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Lash Blossom Expands Second Salon at Double Bay Sydney

Lash Blossom Expands Second Salon at Double Bay Sydney

 After experiencing tremendous success and a warm welcome from the Sydney community in regards to our flagship Lash Blossom store, we have decided to expand into a second location, making it easier for people everywhere to access our lash extensions salons. This week, we opened our doors, and greeted the community, sharing with them our Lash Blossoms salon promises, services, and ongoing support to all of our clients.This blog belongs Lash Blossom Expands Second Salon at Double Bay Sydney.

 Double Bay.

As part of the Double Bay community, you can count on low-maintenance eyelash solutions, helping you to feel your very best every single day. We guarantee you’ll love your new lashes immediately as the appointment wraps up, wanting to schedule your new appointment to ensure your lashes are continuously voluminous and hard-to-ignore.

 Right in the heart of Double Bay, we wanted to accommodate a growing number of our clientele that need multiple locations to fit their busy schedules.

 What Do We Offer?

We are committed to providing premium mink, individual, and semi permanent lash extensions that work in conjunction with the shape and layout of your gorgeous face. We don’t believe that your lashes should detract from your appearance; we think they should instead enhance your natural features in a way that is effortless. 

 We specialize in:

  • Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions: Are you dissatisfied with the appearance of your lashes? You don’t have to settle for that anymore. Whether your lashes are small, short, or unnoticeable, we can help you select lashes that are perfect for your face. Our facial observation skills help us identify what is right for you and your appearance.
  • Eyebrow Design Services: Eyebrows can totally change the appearance of your face, which is why you want perfectly sculpted, thick, and noticeable brows that make you look like a beauty queen. We work with you to select an eyebrow shape and color that you want, completely changing your beauty routine forever. Now you can get up, roll out of bed, and already look like a million bucks.
  • Microblading: Wish you had more hairs in your eyebrows? With microblading, we can completely change your natural brow appearance by instilling even more eyebrow hairs. It’s a naturally radiant look that no one can take away from you.
  • Eyebrow Tattoo Services: If you’re ready for permanent brows that will last a lifetime, inquire about our eyebrow tattoo services, available today.

 Where Are We Located?

You can find our new salon at 2/1 Transvaal Ave, Double Bay NSW. We are calling on all lovely women to stop in our studio and take a look at what we can offer you.

 In order to ensure you are totally happy with your new beauty appearance, we have consultations prior to your appointments so we can work together to agree on what should be done. That way, there is nothing new or surprising when the service is complete!

 Our Lash Blossom team is a group of experienced, dedicated, creative, and passionate women. We are very excited to be opening a second location, officially open!!


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