Easy Dinner Recipes For Family- 6 Wonderful Meals You Can Try!

easy dinner recipes for family
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About Easy Dinner Recipes for Family

Many of us want to know some quick and easy dinner recipes for the family that bring the best taste and some good health. Here we will tell you some fantastic recipes that you can make quickly for the near and dear ones that will save you from a nightmare at the dining table. These recipes are tasty as well as healthy, so don’t worry about the kids munching on these yummy delights.

These dinner recipes for the family are quick to make. You’ll not need hours of tough preparation for such kinds of dishes. They will save you a great deal of effort without compromising on taste or health. Instead of eating junk food that brings no nutrition value with them, these recipes are the real savior!

No. 1- Wheat Pasta

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This dish is one of the easiest dishes that you can prepare within just a few minutes. Moreover, adding ample vegetables and greens in the recipe can bring out the best of health as well! So make sure to try this unique dish! Even the kids will love it!

Things You’ll Need-

  • Durum Wheat Pasta of any kind
  • Sauces of your choice
  • Olive Oil
  • Seasonings
  • Fresh Vegetables
How to-

First, start off by boiling some water in the saucepan and keep the water respective to the quantity of pasta you are making. Once the water is boiled, just add the pasta and cook it till your right consistency. As some people like it semi-cooked, and some like it cooked all the way through it.

Then, in a separate pan, heat some olive oil and add the vegetables. Now, saute the vegetable till they get semi-cooked. Once they are cooked, add the sauces of your choice and let it cook for 5 minutes. Next, add the boiled and strained pasta in it.

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Once you mix the pasta generously with veggies and sauce, add the seasonings along with some salt and pepper.

And it’s done!!! This dish is straightforward to make, and yet it brings out some of the best taste that you can get! Furthermore, it is loved by all ages and groups!

No.2- Mexican Tacos

Craving for some Mexican food? Why go out and eat some processed food when you can make your own Mexican delight at your home! These tacos are super filling and super healthy! So don’t worry if the kids ask for more! Just follow this quick and straightforward recipe and get all the pats on the back at the table!

Things You’ll Need-
  • Taco Shell
  • Ground Beef
  • Cabbage
  • Bell peppers
  • Onions
  • Tomatoes
  • Seasoning
  • Any other Veggies of Your Choice
How to- 

First, heat a pan and add some oil to it. Next, add the ground beef and let it cook properly. While doing so, add the seasonings of your choice. Once the meat is cooked correctly, add the vegetables of your choice. Also, when you see the meat and veggies cooked and dong turns off the heat. Now, prepare the taco shells and by frying or baking them (Whatever you prefer). Next, when the shells are ready, add the meat mixture to the shells and serve them hot! Watch the whole family munch on the dinner like never before!

No. 3- Egg Treat!

Make them some excellent egg dishes! This will surprise your family and will make the dining experience unique! Eggs are a perfect option as you can do a lot with them! Moreover, from boiled to making a wonder omelet, you can go crazy with your creativity with these gems!

So check on the family and serve these freshly made egg recipes with brown or whole wheat bread to add the touch of health to the meal. Eggs, in general, are an excellent addition to the diet as they have fantastic nutrition value. Along with the eggs, you can throw some veggies as well to give them a wonderful twist!

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No. 4- Sandwich

easy dinner recipes for family
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A sandwich for dinner? Yes! They are super filling and super easy to make. If you are out of time and the table is waiting for something tasty, get creative and make some fantastic sandwiches for your family! Moreover, they are one of the most sorted and easy dinner recipes for your family! Add some bacon or eggs, and look how delicious it turns out to be!

Make sure to add some different elements to your sandwiches to keep them interesting!

No. 5- Soup and Vegetables

easy dinner recipes for family
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A winter night can be paired wonderfully with some soup and boiled, or pan tossed vegetables. The soup and veggies is a delicious combo that will make your night! Moreover, it is an extremely healthy alternative to your standard or daily dinner. As we all know that we have to eat a light meal at dinner time in order to get it digested easily, this is the perfect solution for that. However, don’t confuse being light with not being full. It will surely make your stomachs and hearts complete!

No. 6- Pan Pizza!

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Pizza and that too a healthy one! Yes, you read that, right! You can make some lip-smacking pizzas at your home and by yourself! Furthermore, Check out the basic things you need to create and rejoice in your family dinner scenes!

Things you’ll need-

  • Pizza Base
  • Sauces
  • Toppings
  • Along with a lot of Cheese
  • (Vegetables or Pepperoni)

How to-

It’s a simple yet super tasty method! Take the pizza base and apply the sauce to it. Furthermore, simply grate the mozzarella cheese on top and top it with your choice of vegetables or meat. Pop it into an oven or a microwave oven! Furthermore, cook it till the base gets cooked, and you see the Cheese wonderfully melting on the top!

Furthermore, take it out of the range and serve hot and warm to your family! Moreover, the kids will fall in love with this simple recipe. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about their health as well since you have used a wheat base. Moreover, this is a much better alternative than going out to some fast food joint and eat their calorie-loaded pizza! If you are even more health-conscious and want to lose weight and minizine the calories, simply add more veggies and less Cheese in it!