Most Expensive State to Live in The United States of America

most expensive state to live in

The Most Expensive State to Live in and More Details

Many of us often wonder, what is the most expensive state to live in the United States, and what makes it so expensive? In this article, we will talk about all of this and more so that you know which state is the costliest to live in. Moreover, if you plan to relocate to some other city or state, you should be aware of this list!

As we know, the United States of America is a diverse country. Every state has its own story to tell, and every city is a unique book waiting for you to read it. That is why the list of the most expensive state is so diverse and essential to you. Besides knowing the state’s cost to live in, one should also see why a particular condition is so expensive.

More details

Let us know how we have narrowed down the factors that calculate a state’s cost of living. We do it based on the cost of living in that state. In this, factors like food prices, house prices, government charges, taxes all things are all covered. However, understanding these states on the list shows that how you live and how much you spend on items is entirely your choice. By living or moving into a new state based on this list won’t cost you more!

Check out the great list which takes you from the least expensive state to the most expensive one! Make sure to check out the number one most expensive state to live in! 



This is the last state mentioned in the list, but it is definitely not the least on. Maine is a famous state for business and other commercial purposes. This is calculated by keeping the rental, property, state economy, and other socio-economic things in place; like every other state, not all cities that the state has equal economic strength. Hence, some prominent cities have a stronghold over the entire state. However, the remaining towns and small towns contribute what they can to the scenario. The price parity of this state is around 98.4.

However, keep in mind that this figure is dynamic, and it can fluctuate and change with time.

Pennsylvania (Same P.P. as above)

This state shares the same price parity as Maine. It is one of the fast-developing states in the United States of America. Even though there are various economically diverse cities in the United States of America. Most of them are not doing well when you check the overall graph. But, when we talk about the state in totality, it is keeping up quite well as compared to the other states. Moreover, this has a beautiful future in the sectors of real estate and commercial business. So if you are thinking of moving to Pennsylvania, don’t hesitate to go ahead with it!


Another developing state in the list! As we all know, Illinois is a great state that has a lot of scenic beauty and infrastructure in it. These tall and sky-touching buildings promise a bright future for all the residents that resides in them. The P.P. or price parity of this state is 98.9. If you want to move out of this state for a better cost of living, then you can. This is because all the significant changes that may come into the state will take a long while!

Rhode Island


Rhode Island is a populated and busy state in the United States of America. It has been adding to the economic strength of the nation for a lot of years. There are many companies like parasitical and other big brands that are slowly planning to invest in Rhode Island as they can see the long-run potential of the state. The bright future makes it a strong contender on the list of the most expensive state to live in! 

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Grabbing the next spot with 99.7 P.P. is the much-beloved state of Florida. Florida is a famous state not only in the U.S. but also all across the globe. The social and economic structure of the place invites all sorts and groups of people. Since the rush of people coming and going from the state is having a constant flow. Florida has managed to flourish and prosper quite well in the last few years. Even the entertainment industry has made its mark there in the past few years. That is why we can see a state like Florida constantly growing and prospering. If you want to shift to this state, you have to check your rental and property prices as they can be relatively more than what you might expect.


The good old state of Oregon takes the Fifteenth sport. It has a P.P. of 99.8, which can be considered a handsome number if you compare the overall condition with it. Moreover, the state lies on the west coast of the United States that gives it the upper hand. The upper-hand is because of all the trade and economic boost you get with it. One can think of relocating to Oregon, but they have to keep the rental and property prices in mind. This will help you to avoid any economic shock and instability you,


This state is also on the list of one of the most expensive states to live in. Coming with a price parity of 100.2, this state promises a lot of economic support to the country. At the same time, the cost of the rental and property expense is quite as compared to the other state in the U.S. Having the 100.2 price parity also shows that the per capita income of the state is also relatively high. One has to earn a hefty amount of money monthly to survive and prosper there. Let’s check out the other conditions mentioned in the list of the most expensive state to live in.



Vermont hits a high bar when it comes to price parity with a score of 101.6. This number is relatively high if you compare it with all the other states around. One of the main factors responsible for this kind of price parity in the land there. Be it a rental or a permanent one. The land of this state is costly. That this why a lot of people hesitate to move to this state. However, if you manage to earn a decent amount per month, then you can survive easily there.


Virginia has a lot of great college students and other educational departments that make this state quite popular with the young ones. This classy state has a price parity of 102.3. Along with some significant historical involvement, this state also has the benefit of being on the shore. Moreover, this state also has a unique national park, which adds to the tourism of the state.


most expensive state to live in

This state stands firm on the list with a purchasing parity of 103. Moreover, the land and real estate of the region is booming and growing in the last few years like never before as it makes a stronghold on the list of the most expensive state. Colorado and its capital Denver also has managed to add an immense amount of economic gain to the entire country. All the major companies and firms slowly investing in this beautiful state shows that it has a bright future that we all will see. Moreover, have a significant amount of per capita income helps all the residents of this state to manage the high-costing price.


Alaska has the P.P. or the purchasing power of 105. This makes it an outstanding contender on our exorbitant list. Moreover, this state is known for the significant amount of commercial business, as many firms and companies have large amounts of investment in it. Moreover, the state’s per capita income also helps all the residents earn and live a life with the utmost standards.

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All know that Washington is one of the most significant states of the whole United States of America. The form that houses the president and the government offices has a mass flow of people coming and going from within and outside the country. This state has managed to keep up with the price parity of 105.5. This is an extraordinary level of price parity when compared to all the other states in the U.S.A.

New Hampshire

This state has recently climbed up the list of the most expensive state with a price parity of 105.9. The new and booming business helped this state to climb the list quite fast. Moreover, this state is expected to rise even quicker, looking at all the recent developments that took place in this state.


most expensive state to live in

Massachusetts has a price parity of 107.8. This is despite the large number of universities and colleges that it holds. Even with this high price parity, this state has managed to keep up well with the per capita income. This is because it is not a new state on the list. For a very long time, Massachusetts has been in the top ten of such plans because of its rich history and cultural influence. As the history and culture prospered, more and more people came in. With the people reached their business, and now we can see how outstanding that has turned out to be.


We all know the deep connection of Connecticut with the history. This connection with account has now been very fruitful for the economy of the state. It has a price parity of o108.7. This means that this state’s per capita income is also relatively high with the historic importance and more business ventures opening every now and then. This state has made a strong mark on the map!


A lot of people might be surprised to see this on the list. But in reality, Maryland has a high price parity of 109.5. This is because of the vast number and kinds of business it is involved in. Maryland has been suiting a lot of companies and businesses for a long time. Many people count it as one of the poshest states as well. Check out other random facts about various cities as well! 

New Jersey 


Making the entry at number 4 on our list is New Jersey. This state has a price parity of 113.2. This is a busy state that is filled with all kinds of business and economic activities. Hence, having this on the list is no surprise to anyone. We expect this state to go higher in the list, looking at all the developments that it has gone through.


As expected, California is number three on the list. It has a price parity of 114.4. This is an excellent level of price parity. This might get a bit too costly for the people living there, but then again, their per capita income balances it off quite well. This state is famous for all sorts of business. Even the entertainment industry is quite prevalent here. A lot of M.N.C.s also have their headquarters here by looking at the potential it holds.

New York

most expensive state to live in

You thought New York was number one, right? Well, no! New York ranks second in most expensive state in the United States of America list. It has a price parity of 115.6. You’ll have to read along more to find the top condition that is too costly to live in compared to all the other states. However, we all expected New York to be up; there is the list. This is because of multiple reasons. First of all, we all know the type of business that new york holds. Not only in the states, but this state is famous and known for its large and boosting economy across the globe.



Yes, you read that, right! Hawaii is the most expensive state in the United States of America! This state has a price parity of 118.4. To all our surprise, this state has managed to get up there on the list! Now, there are several reasons for this.