Monte Cristo Sandwich and Other Ultimate & Easy Recipes!

monte Cristo Sandwich

Sandwiches Save the Day! 

 For a morning breakfast or a late-night meal, sandwiches like Monte Cristo Sandwich are perfect for filling up the empty stomach at any hour! The basic ingredients that go into a sandwich merge seamlessly with the bread. Moreover, the convenience to make it is just the cherry on the top. The plain and simple flavours of ingredients are enhanced when we take a wholesome bite of a sandwich. 

What’s more? 

The small twists that one can give to a sandwich makes a whole lot of difference with the end result. The kind of sauces that you put, the choice of bread, every small change in the recipe can bring out a whole new sandwich! Here, we are going to discuss some amazing sandwich recipes like Monte Cristo that you can easily make in your kitchen!

A lot of sandwiches that you look at online may sound like a difficult thing to make, but that is not the case. The Monte Cristo and other similar recipes that we are going to share here do not require any professional skills or exclusive products. All of them are simple sandwich recipes that you can make easily in your kitchen on any given day! 

Monte Cristo and Other Lip-Smacking Sandwich Recipes! 

Fishy Delight! 

Monte Cristo Sandwich

Just as the name suggests, this fish-based Sandwich is for seafood lovers! Moreover, the easy ingredients and simple process make it one of the most simple sandwiches that you can prepare. Here, all you need is a fresh loaf of bread (Of your choice) along with a good can of Tuna. Now, let’s start with the filling first.

So, take the Tuna out and put it into a bowl to mix up other things. Add a pinch of rock or normal salt and pepper to it, along with some finely chopped veggies. If you want to make the flavours even more intense, then you can add dried rosemary as well. Now, mix and mash up the Tuna and other items. Now, for the break, simply toast both sides and apply garlic butter on one side. The only thing/step left now to do is assemble the bread and tuna filling and munch away! 

Egg it up! 

When we talk of sandwiches, most people associate them with a good hearty breakfast. As we know, every breakfast is incomplete without eggs. So, the best way to have a wholesome breakfast is to merge these two wonderful things together. Yes, we are talking about an egg sandwich here! To begin with, take up two eggs and make a regular sunny side up with them. Now, on a whole wheat bread (to make it even more healthy), apply some light butter and toast it. Now, put some crunchy and fresh leaves of lettuce as the base of your filling and lay the sunny side upon it. As for the other slice of bread, apply some flavoured spread (favourably mayonnaise). Add up some more pan-fried onion rings or any other veggies if you want to, and close them up! 

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Tangy Cheesy Sandwich! 

One of the most common and the yummiest ways to make a sandwich is to grill it up. Moreover, there is no sight better than a slice of Sandwich with cheese pull. Here, we are going to unite both these qualities into one Sandwich. In this Sandwich, the quality of your Sandwich plays a huge role! You have to ensure that you get good grade cheese in order to get the best results! Even the slice of bread has to be good, but you can take up multigrain bread as well (to give this Sandwich a healthy twist). Now, you need to grate the cheese in a bowl and add the seasonings of your choice. However, if you are using a sort of cheese that already has salt in it, then add it accordingly.

Now, take the slice of bread and apply some butter before putting in some thin slices of fresh and red tomatoes. Since the combo of cheese and tomatoes is majorly used in the Italian region, you can add some oregano as well. Now, close the two cheese-filled slices of bread and grill it! 

 Super Filling Veggie Surprise! 

Monte Cristo Sandwich

It’s time to share some delicious sandwich recipes with the vegetarians now. This veggie Sandwich is everything that you need to fill in your cravings while still keeping it healthy. As we know, including green vegetables in our daily diet is extremely important. However, with our fast-paced life and unhealthy junk food habits, most of us can’t pull it off. With this simple recipe, you can get the same amazing taste, with conviction and health as well! For this, use whole wheat or multigrain bread for the best results. Now, slice up some onions, tomatoes, lettuce and beetroot. Now, to add even more texture to the Sandwich, we can add some paste of avocado in it. 

Add some lime juice and seasoning in the avocado paste before putting it in the Sandwich. Now, assemble the veggies along with the paste in the bread. To add a surprise of taste and texture, we will use some sliced boiled potatoes that are seasoned well with peri-peri sauce. 

Monte Cristo!

After the healthy and hearty sandwich recipe, let us switch back to some late-night guilty recipes! Monte Cristo is a french form of Sandwich that has lately been very popular. One of the main reasons behind its popularity is the texture. If you love the taste of french toast, then this Sandwich is just for you! It is a meat-filled sandwich that is dipped into a batter of eggwash, and then it is toasted in a pan full of butter. The slow toasting in pan forms a wonderful crispy outside in this Sandwich.

Whereas the inside is filled with meaty cuts (majorly ham and cheese). Despite being rich in calories, the flavours of this crispy Sandwich are unmatched! If you are planning to celebrate your cheat day with a good breakfast, then you must try this out! Besides being super tasty, the Sandwich is also quite filling, so if someone is trying to gain weight, then they should definitely add this into their diet. 

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Patty Paradies! 

Who said that patties are only for burger buns? You can incorporate the meaty bites into two regular slices of bread as well! If you have any frozen meat patties that are leftover, then don’t worry. We have just the sandwich recipe for you that can help you to use them up! Basically, for this, you have to apply all the methods that we do with a burger. The only basic difference here is that you will not have the same old regular burger buns. Instead, here you have to use a regular slices of bread that are easily available to you. Make the patty crispy and apply all the sauces in the bread and place it all together! There you have your very own patty paradise right in your kitchen! 

Crispy and Corny?


Yes, if you haven’t tried the combo of corn in a sandwich, then you must! The fresh and sweet taste of juicy corn brings a lot to the table! The main focus here is the filling of boiled corn and cheese! Add some grated mozzarella cheese in the bowl of freshly boiled corn and add other seasonings. You can add green chillies, chilly red flakes, pepper and much more to it! Now, mix up the cheesy and corny filling and add it between the two slices of bread of your choice. After toasting it in a pan or grilling it, the cheese simply melts and gives out an incredible texture! 

Pulled Pork! 

We all know that when the hot pulled pork goes in between two slices of bread, it has to taste great! If you have some pulled pork left at your place, then there is no better use than this! Just take a small loaf of bread and slice it in half. Add some pickles, onions, and the delightful pulled pork in it! To make it even heavier, add some mozzarella cheese over it and heat it up for a while until it all melts!

There is nothing that can come close/near to the flavours that this Sandwich gives out! The meaty and juicy flavours are soaked up in the loaf of bread perfectly! If you are confused about your lunch or dinner, this simple recipe can really save your day! Make sure to share this idea with all the meat lovers in the group so that the leftover pulled pork never goes to waste again! 

Mushroom Mania!

In the recent few years, people have shifted the focus on health and healthy eating. So, by taking that into consideration, we have a wonderful sandwich recipe that is filled with nutrition and is extremely low on calories! Unlike Monte Cristo, this will help you to stick to your low-cal and low-carb diet. Make sure to use some good quality Portobello mushrooms for the best results! 


From, Tuna to mushroom, here are some of the best sandwich recipes that you can make easily at your place. Moreover, if you feel like indulging in something heavy, then you can always make the good old Monte Cristo sandwich, as we mentioned above!