Is The Largest Local TV Station Blackout In History On The Way?

Local TV Station Blackout

Nexstar Media Group, the largest local broadcast station owner in the United States, has pulled all of their channels from DISH Network TV and DISH Latino TV. If they follow through with this blackout for an extended period of time, customers will be facing the largest channel black out in history.

The Largest Blackout In History Could Be Happening Now

Some say we are experiencing the largest blackout in history now! Nexstar Media Group and DISH Network have failed to make a new agreement and Nexstar has blacked out all their channels for DISH customers. So far, it appears they have a complete stalemate. The broadcast giant is trying to use their market dominance and guilt tactics including exploiting the coronavirus to demand over $1 billion in fees for their television channels. Both companies have been blaming the other and it’s unclear when this dispute could end. Nexstar and DISH have been in contract negotiations since the summer.

Who Is Affected From This Blackout?

Nexstar Media Group has pulled all 164 of their local channels from 120 markets across 42 states. No one knows how long the blackout will be in effect, but it is unlikely that both companies will not reach some sort of agreement soon. It’s not in Nexstar Media Group nor DISH Network’s best interest to let this blackout continue on.


When traditional pay TV companies and channel companies argue over money, their customers lose every single time. Unfortunately channel blackouts have become a common negotiating tactic over rate disagreements with increasing frequency. Channel blackouts from broadcasters on all providers have increased, not just DISH Network and have been trending up over the past decade with what appears to be no end in sight.

Switching your TV provider now won’t ensure you won’t experience a different blackout later either. DISH Network along with other large TV providers like DirecTV, Verizon FiOS and Charter Spectrum have all had channel disputes from time to time. These disputes happen when their current contracts with broadcasters will expire in the very near future. When it’s time to renegotiate, it’s common for broadcasters to ask for rate increases. Rate increases and negotiating are expected by both parties involved, but no TV provider will agree to outrageous rate increases that will harm their customers. If they did agree to such high rate increases, TV providers would have to pass that additional increase to their customers and no provider wants to alienate their customers like that.

You Can Still Watch Football & Your Favorite TV Shows

While Nexstar Media Group and DISH Network duke it out, you’re not completely out of luck when it comes to watching football or your favorite shows. To get your local channels now you can use an over the air antenna, Locast, NFL app, Yahoo Sports app and CBS All Access app. We are sorry to report that all of these options will cost some money, but it will be minimal and ensure that you still have access to watch what you want.


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