Vertical Ridges On Nails- Cause and Easy Treatment in 2021

vertical ridges on nails

About Vertical Ridges on Nails

Want to know some details about the vertical ridges on nails? Well, in this article, we will talk about this and a lot of information regarding your nail health, so continue reading! Have you ever looked at your nails and wondered what those vertical ridges on nails are? Here we will discuss all the details about those ridges.

Your nail health is very important to you. Not many of us know that your nails can sometimes be a great indicator of your good health. However, most of the time, those ridges, lines, or any other normal pattern you see on your nails is pretty much harmless.

Still, there can be a lot more than just randomness behind all the nail ridges or the overall health of the nails.

More Details About Nails

Have you ever wondered what your nails are made up of and what their purpose is of being a part of your body? Well, nails are made up of a sort of protein that we call keratin. It is the same element that is a major part of your hard and skin. Moreover, they are present in our bodies as a part of evolutionary development. That means that as we evolved, we have had them in order to protect the edges of our fingers.

Nowadays, it is commonly used as a fashion statement for a lot of people. As the nails act as an open canvas where you can paint the style you want. This way, the nail helps you to describe yourself even better.

Now, let us look into some of the details of why and what causes those vertical ridges on our beautiful nails. Moreover, in the latter part of the article related to nails, we will also discuss you can prevent and get rid of those verticle lines easily.

Why does it happen?

A lot of us might be wondering why those vertical lines on nails appear. Well, in general, there is nothing serious about your health when these lines appear on your nails. Mostly, they are just normal lines that appear due to the aging factor of us. This is the most common reason due to which these vertical ridges are present on our nails.

Overall, this is just a simple change that comes along with age. As aging brings a lot of changes to our body, the changes to the fingernails are one of them. This is due to the fact that there is a skin layer beneath the nails as we know that the skin reflects age instantly. Be it a loss, wrinkles, or anything else. We can easily see the age of the body on the skin. Hence, just like that, the nails are no different.

More Details

One of the other reasons that can cause the nails to have vertical lines is that the body might have some kind of deficiency. It can be due to any deficiency. Be it of iron or of other vital vitamins. If your body is lacking some major nutrition, that can also cause your nails and skin to suffer. Even the hair can be a good indicator of such things. That is why it is important to have a complete diet to ensure that you have no deficiencies.

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Horizontal Lines on Nails?

Another kind of line that can be seen on the nails is the horizontal ones. They are a bit different than the vertical ones as the reason that they appear can be a bit more complex. Usually, when these horizontal lines appear on the nails, it can be due to the various underlying diseases. So it is important that you visit or consult a professional if anything bothers you with the horizontal lines. However, you should not worry when you see them.

We have discussed some of the things that you can do to make the situation better for you and the health of your nails. Try out these things that can help out the situation. These remedies can be tried out by you but keep in mind that if anything is bothering you or you have some sense of pain in your nails, you should consult a doctor on an immediate basis.

What Can You do?

Never Let Them Dehydrate

vertical ridges on nails

As per the health professionals, you have to keep them moisturized. This is a wonderful remedy for the health of your nails. You can use a good or essential oil to keep the moisture levels up. You can even apply regular skin moisturizer on a daily basis to keep the nails shiny and healthy. Be it your skin or your nails, keeping them dry will surely affect the health of either of them. Even for your hair, oil is a wonderful option to keep them healthy. Oil is the best way to keep your nails or hair moisturized. Moreover, they provide you with the vital vitamins that you need in order to stay healthy and glowing.

Different oils have different properties, so make sure that you know about the different oils and their properties before you start applying them on a daily basis. Moreover, make sure to apply the cream or oil regularly. Without it, you won’t be able to see any noticeable difference.


A lot of us don’t realize this, but our nails are exposed to a great level of dirt on a regular basis. They are prone to carry germs and other illnesses every day. So it is important to keep the nails and insides of nails clean at all times. We might think that just simply washing our hands can do the job perfectly, but that’s not the case. We need to do much more than just a simple hand wash to keep them clean. So make sure that you clean them weekly with warm water and file them regularly. Having long nails also makes it hard to clean them. So keep them short and be regular with the cleaning routine.

Stop Playing With Them!


If you have a habit of chewing and biting them, then please get rid of this annoying habit. The biting or nipping them on a daily basis will make them weak and harms the shape them as well. So try to keep them out and away from your mouth at all times. Besides the harm that you will end up doing to your nails, it’s not good for your health as well. That is because, when you put it in your mouth, you take up all the germs in it. These germs or bacterias can cause serious stomach issues. For example, you can have diarrhea or an upset stomach because of it.

File or Buff Your Fingernails

This point is a vital one. Suppose you have a problem with vertical lines on your nails. You can use this point easily. Even if you have a shabby pair of fingernails, you can use a good nail filer or a buffer to solve this problem. They can help to trim and shine your nails. This comes under the general care for your nails. Even if you don’t have the problem of lines on your nails, the buffing or filing will help you to shape and beautify your nails easily.

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Let Them Grow Naturally

One of the major mistakes that people make with their fingernails is that they don’t take care of the cuticle of their nails. One has to let their nails grow freely without any interference. This will help your nails to grow naturally without any problem. The cuticle is an important part of your nail structure. If your cuticle is damaged or not in good form, the fingernails will be affected.

Keep ’em, Dry!

Another important factor that adds to your nail’s good health is water exposure. You have to keep a check on it. Try to limit the water that touches your fingernails. Moreover, if you have a frequent use of water, try using gloves. Another way to tackle this problem is that you can wipe them off-dry as soon as your job is done. This way, you can prevent your nails from getting wet without any problems.

You can use good quality oils to keep your nails hydrated. Keeping them dry for too long also is no good. It is important to strike a perfect balance of moisture in your nail in order to keep them healthy and beautiful.

Do’s and Don’ts of Diet

This point may shock some people, but it true. Your diet can have a huge impact on how your nails look and how they turn out to be. If you have vertical ridges nails, that means you have some deficiency. This lack of vitamins and minerals affect the entire body. Just like you do for hair, you have to do the same for your nails. Make sure that you have a healthy diet. By healthy, we mean to keep a balance of the things you eat. Try to induce some fruit juices in your day. Also, eat some dairy products daily to get those missing minerals.

Try Medication

If the problem with your nails keeps on persisting, then you can go and consult a doctor. There are various pills and medicines that can help you to form good and healthy nails. These medications are not meant for everyone, so make sure that you have a prescribed medicine before you go buying them. These medications might help you to grow some healthy and shiny nails.

Manicure Might Help!

vertical ridges on nails

Yes! That’s right! You can go for a manicure, and that might help you to get the amazing looking nails that you are looking for. Get a good manicure regularly and see the difference. This will help you to get the good quality nails that you are looking for. Moreover, a manicure is great for hygiene as well. A good manicure will help you to get rid of all the germs that you carry under your nails. So make sure that you get on frequently.

Easy With The Paints

Another factor that might affect the health and quality of your nails is the polish that you put on. So make sure that you don’t go overboard with the nail paints. Moreover, try using a good quality nail paints when you choose to apply one. It is not bad to put on a polish, but if you overdo it, then you might cause some harm to the health of your nails.

Go Natural

Last but not least, don’t overuse any chemicals or oils. Let them be natural for a while. This will help them to grow easily and naturally. If the nails grow naturally, it will give a wonderful look and feel. If you use a lot of chemicals on your nails or the cuticle, then you might hinder its natural growth and look. So just eat right and let nature do its magic.