CompTIA ITF+ Certification: How About Landing Your First IT Job with FC0-U51 Exam Dumps?


Which are some of the best entry-level jobs for novice technicians? Where to get them if not in IT? Information technology is an exciting field with the potential for a fulfilling career with a significant income. Here you can build your career from a newcomer to a real expert. What should you do to grow your career in this field and enjoy the benefits it brings you in the form of a better salary, job satisfaction, respect from colleagues, among many? The answer is to be competitive in the IT market by having relevant skills. And you’ll agree that a high experience level gives you better chances to enjoy all these perks. But what if you have no IT background? Is getting the ITF+ credential that is pre-career worth it? Or more precisely, is this badge still valuable? 

Let’s find out what the experts have to say.

A Summary of the CompTIA Certifications

CompTIA has 4 broad certification series that verify a candidate’s knowledge of specific IT domains. These include the Core certifications, Infrastructure track, Cybersecurity, and other additional professional programs. The Core track also contains some of the most popular CompTIA credentials including the CompTIA Security+, IT Fundamentals, A+ and Network+. The Cybersecurity career track, on the other hand, evaluates a student’s cybersecurity knowledge and comprises PenTest+, CySA+ View Here, and CASP+. Conversely, the Infrastructure badges include such as Linux+, Server+ and Cloud+. To complete its professional certification program, CompTIA also offers additional professional certifications that verify specific baseline knowledge and skills. They fall into Cloud Essentials+, Project+, and CTT+. Because CompTIA ITF+ takes the center stage of our post, let’s look at its key details and a few preparation options you may want to adopt to increase your chances of passing the required exam.

What Exactly Is CompTIA IT Fundamentals?

CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+) is best viewed as an introductory certification to the fundamental IT knowledge and skills. It is suitable for professionals and students either weighing the possibility of a career change or looking to get started in IT by getting the right skills.

Which Objectives Are Covered by the CompTIA ITF+ Credential?

To best evaluate your foundational skills and equip you with the relevant skills needed for a career change, the CompTIA ITF+ certification concentrates on vital skills and ability to use the essential features of operating systems, identify the commonly used software applications and how to use them, set up a workstation, establish network connectivity, and use web browsing and security best practices.

Is CompTIA ITF+ a Unique Certification?

Yes! CompTIA IT Fundamentals has a few attributes that make it an exceptional entry-level credential in the broader IT landscape. Firstly, it is the only certification that focuses on all aspects of IT foundational technologies to provide an in-depth understanding of IT concepts and help candidates choose if this is the right track for them. Also, it is the only foundational credential that helps non-technical professionals and students to measure their knowledge of information technology.

Who Should Consider Pursuing the ITF+ Certification?

Ideally, the CompTIA ITF+ certification is meant for both tech-savvy and non-technical professionals looking to acquire a foundational knowledge of IT concepts that will help them build rewarding careers in the long run. And this makes it a perfect badge for students yearning for career breakthrough in IT, sales and marketing agents serving IT-based companies, and any other professionals whose roles are built around the knowledge of IT.

How About Landing the First Job?

The IT sphere provides numerous options for career growth with a rewarding income always at stake. However, the industry is also fast-evolving, with emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) witnessed in recent years. While CompTIA ITF+ doesn’t directly correlate with many jobs that demand an IT certification, it still provides the best opportunity to help you land your first job. 

What Is the CompTIA ITF+ Exam?

To earn the ITF+ badge, you have to pass FC0-U51 test. It is built around basic skills that an entry-level IT professional would want to know. Exam FC0-U51 covers the topics related to the foundational IT concepts. The skills you will gain from this exam include IT Concepts and Terminology, Infrastructure, Applications and Software, Software Development, Database Fundamentals and Security. Within some timeCompTIA will retire this exam and replace it by a new one to equip you with the most relevant skills required to apply for the position in IT. To get more information about the upcoming changes, check the CompTIA official website. 

Which Are the Key Exam Facts?

To dive deeper into FC0-U51 exam’s details, note, that it has 75 questions and lasts 60 minutes. The exam can be taken from any acceptable Pearson VUE testing centers across the globe, but before taking the test you should at least have some solid understanding of basic IT concepts relating to computing, software development, and database use among other important exam topics. Also, remember that the exam is purely multiple-choice based and costs $123 for every attempt. 

Why Should You Use Prepaway Website?

You know that there are various prep options to use for the test, and you can choose those that suit you most. With Prepaway, it’s no longer a question of “if you should use their resources” but “how you can utilize these materials.” Pass your CompTIA FC0-U51 exam easily with the updated exam dumps that are shared with you by real users. If you can’t afford the premium version of the exam dump along with a training course and a study guide verified and compiled by IT experts and offered at a cost of $39.97, then you can opt for the free exam questions and answers that are the most actual and updated. Using these materials will expand your knowledge of the exam domains and give you a huge boost in your quest for exam success.


The CompTIA ITF+ badge emphasizes important skills related to security, networking, basic IT literacy, computer software and hardware. It is also an important first step if you want to build a prosperous career in IT. Gauge your skills with the Prepaway-offered training materials and free reliable exam dumps and pass your FC0-U51 exam easily today to excel in your career.


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