Crockpot Chicken Noodle Soup- Easy and Simple Recipe

crockpot chicken noodle soup

About Crockpot Chicken Noodle Soup 

Looking for a lip-smacking crockpot chicken noodle soup recipe? Let us talk about the soup a bit. This will help you to understand the dish and its elements even better. Be it a warm night or a lazy afternoon. Nothing can beat the comfort of having soup hot crockpot chicken noodle soup! This soup does not contain any flamboyant ingredients. It’s a plain and simple soup that not only fills your stomach but your soul as well!

Here we will discuss all you need to know about this amazing and comforting soup. From a wonderful recipe to basic FAQs that most of us always have on our minds. This is an all-season soup, but as with all soups, winter is the best time when you can make it and share it with your near and dear ones.

In the recipe that we will be sharing today, you won’t need to gather any ingredients that will be hard to find. Even the time this will take to prepare would be comparatively less than all the other soups that need a lot of prep time even before the cooking has started. It will have all the basic ingredients, and we will focus on the broth and the authentic taste of it rather than mix-matching a lot of varied ingredients.

Let’s Start!

Peep into the Prep that will Require-


Remember that you have to toss all the ingredients into the pot directly, so there is no tempering done with the veggies as they go into it. You have to get some carrots that dice them into thick cubes or chunks or however you like it.

After the carrots, take the onions and dice them into four pieces. You can even cut them into half and put it. Add it; however, you are fine with it. These cuts and vegetables should be of your choice and comfort. You can modify how you want them cut and how much you want them. It’s a slow-cooked soup, so all the flavors will come out of whatever you put into it. So make sure that you don’t overdo it. For a short cut recipe, many people also add a cube of concentrated vegetable. This will get the job done, but it just won’t bring out the same taste and flavor.


Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast (2 lb Pack)

Chicken is the key ingredient of this soup. So make sure that you don’t go wrong with it! Try adding some chicken without the skin and also try to debone it before adding. This will add wonderful pieces of chicken for you to chew on once the soup is done. Try using the best quality of chicken that you can find around you, as the more flavorful the chicken, the tastier the soup. You want to slow cook the entire soup. So don’t worry about the meat not getting cooked. If you don’t have the time and want to save yourself from the efforts, then you can use some ready-cooked chicken as well. Just tear it apart and simply add the meat of the cooked chicken to the soup.

The Broth

Well, there is an age-old debate between stock and broth. Honestly, in this crockpot chicken noodle soup, you can use either of them. They both have their own different flavors, so you can use whatever is more convenient for you. Regardless of whether you use stock or broth, make sure that you use the best quality of them in order to bring out the best taste of the soup. Just keep in mind that the stock has a more dense flavor as compared to the broth.

The Secret Spice!

To make this soup to the next level, you have to add a little blast of flavors. This is something that rosemary can bring easily. Add a bit of rosemary in order to see a magical change in the taste of the soup. This enhances the flavors of the soup and brings out the best of it. Make sure that you never overdo such strong ingredients in any recipe as they have a very strong taste. Even a bit more than required can result in a disaster as all you can taste would be rosemary.

Note- It is not necessary that you use rosemary only. Hence, you can use a lot of different seasons or herbs to bring that extra zest in the soup. It can take oregano, dill, or whatever that you like. Just do overcrowd such ingredients as then you’ll end up tasting nothing but a mismatch of flavors.

Whole Wheat Pasta Noodles

crockpot chicken noodle soup

The noodles are a very important part of the recipe. Besides the chicken, they add an immense touch to the dish. You can be a bit creative with the kind of noodles that you want to use. If you like egg noodles, then go ahead with them. You can also use whole-grain noodles as they bring a certain kind of texture, and also they are quite healthy as compared to all the other noodles alternative.

Along with the kind of noodles that you use, you also have to ensure that you never overcook them. The texture of the noodles will also add a lot to the dish. So, after you decide the kind of noodles that you want to add to the soup, also keep the cooking time of the noodles in check. This is an important factor as a lot of noodles have a different kind of cooking time that you need.

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FAQ before the Recipe

What kind of meat can we put in the soup?

You have to put in fresh and raw chicken in the soup to get out the best kind of flavors that you want out of it. So make sure that you buy the chicken from a nice butcher shop or whatever place you can find your high-quality chicken.

What Will Compliment the Soup?

You can have the soup on its own as well. Just in case you want to have something with it then, you can have a loaf of freshly baked bread with it as the bread acts as a sponge and soaks in all the flavors of the soup. You can also have some freshly chopped veggies with the soup as well. They are a wonderful and healthy alternative to bread. They also bring a crunch to the soup experience as well!

Utensils that You will Need-


A wide and thick Pot 

Stirring Spoon 

The Recipe 

Preparation Time- Around 15 minutes

Total time- Around – 4-5 Hours 


Around 1 kilogram of Chicken ( Preferable Breast and also make sure that there is no skin or bones in)n 

Salt to Taste ( keep tasting the level of salts in all steps of the soup) 

Black Pepper as per your liking 

A Medium Sized Onion 

4 fresh carrots. (cut as per your likings but not too big ) 

2 celery sliced thinly 

1-2 whole garlic clove ( you can add more if you like more garlic as well)

3-4 fresh bunch of dried herb (Can be oregano or can be any other herb or seasoning of your liking) 

2-3 bay leafs 

8-9 cups of stock or broth

Around 150 grams of the noodles of your choice

For garnish-

Any herb (finely minced) 

How to Cook? 

Add the chicken and other ingredients to the large pot. You have to add salt as well. After the chicken, vegetables and salt are added to the pot. You have to add the stock or broth to the mix. Stir the amazing ingredient as they get cooked over a low flame for 4 to 6 hours. You have to keep cooking it until the chicken is cooked well. Along with the chicken, your veggies will get cooked nicely. 

Now, take your pot off the stove and drain out the stock. Now you have to prepare the noodle. Cook them separately some broth. You have to keep a firm check on the timing and the temperature of the noodles that you are cooking. Once they are done, You can mix them into the pot. After they are mixed into a the pot, you have to slow cook it for 30 mins more. So that the noodles soak up your flavors and you get a delicious mouth full in every bite. 


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