New Window Cleaning Technologies


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New Window Cleaning Technologies.Almost every sphere of life out there has now benefited from technological advancements. And window cleaning is no exception. With top-notch technical equipment, window cleaning has now become an easy, effortless task. Thanks to the modern-age, advanced equipment, cleaning windows is no longer a mundane, tedious task. Instead, this task is now faster and a lot more fun to do.  Despite this, many people would prefer to hire a professional window cleaner as they do not have the time or the inclination to clean their own.  For that reason many choose to find their perfect hepler at Helpling to clean their windows.

Let’s find out all about the latest technological advancements in window cleaning:

Water-fed Poles

Considering the risks of cleaning windows at heights, the water-fed poles are indeed a blessing in disguise. For decades, telescopic poles have been used for outdoor cleaning of windows. The fact that telescopic poles can reach a height of only 24 feet was a major drawback of this equipment. The question of how to clean the windows above 24 feet kept lingering until the advent of water-fed poles.

With these extendable poles, you no longer need a ladder to clean the windows high above. With no requirement of chemicals or added window cleaning solutions, the water-fed pole is enough to keep windows sparkly clean from the outsides.

The poles are made of carbon fiber and are incredibly lightweight and durable. Five times stronger than steel, these water-fed poles have significantly improved the ease and efficiency of cleaning windows at heights.

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Many countries have restricted the use of ladders, forcing window cleaners to figure out different, more feasible options to keep the business going. In such a scenario, the water-fed poles are a safe rescue to get spotlessly clean windows.

Window Spraying Drones

The coolest piece of technology, the window spraying drones, is indeed an exciting introduction to the window cleaning industry. The drones are fed water from a long hose that remains connected to the ground. The drone then flies up to the windows of tall buildings, giving them a proper wash.

A lot faster than their human counterparts, window cleaning robots are built to deliver crystal clear windows. It also adds to the safety of the window washers, as they do not have to risk their lives to clean windows at higher levels. All they have to do is manage the hose and control the drone, and their job is done.

The good part about these drones is that they double up as safety equipment during fires too. This feature makes drones even more useful.

The cleaning requirements of windows are unique– while you can easily clean windows in your home, commercial high-rise buildings require professional window cleaning services. And this is exactly where this technologically advanced equipment is of great help.

The professional window cleaning industry has always been on the lookout for ways and means to make their work a lot more efficient and safe at the same time. With this modern equipment, window cleaning is safer and can also be done in a lot less time.  And don’t forget, if you wish to hire a professional window cleaner then try Helpling today!