Michael K. Williams Net Worth Before He Died

michael k williams net worth
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Michael K. Williams was an accomplished actor famous for his dynamic performances in film and television. He amassed a substantial net worth throughout his career thanks to his talent, hard work, and dedication to his craft. Williams is famous for his role as Omar Little on the critically acclaimed HBO series “The Wire” and his performances in movies such as “12 Years a Slave” and “Boardwalk Empire.” With a career spanning over two decades, Williams proved himself to be one of his generation’s most respected and accomplished actors. Today’s article will tell you about Michael K Williams Net Worth. So, keep reading to know.

Name Michael K Williams
Birth Date 22 November 1966
Age 55 Years Old
Birth Sign Scorpio
Nationality American
Profession Actor
Ethnicity Black
Known For Acting In Movies
Net Worth 8 Million Dollars
Height 5 ft 10 Inch
Weight 76 Kg

Michael K Williams Net Worth:

Michael K. Williams was a highly successful and accomplished actor, and as a result, he had a significant net worth throughout his career. Before dying, he had an approximate net worth of 8 million dollars.

Much of Williams’ net worth came from his work in television and film. Williams also made money through other ventures. He worked as a voice actor, lending his voice to video games and animated series. He was part of several commercials, and he did some modeling work.

Apart from his acting career, Williams is famous for his philanthropy. He is an ambassador for the non-profit organization “Save the Children”, which helps children in need worldwide. He also actively supports organizations that promote education and mentorship for young people.

Michael K. Williams had a significant net worth through his successful acting career, other ventures, and philanthropic efforts. He is considered one of his generation’s most respected and accomplished actors, and his net worth reflects his success and hard work in the entertainment industry. After knowing Michael K Williams Net Worth, let’s know some other things about him.

Early Life:

Michael K. Williams was born on 22 November 1966, in Brooklyn, USA. Additionally, He grew up in a family of artists, his mother being a dancer and his father a professional boxer. Williams had a challenging childhood, as his father struggled with drug addiction, and his mother passed away when he was just a teenager. Despite this, he found a passion for the performing arts, which changed his life. He attended George Westinghouse Career and Technical Education High School and later enrolled at the National Black Theatre in New York City.

michael k williams net worth
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He was heavily involved in his high school’s drama program and began performing in local theatre productions. After graduating high school, he studied acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City. After completing his studies, Williams began working as a professional actor in the early 1990s. 


Michael K. Williams was an American actor famous for his roles in critically acclaimed television shows and films. His journey to the entertainment industry was not a traditional one. Growing up, he had to support his family financially, so he took on a job at a pharmaceutical company at quite an early age. However, he quickly realized his true passion was in the performing arts, particularly dance. He decided to quit his job and pursue his dream of becoming a professional dancer. He began his career in the early 1990s, appearing in small roles on various TV shows and films.

In 2002, Williams landed his breakout role as Omar Little on the HBO series “The Wire.” The character, a gay stick-up man who robs drug dealers, quickly became one of the show’s most popular and iconic figures. His portrayal of Omar earned him some award nominations.

After “The Wire” ended in 2008, Williams continued to work in television and film. He had a recurring role on the HBO series “Boardwalk Empire” as Chalky White, a powerful Atlantic City bootlegger. He also appeared in movies such as “Inherent Vice.” and “12 Years a Slave.” 

In 2016, Williams starred as the lead in the HBO crime drama series “The Night Of”, which earned him an Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie. He was also in “Blackbird” and “The Two Gentlemen of Verona” productions at the Public Theater in New York City.

With his talent and hard work, Michael K. Williams has established himself as one of his generation’s most respected and accomplished actors. His performances were praised by critics and audiences alike, and his dedication to his craft has earned him a reputation as one of the most talented and versatile actors working today.

Michael K. Williams has had a very successful career in the entertainment industry, with several memorable roles in critically acclaimed television shows, films, and stage productions.

Physical Appearance:

Michael K. Williams is famous for his distinctive physical appearance, standing at the height of 5 ft 10 inches or 178 cm and weighing 76 kg or 167.5 lbs. Additionally, He is of Black ethnicity and famous for his facial scar, which he received in a fight as a teenager. However, This scar became a signature feature of his character Omar Little in the critically acclaimed HBO series “The Wire”. His striking looks and impressive physique have contributed to his ability to bring intensity and realism to his performances on screen. Williams has always been very conscious of his physical appearance, maintaining a healthy diet and workout regimen, which helped him to maintain his physique throughout his career.


The death of Michael K. Williams in September 2021 came as a shock to the entertainment industry and his fans. The talented actor was found dead in his apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, by his nephew on September 6, 2021, at 54. On September 24, 2021, the NYC Office of Chief Medical Examiner confirmed that Williams died of a combination of fentanyl, p-fluoro fentanyl, heroin, and cocaine and ruled the death by overdose. Additionally, His private funeral was held at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Cathedral in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where his mother lives.

michael k williams net worth
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In February 2022, police arrested four men regarding Williams’ death. Despite the tragic circumstances of his passing, Michael K. Williams’ legacy lives on through his performances and his impact on the entertainment industry and the people who knew him.


How Much is Michael K Williams Net Worth?

Michael had an approximate net worth of 8 million dollars before he died.

Where was Michael born?

Michael K. Williams was born in Brooklyn, New York City, United States.

What is the height and weight of Michael?

He had a height of 5 ft and 10 inches and 76 kg weight.


In conclusion, Michael K. Williams was a talented and successful actor who had a successful career in the entertainment industry. Before dying, Michael K Williams Net Worthwas 8 million dollars. Throughout his career, he appeared in numerous films and television shows, earning critical acclaim for his performances. Although his death was a tragedy, his legacy lives on through his performances and impact on the entertainment industry. However, He will be remembered as a gifted actor with a unique and powerful presence on screen. Despite his passing, Michael K Williams will continue to be a source of inspiration for aspiring actors and his fans alike. Lastly, tell us in the comments which movie of Michael is your favorite.


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