Eileen Gu’s parents: A Strong Support Behind the Olympian Snow Princess

Eileen Gu
A star performer

Eileen Gu is an Olympic gold medalist and grew up with a strong work ethic. Today, she is one of the well-known faces among young entrepreneurs in the fashion sector. Eileen is one of the most prominent names among women’s skiers. But for her career and accomplishments, Eileen gives credit to her parents. Eileen Gu may have earned a good name, and there is so much that youth can learn from her. But Eileen Gu’s parents have raised her to be successful, which is what she has become today. Here are a few things that you need to know about them.

Know more about Eileen Gu:

Eileen Gu

Before we move on to understand Eileen Gu’s parents, have a look at this wunderkind personality who has achieved many things at a young age.

Eileen Gu has set a fine example of globalism. She began her professional career as a skier. This fine athlete has excelled in this sport, whether it is a half pipe, slopestyle, or big air. Even though she was born in America, she competes in China. After her successful skiing career, many companies and brands sponsored her. Victoria’s Secret has also sponsored her. Today, she has a huge fan following, which is quite evident in her special media presence too. You might have even seen her in glossy ads for Tiffany and Louis Vuitton.

Birth Name

Eileen Feng Gu

Native Name

爱凌 (Gǔ Àilíng)

Nickname/ Popular Name

Snow Princess


20 Years (as of 2023)



Sun Sign/Zodiac Sign


Birth Place

San Francisco, California, U.S.

Date of Birth



She is both American and Chinese. Born and raised in San Francisco, California


San Francisco, California, U.S.

Home Town

San Francisco, California, U.S.

Food Habit



Playing Piano


Mother’s Name

Yan Gu (Chinese immigrant in US, former Peking University speed skater and ski instructor)

Father’s Name

Ray Sidney




San Francisco University High School


Stanford University (deffered untill 2022)

Educational Qualification



• Athlete


• Model

Skiing Profile



Extra Ordinary Features


Race / Ethnicity

She was born to a Chinese mother and American father.

Hair Color


Eye Color


S*xual Orientation


Dress Size

7 U.S.

Shoe Size

8 U.S.

Favourite Things

Favorite Car


Favorite Food

Chinese Food

Favorite Pet Animal


Favorite Cell Phone/Brand



Eileen Gu’s Parents and Family

Freestyle skier Eileen Gu's parents are given the credit for her success, million-dollar collaborations and endorsements

Many Chinese parents obsessively try to raise their children to be perfect and do everything possible to get children into elite universities. But in the case of Eileen Gu’s parents, things had been a little different. In fact, in one interview, Eileen Gu’s mother even said that she accidentally gave birth to a pro skier. Even if Eileen Gu is believed to have been raised by her mother, many people have pointed out her background, stating that she is from an elite Beijing family. With good connections and financial resources, rumors say her mother managed to build a life that led her daughter to enjoy opportunities between the two countries as compared to any other middle-class child.

Eileen Gu is her parent’s only child. Eileen Gu’s parents are presently both remarried. Her mother is a Chinese immigrant who graduated from Stanford University and was staying at home. Her father is an American and is speculated to have graduated from Harvard University. It is a lie that her father worked in a factory.

Eileen also has a grandmother, a well-educated woman, whom she calls the fiercest lady.  Eileen Gu’s grandmother is a science graduate from a prestigious university in Nanjing. Along with her excellence in academics, she was good at basketball too. Today, she is a retired senior engineer who worked in China’s Ministry of Transport Department. After her retirement, she decided to raise her granddaughter and moved to San Francisco. Eileen Gu was raised solely by her mother and grandmother in San Francisco.

Eileen Gu’s parents:

The parents of Eileen Gu are of both American and Chinese origin. They lived a simple middle-class life and raised Eileen, appreciating both American and Chinese cultures. Excelling at universities like Stanford and Harvard, Eileen Gu’s parents are known to be extraordinarily intelligent. This tells us Eileen Gu got her genes from her parents, as she scored nearly perfect on her SAT.

Eileen Gu’s Father

Upon asking in different interviews, Eileen Gu’s grandmother and mother had always been reluctant to talk about her father. But the speculation says that her father, Ray Sidney, is a Harvard graduate. He has also been a part of the XPRIZE Foundation’s Vision Circle.

Ray Sidney, born in 1969, is an American, but his occupation has always remained a mystery. There had been quite a lot of media buzz about her father, but she shared a picture with him and all speculation ended.

On Google, Ray’s information is mentioned as belonging to a known real estate tycoon who works with Sergey Brin. He is now a businessman in the entertainment, real estate, and hospitality industries too. Ray is also called Big George Ventures and owns a top home at the Ritz-Carlton apartment. He has got questioned about his paternity, but he always managed to shift the conversation and make himself the center of attention. But he acknowledged being the biological father of Eileen Gu.

Eileen Gu’s mother

Winter Olympics: Chinese freestyle ski star Eileen Gu's parents gives advice to parents hoping to raise a champion | The Star
Image source: stokedrideshop.com

Eileen Gu’s mother Yan Gu is a Chinese immigrant who is believed to have raised Eileen in San Francisco. Most of the time, Eileen is seen traveling with her mother to different locations. Yan Gu has also worked as a ski instructor at a resort located close to Lake Tahoe.

Yan Gu had been a brilliant student in her academic career. She finished her studies at Rockefeller University in molecular genetics and biochemistry. Later, she continued her education at Auburn University in biochemistry and molecular biology. Although she is presently a homemaker, during Eileen’s childhood, she worked as a China expert for a company named Fushion Investment.

Eileen Gu’s Popularity:

Eileen Gu earned her name and fame not just from her sports career but also from modeling. She has a vast social media following and has set a fine example for many young girls. When Eileen was two years old, her parents moved to the United States. She claims to be of dual ethnicity (Chinese and American) but has appealed to a wide demographic range. Even though she was born in America, she speaks Mandarin fluently.

She has over 1.5 million Instagram followers and over 5 million followers on Weibo, which is a Chinese microblogging service.

Ending Note:

Eileen Gu parents had always been very supportive of her career choices. She doesn’t speak much about her father, as she was raised by her mother. Even when she decided to switch her career from sports to acting, her family supported her decision. Eileen is very close to her parents and gives them credit for her achievements. In fact, in one interview, she even stated that her parents were her biggest fans.

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