Keep Fit: 7 Tips for Healthy Eating while Traveling

Healthy Eating while Traveling

Traveling is the key to new discoveries and experiences, but often in the pursuit of vivid emotions we forget about healthy eating, enjoying a hot dog from a nearby kiosk. In this article, you will know about 7 Tips for Healthy Eating while Traveling to keep fit.

Yes, our main occupation during the trip is visiting places of interest and trying out various activities. For example, you have picked up a Pittsburgh car rental and want to have an incredible trip to the USA. You will surely make a list of interesting sights you want to visit, but you will most likely forget to take care of where and what you will eat. Of course, with Pittsburgh car rental you can find a large number of places serving good food at a great price, because a rented vehicle gives you freedom of movement wherever you go.

This all suggests that a healthy diet on the trip is a pretty hot topic. It’s very important for the body, and even during the trip it’s imperative to ensure that you receive a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals.

Well, how to eat while traveling so as to maintain good digestion and a sense of lightness? Check out the simple tips and follow them on your next journey!

1. Don’t overeat in flight

Special meals on board an airplane are a free service for most airlines on regular flights. Vegetarian food, fruit, or gluten-free dishes: the variety of types of food depends on the airline, and the list of dishes – on the departure point. During the flight, it’s always better to drink more water. 

Coffee, tea and alcoholic drinks contribute to dehydration, and if you add dry air to the plane, our body experiences even more stress. It’s better to stock up in advance with a large bottle of drinking water. 

2. Pay attention to Eco and Organic products

Not all products with Eco or Organic labels are much better than those that don’t. Often the very atmosphere of bio-shops creates the feeling that all the products on the shelves are extremely useful. But even in the most environmentally friendly and organic products, refined sugar, refined flour or palm oil can be included.

No matter how promising the inscriptions on the packaging may sound, it’s always recommended to read the composition. The list of ingredients is the main thing you need to know before buying any product.

Organic products

3. Drink green juices and smoothies for energy and good digestion

Today, in almost all megacities of the world, the trend for freshly squeezed juices and natural smoothies is actively developing. A bottle of green juice always helps to add a portion of the necessary minerals, vitamins, antioxidants to the travel diet and gives strength for long walking routes.

Nut milk smoothies with berries, fruits, and superfoods are an excellent source of vegetable fiber, which contributes to good digestion and therefore better health during long flights and changing time zones.

Choose juices and smoothies with a shelf life of no longer than 72 hours. They shouldn’t contain refined sugar, preservatives or cow’s milk.

Healthy Eating while Traveling

4. Prepare for a trip

If you collect the recommendations of friends and look for information on the Internet, you can get an impressive list of excellent healthy cafes and restaurants. In case you don’t eat gluten, look for sites and forums where locals and travelers share the names and addresses of gluten-free cafes.

Also, you can find profiles of recommended places on Instagram – it will be easy to understand from the pictures of dishes and the interior whether it’s worth including this place in your list or not.

5. Eat nut bars instead of fast food

Very often during short trips you don’t want to spend a lot of time searching for a good place to eat. But street fast food, sweet yoghurts and pastries are far from the best option. Try to stock up on natural nut bars, which are always convenient to take with and have a bite in a taxi, park or in the queue to the museum.

These bars can be bought at most health food stores. It’s better that the composition contains only nuts, seeds and dried fruits – without the addition of sugar, fructose and wheat flour.

Healthy Eating while Traveling

6. Talk to the waiters

Does this pumpkin cream soup have flour? Is this vegetable soup cooked in meat broth? What else is included in the ingredients of this salad?

If you ask the right questions to the waiter, the likelihood of a miss in the choice of dishes is significantly reduced. You can immediately indicate your preferences – Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, and Lactose-Free. And don’t hesitate to go away if there is nothing suitable in the menu.

Talk to the waiters

7. Use the hotel’s kitchen

If your hotel room is equipped with a kitchen, take the great opportunity to cook something tasty and healthy at least once a day. This can be a large salad of local seasonal vegetables and a side dish of your favorite cereal, baked vegetables or vegetable soup. Cook something that doesn’t require much time and effort, but will be an excellent portion of healthy fiber, vitamins and minerals.



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