The Top Eight Health Perks Of More Parks

Health Perks More Parks

Years of extensive research show us that parks and gardens, or green plantations in general, contribute to our physical and mental well-being. The study also highlighted how parks play a critical role in avoiding chronic diseases most city dwellers face, such as respiratory diseases, diabetes, heart problems, etc. As a result, parks are now considered a vital health solution to the overuse of concrete in urban planning.

Keeping this in mind, the following are some of The Top Eight Health Perks Of More Parks and green spaces.

  1. Parks encourage people to exercise

Exercise is essential for our physical well-being. But people often lack the energy to exercise due to multiple reasons, including the lack of a gym nearby or just being lazy enough to not go to one.

Having a park near residential areas encourages people to exercise more and partake in activities with their friends and family. Even a casual stroll in the park is more beneficial than sitting in your living room or lying in your bed during your free time. The fresh air not only refreshes you, but provides several health benefits as well.

When you see people exercising, you will be motivated to get up and exercise along with them. Walking, jogging, cycling, or playing some sport like soccer; any activity will benefit your health.

  1. An excellent place to socialize 

Being crammed up in our homes leaves little room for socializing unless you go out to party. But going to a park is an easy way to socialize and make friends with people who live nearby. Many parks now hold community activities, like outdoor yoga, aerobic, dance classes, etc. You can join some of these classes and stay active while socializing and meeting new people. The interactions can be pretty healthy for our mental health and personal life. Who knows, you might end up finding someone special.

  1. Parks help build flourishing, safe, and healthy neighborhoods

Advancements in healthcare education have led to a dramatic awareness of community health. As more professionals with relevant degrees such as an online MPA (Master’s in Public Administration) sign-up for administrative jobs, the outlook towards parks and the benefits they provide to the community also changes. These professionals recognize the recreational benefits of parks and understand the importance of aesthetic spaces in communities. It increases property value in the vicinity and attracts people to that specific area. Not only does the real estate market thrive, but it also helps to build safer neighborhoods and healthy communities based on principles of collectivism.

  1. Parks improve your mood

The stress of daily life doesn’t let us catch a break. But sometimes, we must detach ourselves and take some time out for the sake of our mental health. As compared to exercising indoors, meditative walking in an outdoor green space is known to have positive psychological effects. Strolling amid an abundance of greenery is bound to improve your mood and make you happy. It acts as a positive change from the regular city environment of roads, buildings, and pollution. Even a short walk in the park a few days a week can change your outlook on life drastically.

  1. Stress reduction

Stress is one of the most significant factors that lead to mental health and physical health issues. Long-term stress is said to contribute to a weak immune system, stomach problems, etc. But parks work as a natural remedy to this problem. Taking some time out of your routine just to relax in the park when your stress levels are high can improve your mental health.

  1. Better mental functioning at the workplace

The attention restoration theory states that exposure to nature increases our capacity to become even more productive and maintain mental health. As we have demanding jobs, studies, and home routines, maintaining focus is crucial to fulfilling our duties. But sensory overload often renders us unable to do our job correctly, if at all. It can contribute to stress, frustration, and anger in us towards ourselves and our environment. Taking a nature break helps you refocus, as it works as a pleasant break from your hectic routine. Taking frequent nature breaks can help increase your productivity in work and studies, remain healthy, and have a positive outlook towards life.

  1. Improved creativity 

Being around nature allows our minds to relax, refocus, and enjoy our aesthetic senses. It often leads to bursts of creativity and imagination. So don’t be surprised if sitting in nature suddenly inspires you to paint or write a poem to your beloved. After all, most of the classic, renaissance, and romantic poets took ideas from nature. The whole idea is that nature gives us the freedom to enjoy and appreciate the world around us and stimulates our senses to create. Our relaxed and restored minds are more open to ideas when we are around nature.

  1. Children need to play 

While adults need physical activities to stay active, they are of the utmost importance for children. Children need at least an hour of physical activity to play and have fun with other children. Keeping kids crammed up inside houses and apartment is unhealthy. For optimal physical and mental development, they need to be outdoor, taking part in physical activities with other children of their age.

Apart from that, research shows that children with Attention Deficit Disorder can focus on their schoolwork even better after being around nature. They perform better because nature helps them refocus and relax.


If it wasn’t evident before, let us repeat it. Parks are important. Every community needs parks for the sake of infrastructure and the public’s health. Parks contribute to tourism, the economy, and human health. With air and land pollution on earth, we need parks more than ever so that we can freely breathe clean, fresh air. While it may be impossible to construct parks around the city’s business centers, public administration departments should focus on creating safe and healthy parks in residential neighborhoods for people to access easily.


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