moreover, she won her first award in the initial years only. This was for the role that Frances had played in a Hamlet play.

She continued to play various roles in T.V. shows and plays. At this time in the industry, there were various shows on the T.V. that were adaptations of popular plays. After various other roles and marvelous acts, she won her second award as well.

Slowly and steadily, she won many awards in both plays and T.V. shows as well. Then she took over the role of many prominent roles in movies as well. Harry Potter, Lady in the Van are some of her notable performances, to name a few. Let us discuss some of France’s major works below.

Prominent Performances  


Her comic timing and outstanding acting skills have made her reach remarkable heights in her career. Be it the role of Ruth Jones or any other movie that she has picked. Frances stuck the right cord of acting every single time. As she got famous for her English Comic roles and timings, she got more diverse roles throughout her career.

Slowly, she became a renowned face across the globe as she kept playing memorable roles right from the beginning.

Family & Personal Life

Frances de la tour

The versatile actress has tied the knot with Tom Kempinski, and later, they got separated. This was only after they produced offsprings of their own. Frances kept most of her marriage and motherhood life private. 

Even today, she keeps herself active with various movie approaches and majorly occupied with T.V. shows. Frances also takes up some significant roles that come into her way, but only if she is keen on the script.

5 Unknow Things About Frances de la Tour

It’s time to check out some amazing facts about Frances de la Tour that not many people are aware of. This will help you to know Frances better than before!

Almost in Dr Who 

Not many fans of Frances de la Tour are aware that she could have been in the famous Dr Who. Frances de la Tour was even considered for the role. But eventually, she never got to play it, but it was given to someone else.

Her Political Views 

Frances has been very vocal and supportive regarding her political views and ideas. Moreover, Frances is inclined towards the leftist ideology. Furthermore, she supports it thoroughly. Not many fans are aware of this fun fact about Frances de la Tour. Check out some fun facts about Jenny Slate as well! 

Frances and Broadway 

She had the chance to get herself on Broadway. It happened when the famous The History Boys got selected. This was one of the most prominent roles that she played. 

Frances and Her Father

As we mentioned earlier, her father wanted to make Frances all about France and induce all the French traditions and norms. He wanted this to happen desperately. He made her enroll in a school was French convent school. Her father wanted her to learn more about French culture. However, Frances was not so much into it. 

Shakespeare Company 

Only a handful of Frances fans know that Frances was a part of the Royal Shakespeare Company, where she did numerous plays. This is where she got a wonderful exploration and learned a lot about diverse acting. This was due to all the diverse roles that came her way.


1. What is Frances de la Tour known for?  

She is known for her roles in Harry Potter, Vicious, Rising Damp, and many other British TV shows and films.

2. How old is Frances de la Tour?

Frances de la Tour is currently 81 years old. 

3. What awards has Frances de la Tour won?

She won a BAFTA TV Award for her role in Spoonface and two Olivier Awards for her stage roles.

4. What type of roles does Frances de la Tour play?

She often plays eccentric or comedic characters in both drama and comedy productions.

5. What is Frances de la Tour’s net worth?

Frances de la Tour has an estimated net worth of $5 million.


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