Beijing Force Law on Hong Kong With National Security Law

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China will force the power of new security law over the city of Hong Kong. The details reported last Saturday said that there will be a huge change in the city’s path of life as the Chinese rule returns after 1997.

The security law planning has warned foreign officials of the government and democratic activists of Hong Kong. The concern for them was that Beijing is wearing down the absolute autonomy allowed to the boundaries of the city. The rules were levied after the British Empire was abolished.

News agency Xinhua reported that Hong Kong would set up a committee for safeguarding the law enactment. The committee’s head is leader Carrie Lam, which is supervised by the central government. The new prosecution and police force will look into the new law and enforce the legislation.

Reports on the new law

The city’s leader Lam will have the capacity to designate judges who will hear the cases about the new national security law. This unparalleled movement seems to demoralize many investors, leaders in the business world, and diplomats in the city of Hong Kong.

Presently senior judges assign judicial schedules to the independent system of the judiciary of Hong Kong. The University of Hong Kong’s law school’s professor and Barrister Simon Young said that the initial details of this law show an unparalleled question legally. The questions will confront the whole move in future years.

He also said that the wide predominance of the new security law over the present and future Hong Kong legislation had troubled him. Beijing and Hong Kong authority has given assurance to the investors that this law is not pervasive. They have insisted that the new law will not spoil the autonomy of the city. It would solely for those people who make trouble and pose a threat to the security of this nation.

Xinhua assured that freedom of speech assembly and human rights protection would be intact, supporting the statements of authorities of Beijing and Hong Kong.

The parliament of China had a three-day meeting with the deciding committee. Then they revealed the details. But it’s not known when the new security law will be enforced. The political speculators expect that it would come to force after the elections of the legislative council which is on September 6, 2020.

China is seeing growing national security problems from Hong Kong. The new law is going to tackle terrorism, foreign collusion, activities of separatists, insurgency. Detractors are afraid that it would destroy the high degree of freedom which is censorious according to some as the city is a worldwide financial hub.

Hong Kong residents oppose the new law

The details stated that residents of Hong Kong who are running for election or a government employee will have to take an oath of loyalty to this city, the basic law and its new small constitution.

The imposition of the law over Hong Kong bypassed the city’s legislation. It has come after almost a year since the protests happened against the government and Beijing. The local officials and mainland authorities have accused the foreign intruders of this instigating disturbance. 

The political detractors say the law is going to clinch Hong Kong’s historic return from the British government. It broke down the emotions of the residents and that is why most people are against the new law.

China assured full autonomy to Hong Kong at the time of transfer for 50 years. The move was the government’s formula of having two systems in one country.

The new security law legislation was a proposal of Beijing which took place last month. It was drawing reproach from the United States of America, Britain, and some other countries. However, China continuously told the governments of other countries to stay out of their internal matters.



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