Teacher, Leave the Kids Alone: How Online Education Takes Over the World

Online Education Takes over

Online education grows every year in numbers as more people get enrolled in it. The concept is not very new, as it was introduced in the 1960s at the University of Illinois via Intranet. In this article, you will know about Teacher, Leave the Kids Alone: How Online Education Takes Over the World. 

However, the technology we have today allowed it to develop and become more accessible for a general population. It is believed that the number of students acquiring a degree or certification via the internet will grow even more in the following years.

It is much easier to study today, as many operations are done digitally. Students enjoy all the perks of being a learner in the 21st century. There are many tutoring programs and helping academic writing platforms like http://essaypro.com/. There is also a great number of informational sources and publications available on the internet. 

Studying online has never been as convenient as it is now. Let’s discuss the matter in detail.

Current State of Online Education

There are two main options when it comes to Internet education. First, there are separate courses that can be a part of the traditional curriculum. According to 2018 statistics, only in the United States, over 6 million students were enrolled in online courses. And this number is a quarter of all students in the country in total.

The second option is getting a certification for obtaining a specific skill or knowledge in a particular field. It is especially advantageous for professionals that want to get better at their job or get new expertise. That’s why 68% of online students are already experienced professionals. Those are people that need to get through the academic curriculum while continue working.

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Overall, online classes now are not different in quality from traditional ones. They also offer almost the same opportunities. There are also many benefits of distant studies.


The majority of classes are asynchronous, which means that students can work at their own pace and time. It also allows for combining learning and working at the same time.


Online courses make education more accessible to a wider population, even in remote areas. Before, in order to study abroad or in another part of the country, one had to physically move there, which caused lots of issues. Today, many people can access high-quality courses from top universities from the comfort of their homes.


There are two words that can scare any youngster – tuition fees. Luckily, online programs are more affordable as it is overall cheaper both for a college or university to provide such courses and for students to follow them.


Although there might be a lack of in-person communication, the option of online education without direct interaction with peers or a tutor might even be more comfortable for some students. 

One can still have a conversation with professors and peers via chats or specific forums designed for the course. A great option for introverts, isn’t it?

Wider Outreach

Because of the benefits mentioned above, more groups of people can participate in the academic process. For instance, those who have specific health issues and find it hard to be in a traditional classroom. 

Now they can have the same access to getting a degree or certification as anyone else.

Future Development

The predictions for online learning are pretty good. It is believed that the total value of the market will reach $325 billion by 2025, just five years from now. 

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As of now, it is already a decent part of the academic curriculum. Here are some other future developments to expect.

Better Features 

The courses will constantly be increasing in terms of quality and accessibility. The reason is simple – competition is pretty high. 

Almost every university or college starts online classes to attract more students. That’s why they are obliged to offer better deals.

From Desktop to Mobile

It is expected that more and more options will be mobile-friendly. The majority of Internet traffic is done via mobile devices today. So it is only a matter of a short time when the education will also go mobile. It adds more flexibility and convenience for students.

More Professionals Worldwide

More people will be enrolled in professional training and certification. As e-learning makes any skill easy to gain, it is hard to resist entering the game. The main reason is that such certification increases salary and job opportunities.

Career Support

There is one thing that online education is lacking now, and it is career advice and support. It is provided on some campuses, but not via Internet learning. 

As it is a huge part of the motivation behind getting a degree, it will probably be introduced for online students too.


More people will enroll because of ecological reasons. Online education cuts energy consumption by 90% in comparison to a traditional one. It also reduces CO2 by 85%, and that’s a great plus for study eco-friendly.


In Summary

Overall, online education is definitely here to stay. It has constantly been growing, and it is completely natural, considering all the benefits. 

Getting knowledge this way is easy, convenient, and flexible. It also makes the academic curriculum more accessible to a wide population, which is amazing. As we live in a digital age, it is obvious that more parts of our lives will be digitalized too.


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