Here is an exclusive interview with real estate successor Luke Durbin

real estate successor Luke Durbin

Real estate successor Luke Durbin is a successful realtor that has come a long way to be where he is standing now. The real estate agent has reeled in many jobs for contractors, has coached children into having a better future and ambition, plus he has even started a cloud-based brokerage business. 

However, it wasn’t always easy for the real estate agent; for he had a tough upbringing, even though it had turned him into the positive person that he is today. We have the chance to exclusively interview of Real estate successor Luke Durbin and discuss everything with him.

What do you love most about real estate?

“I love the art of it; I love the game within the game. I love bringing companies and jobs to my community, I love watching agents on my team have that look in their eye when it clicks and changes their life.  I love watching a family grow in a new home, I love helping a family or business get out of a tough situation because we were able to eliminate that debt for them or come up with different ideas to help them restructure. I just love real estate and all the opportunities it’s brought to me. I feel very fortunate.”

Apart from real estate, what else is your passion?

“My passion is coaching and helping kids that grew up like myself, find discipline as well as structure and try to in-still in them the confidence that they can truly be; whoever they want to be. Their current family situation does not define them. I attempt to in-still in them how powerful the mind is. Mr. Ford so famously once said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way, you will be correct.”

What do you enjoy doing in your own time, when you’re not working?

“I am a fan of all art and sports. I love how creative the mind is and how it allows you to help others in all fashions. For me, sports can teach someone discipline, structure and team work. It can also grant kids the opportunity to go to college, break out of bad situations and become role models instead. Music to me shows a form of escapism and creativity, which can uplift people and help people become expressive. It’s an outlet that can relate to so many people out there. I love rap, rock, country and anything that’s just creative – depending on my mood. I am a fan of all artists.”

Can you tell us more about the sale that you made that helped bring 30 high paying jobs to Richmond?

“I had previously worked with the company a year before, when they were working on their expansion plan and letting us know what they were looking for. However, in the beginning they committed to a city 30 miles away from us; which had originally made me sad, because deep down I knew that our community could really make use of those jobs. Well about 6 months later, we had a casket manufacturing company restructure their business model, and chose to go from 4 buildings in our community, down to 3 and save on overhead. That’s when I had to call them to come down to our city, I knew this building was perfect. At first they were already committed to the other city, but they were having some issues during their due diligence; such as giving them holes in their other contract. It took some time to sell them in our city, but they ended up seeing all the benefits we had to offer.  However, due to the current situation with the pandemic, it did cause a few obstacles at first; such as the marketplace literally shutting down. We went from closing quickly to a 60 day freeze.  It took some time to renegotiate with the current owner who was ready to close; but ended up getting the deal done. It’s actually a fairly long story regarding the negotiations and keeping it together, but I’m just very thankful and happy for our city.”

Are there new projects that we should keep our eyes peeled for?

“I have started a cloud based brokerage where the goal is to get in front of the curve by offering agents a chance to work from home; yet still have all the amenities that they need. It’s quite funny because I actually had no intention of starting a cloud based brokerage – I just really wanted to do my own thing as a Broker. I was at the “so called” big box brokerage for 14 years and just knew it was time for me to just move on my own.  Honestly, God did the rest and it’s blossomed into something I could have never imagined.”

For more information on Real estate successor Luke Durbin and his business, visit his company’s Facebook page, Instagram page, or his personal website:


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