different types of web hosting

It can get quite challenging for so many web companies to come up with different types of web hosting plans for your company.

With all the words like bandwidth, GB, and DNS, it’s easy to understand how someone who wants to start an online business and make money online will be easily frustrated. Reseller hosting services can turn into a very lucrative company with the right amount of commitment.

Reseller hosting companies like Linux Reseller hosting is where companies offer website space to other people or companies. The website reseller would acquire a vast cloud disk space and bandwidth from a data center vendor.

It would come at a lowered ‘wholesale’ cost, meaning they can earn a profit. They’re going to market this as a kit, including email.

Web hosting needs will get more challenging as the online company expands. In the online business’s start-up process, affordable web hosting plans are hard to come by.

Still, if the website starts to feel slow as it expands as the company gets more website traffic, it will be a smart move to start looking into sprucing up the webserver.

Even if it is only a start-up online company or if you are looking to move the online enterprise to the next stage, deciding what web hosting service to choose from will be quite tricky.

  • Share Web Hosting:

Shared hosting implies that the website is hosted on a server that some other websites share. The profit is the mutual expense of this setup.

They typically start with a shared hosting package to reduce costs when most individuals start an online company because they are not unlikely to get a lot of traffic initially.

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The most significant downside of a shared hosting account is that the other pages on the server share the same account and might affect the traffic. A very famous site could negatively influence the output on one’s own site. The most popular site on the server would be able to use the server for a low cost.

  • Reseller Web Hosting:

Hosting packages for resellers is simply a shared hosting account with additional resources to help the resell hosting space. Reseller packages come with better technical autonomy, software billing to assist one invoice customer, and other added advantages.

The advantages of reseller web hosting involve technical help for the management of the website, private name servers, and multiple free templates.

Reseller web hosting involves high-quality servers, and one can customize the website according to their budget. One of the best examples of reseller web hosting is Linux reseller hosting.

  • iCloud-Based hosting:

Cloud-Based hosting refers to a very modern hosting technology that requires hundreds of single servers to operate together to make it look like a massive server.

The premise is that the hosting provider will only add more commodity hardware to create an increasingly wider grid or server as the need increases.

The benefit of cloud-based web hosting is that the web hosting plan will handle the rise in traffic, rather than closing down the server, if it receives an extremely high website traffic volume.

This is the first argument that one can migrate from a shared hosting contract if the website is rising and attracting more traffic to the website.

  • Dedicated Web Server:
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It means renting a physical server from a hosting firm if you have a dedicated server. One doesn’t have to think about other websites on a common platform eating up the bandwidth with a dedicated server and slowing down the website.

If the online company expands into a platform that gets a lot of internet traffic, a dedicated server is typically the highest server one would need.

Although a dedicated server’s costs are considerably higher than pooled hosting, the organization would be at a stage where it can comfortably manage the required expenses of getting its own server, this will also ensure good ROI.

  • Managed WordPress Hosting:

WordPress is a growing web building platform. Many web hosting servers are offering managed WordPress hosting. Managed WordPress hosting is a service in which the WordPress installation is held up-to-date by the web hosting company.

It will help secure the website from security breaches that will allow hackers to access the website. WordPress is a great platform that will enable brand new and established businesses to take off.

Depending on the parent hosting provider, extra services such as domain name management, email features, and more may be provided. In some instances, being a one-stop-shop with all the client’s needs may enable them to stand out.



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